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Truly awful WordPress update broke many things…

Until we can figure out how to fix WordPress’ “helpful” update that over-rides CSS, Samizdata will be looking a bit weird… sorry folks.

And hey WordPress… fuck you.  Maybe time to start looking for an alternative to WordPress.

13 comments to Truly awful WordPress update broke many things…

  • smitty

    It’s for Your Own Good.

  • FYI for me at the moment, viewing on Brave, it looks just as it always has.

  • Bod

    As of time of posting, fine on Opera mobile and Windows.

  • It looks ok now as I have switched one plug-in & installed another 😉

  • Slartibartfarst

    @Perry de Havilland:
    I thought the:

    “f#ck you”

    – might have been unnecessarily offensive, but it does rather communicate how ruddy annoying it must be for WordPress site admins. when they are on the receiving end of a monumental cock-up by WordPress.

    Otherwise, as far as it goes, has being a WordPress site been a good experience on the whole, or not?
    (Just curious.)

  • XC

    I run a teeny tiny website for our sailing club. Our WordPress is something like six years old.

    Every once in a while someone in the club tells me we should upgrade. I immediately offer them the admin logins.

    The smart guys just back away without making eye contact.

    Upgrades should always be avoided.


  • Ian

    On the plus side, the mobile site now doesn’t go through an infinite page-refresh loop when tapping on an article from the home page. I don’t know if anyone else experienced that problem, but it does seem to have gone away now.

  • Julie near Chicago

    All I know is, Samizdata is hands-down THE most attractive, readable, easy-to-use website on the entire Wonderful WWW, if you ask me.

    Molto Grazie
    , Perry. And, I assume, still Alec. 😀

  • NickM

    It looks exactly the same in Win10, Firefox (newish rejigged version). I hope that is useful.

  • Lloyd Martin Hendaye

    Please explain.

  • Deep Lurker

    I’m seeing large, bright, ugly icons for various social media sites below each post. I don’t remember those being there before.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Ugh! Thank the Great Frog and our fearlessly stubborn Leader that they’re not here!