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Editorial Policy

Samizdata.net editors are God and God moves in mysterious ways.

The comments section is open to the public but this is still private property… and that means all comments published here are at the sufferance of the property owner.  That would be us.  And if we think you are a blogroach or you insult our friends without a bloody good reason, we will kick you from the comments section and ban you.


It has often been said that freedom of the press is only matters to people who own a press… and in the internet age, anyone who wants one can own a virtual press.  If you want unrestricted freedom of expression, feel free to start up your own blog.  This one is ours however and so… our house, our rules.


If you have an article, rant or smart-arse rejoinder that you would like to contribute to Samizdata.net, e-mail it to us and we might publish it suitably edited. Or not.  Usually not, but you never know.