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Smitebot on the rampage…

Smitebot seems to be yielding an unusual number of false positives lately, so if your innocuous comment got ‘smited’ and does not appear after half a day or so, feel free to send an email to reply-at-samizdata.net to alert me to the fact that your worthy remarks are languishing in smitebot’s cat box.

5 comments to Smitebot on the rampage…

  • Julie near Chicago

    Why do I so often feel just like the guy in the first photo, even when I haven’t been smited at Samizdata? 😡


    (Thanks for the heads-up, and for making the Court available to hear cases of alleged injustice.)

  • At the precise moment that I was elevated to the honour of posting in samizdata, the smiterer – as if to whisper in my ear “remember, thou art mortal” – began making my every comment subject to moderation – easy enough to give on my own posts but requiring patience on any others.

    Samizdata giveth and samizdata taketh away. 🙂

  • Julie near Chicago

    ….Blessed be the name of Samizdata. 😉

  • I loved the expressions of the 3 persons above. The second one is an innocent lol 😀

  • I loved Julie’s perfect response to mine. 😀