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A reputational version of the backward bending demand curve

When I saw this…

My first impulse when seeing the professional critic score compared to the ‘audience’ score was “hmm, this might be worth seeing.” 😀

A free speech alternative to Amazon E-Books

It is hard to overstate the importance of trying to use alternatives to oligopolistic companies seeking control what you can see or purchase. Sadly, Amazon is very hard to avoid these days but at least people can seek out competitors in specific areas, such as e-books.

The chaps at Creative Destruction Media suggest Smashwords. Highlighting the existence of alternatives where they exist is important.

Parler is back

Twitter competitor Parler is back after having been de-hosted by Amazon, a salutary lesson om how unwise it is to make your business dependent on people who hate you.

Seems a good time to introduce a new Samizdata category: culture wars