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Show me yours, I’ll show you mine

I had a bit of trouble to renew my passport before leaving to Britain – which won’t come as a surprise for anybody used to deal with the uncivil servants of the French social-mediocracy – mainly related to “processing time”, and that’s not a surprise either.

Requesting a 35 hours work week from the French functionaires would actually result in increasing their effective work time.

No, the coffee machine meetings don’t count as effective work time, sorry.

Anyway, during this painful and costly process to ensure I would be dully registered and filled as a dependency of the French Republic, I was repeatedly offered to give up on the passport – “It’s not mandatory for a trip to Britain you know. It’s Europe! You just need an ID card.” Yep, it’s Europe, for sure – and switch to the new National and Unfalsifiable ID Card, Wonder of the French Technology and Guarantor of our Nation’s Security.

I was presented, by several obliging agents of the State, with it’s unsurpassable pluses and benefits, comparing to this lousy old passport I inconsiderately wanted to renew: the New National ID card is not only national and somewhat new, but also unfalsifiable and I would be generously granted this little wonder after a fast and simple procedure – basically “Give us a picture, tell us who you are, sign here and, oh, don’t forget to give us your fingerprints thank you” – and last but not least – drum rolls please – absolutely free.

Yes, free.

Knowing the rapacity of the French state as soon as there is a way to rip off money from the taxpayer, that and that only is highly suspect.

Not considering the fact that, just like the French pension by repartition system, the national ID card was established by the Vichy government during the obviously not so distant past of collaboration with National-Socialist Germany.

At one point, and considering that unlike the aforementioned obliging agents of the State, you have other things to do than marvel about the control apparatus of the State, you end up thinking: “All right, time to make us another enemy”.

Excerpt of the conversation:

the dissident frogman:
“Hello, I want to renew my passport.”

Obliging Agent of the State:
“Well Monsieur that will be long and costly you know.”

the dissident frogman:
“How long? How expensive?”

Obliging Agent of the State:
“Well Monsieur that can be up to one month, sometimes more. It will cost you 60 Euros and is valid 5 years.”

the dissident frogman:
“Oh. Bugger.”

Obliging Agent of the State:
“Yes Monsieur. Monsieur should apply for a National ID card, it’s unfalsifiable and valid 10 years.”

the dissident frogman:
“Nope. Don’t care.”

Obliging Agent of the State:
“Well Monsieur unlike the passport, it’s free!”

the dissident frogman:
” ‘Course. So was the one way ticket Drancy-Auschwitz 60 years ago.”

Now let me fill in that passport renewal form, thank you.

While we’re at it, I hope that you’ll notice, like I do, the fact that among the proposed choices within an imposed principle (since the law makes an obligation for you to prove your identity in many daily situations), the most dangerous system for individual liberties is also the one that’s free and therefore the only one “financially” accessible by the poorest.
Just make your own conclusions out of this, the next time you’ll hear the French social-mediocrats of all tendencies becoming ecstatic about their “Social Justice” paradigm French style, and boast its superiority.

There’s a lot of cameras in London. I do mean a lot, despite Orwell (so to speak) and this, of course, brings the legitimate concern that was already summarized in the ancient Rome: quis custodiet ipses custodies?
There’s no National ID card in Britain nowadays, even if the Socialists are seriously working on it – Yep, I’m not surprised either.

But there are also and hopefully, individuals working against them.

Eventually, judging by Britain’s century old constitutional stability as opposed to the numerous bloodbath that mark out France’s history, I’d serenely trade the Vichy inspired national ID card for the London camera and the opportunity to side with those who work on resolving the overseers’ watch issue.


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