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Server burp

The server was a tad querulous for a while earlier today, but it seems it was nothing a little spanking could not cure (like most things really).

Samizdata smitebot goes berserk!

Our spam filter seems to be a bit out of control and for some reason has taken a dislike to several regular commenters! If you get smited/smote/smitten by the crazed bot, drop us an e-mail so we can administer a kick to the system to un-smite you 😉

Well here is the New and Improved Samizdata!

Here it is!  We will be tweaking for quite some time I suspect for both function and aesthetics, but we now have a content management system that does not involve stone tablets at any stage of the process.

Now I just need to figure out how to use it…

Samizdata changes…

As of this Thursday, Samizdata will temporarily stop updating and on Friday, it will go off-line completely for… a while.

We wil be back at some point over the weekend with the New Improved Version.

Good bye Daily Telegraph

Samizdata will no longer be embedding links to the Daily Telegraph’s site as they have created a pay-wall for overseas readers after they have accessed twenty articles in a month.

As a significant proportion of Samizdata’s readership is overseas, and as there are many alternative sources of news on-line, we bid adieu to the Telegraph, effective immediately.

Happy Birthday to…


smite control

Eleven years. Blimey. Many thanks to all the contributors for 14,148 articles and to the commentariat for just under a quarter of a million comments.

Hopefully before the end of the year we might (maybe, perhaps, possibly) have a new improved Samizdata (hi Alec!) with new red knobs and extra added fiddly bits.

The state of the net…

… may cause some system response latency in the Samizdata primary data meat buffer.

I am attending The State of the Net conference in Trieste so in between listening to fellow Samizdatista Adriana Lukas explain why all why “all yer hierarchies are belong to us” and doing my bit to drain Europe’s wine lakes, there may be some delays in clearing comments caught in SmiteBot’s merciless jaws.

Restating our editorial policy

It should be possible to discuss racial genetics dispassionately and honestly in a public forum. But it is not. That is simply an empirically derived conclusion gained from running Samizdata for 10 years… it.can.not.be.done. Sorry but that is the inescapable truth. Racists are the perfect example of Churchill’s definition of a fanatic and unless you immediately show them the door and boot them through it, discourse in the comments section will quickly become untenable.

So Samizdata will continue to delete and ban racists when they leave comments and no apologies will be made for that. Our house, our rules.

For another article pertaining to why we will not tolerate racist discussions on Samizdata, read this.

Likely delays over next few days…

Approving comments that have attracted the pitiless attentions of Smitebot, a creature of tireless vigilance and limited brain, may take rather longer than usual over the next few days.

Tomorrow the primary bio-mechanical component of the intermediating data analysis buffer is going in for significant repairs once again.

As we say on the internetz… brb

Smitebot’s meatbits…

…have been rather unwell lately, hence it has taken rather longer than usual to get comments approved if they have aggro’ed smitebot. Do not be concerned if you have no idea what this means

Editorial Pantheon announcement

Due to technical difficulties – we ran out of elves powering the blog – there will be a ‘reduced service’ on the blog. We’ll be back in full form as soon as possible.

In praise of the bailouts and redistribution of wealth

It has been clear to me for some time that support for capitalist wealth creation was no longer acceptable. The foolishness of our Austrian economic based opposition to massive politically directed transfers of ordinary people’s money to failed bankers, non-viable unionised car makers and anyone else who has political connections is clearly futile. This is the way of the future and we might as well get used to it while there is still any real money left to be redistributed. Let the printing presses roll and lets re-inflate that credit bubble! Fly me to the moon, my darling, fly me to the moon… on a massive gravity defying credit bubble!

As a consequence, as soon as I can get our technical guru to make the changes, we will be changing the name of this blog to ObamaBrownData, not as catchy as Samizdata I grant you, but it more fully represents the paradigm shift that all thinking people have now undergone and this blog is no exception. The world is rotating around the Gordon Brown/Barak Obama Axis now. So please all of you… go rotate.

We must learn to accept the wisdom and judgement of our political masters, sanctified by democratic processes, and realise that we are all dependent on the regulatory welfare state now. I will be signing up for as many state aid programmes as I can find and anyone who wants to advise me how to get on the gravy train, please let me know. All these years denying myself the largesse of our beneficent Big Brother has left me with a poor grasp of how to best benefit from the system. As Frederic Bastiat said, “The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else”, well everyone will include me now… and the Samizdatistas… or Obamabrownistas as we will now be known.

Point me to the trough, I repent my foolish ways and have a lot of catching up to do.