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Brian’s Friday – Zoom

The Life of Brian: A Reception to Celebrate the Life of Brian Micklethwait event at the Institute of Economic Affairs tomorrow will be available on Zoom for anyone who cannot attend. Link here.

9 comments to Brian’s Friday – Zoom

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Wonderful! As I have said on Brian’s own blog, I am desperately sorry that I have had to cancel (I have to self-isolate before an operation), but my husband will be there. Great idea to put it on Zoom so that I and others can attend electronically at least. Prof. Kamall said when the event was announced that we should “Consider it a special edition of Brian’s Fridays, with Brian being the topic rather than the host” – and the topic is an interesting one.

  • Natalie Solent

    “You just mention something with Brian and before you know it you’re deep into an intellectual discussion” – I loved that quote from one of Brian’s oldest friends.

    As I said above, I couldn’t be there in person but I’m really enjoying participating virtually.

  • Bell Curve

    That was very interesting, great event. And Perry looks & sounds exactly as I imagined

  • Rob Fisher

    Met your husband, Natalie. Was a good evening. Brian enjoyed it very much.

  • Guy Herbert

    Will a recording be posted somewhere, so that people who didn’t catch it live can catch up? (If you were there and we didn’t get a chance to say meet, sorry.)

  • Paul Marks

    It was an excellent event.

    Brian Micklethwait is a great man.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Very enjoyable evening and I’m so glad Brian was so enthused by all the nice things said about him. Good to catch up with so many friends.

  • Patrick Crozier

    Brian tells me he enjoyed it tremendously. He was particularly pleased with the number of libertarian big cheeses who thanked him for helping them early on in their careers.

  • Syed

    Thank you all for attending or joining via Zoom.
    Having a room full of people who wanted to pay tribute, whether they spoke on the evening or to Brian directly or listened to others, added to the wonderful atmosphere.
    Not only did Brian hear from many people who have been inspired by him, it was also reassuring to learn that there are plans to keep Brian’s work and contribution to the battle of ideas alive.