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Swatted by Siri

“How a personal trainer’s smart watch caused 15 armed police officers to turn up to his Sydney gym while he was teaching a client”Daily Mail.

Apparently, Jaime Alleyne, who is a a Muay Thai and boxing trainer, called out “one, one, two” followed by “good shot” to a client he was sparring with. He was not wearing his smart watch but it was still active – and 112 is one of the Australian emergency phone numbers. Mr Alleyne said, “Next minute about 15 officers including undercovers showed up, with several ambulances parked out the front, and that’s when I started bricking myself.”

He would have had no need to fear an over-zealous response from the UK emergency services. They would still be waiting for a risk assessment.

10 comments to Swatted by Siri

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    At least the cops treated the call siri-ously!

  • Schrödinger's Dog

    Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker Gray): Ba-da Boom! Tzzzzzz!

    “I’m here all week, folks. And don’t forget to try the veal.”

  • John

    waiting for a risk assessment

    Time to once again mention acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Craig Mackay who channelling his inner Brave Sir Robin, chose to lock his car-doors and be driven away to focus on coordinating Scotland Yards response to a terrorist attack rather than behave like a man and go to help PC Keith Palmer who was in the process of being murdered in full view of Commissioner Coward.

  • John

    Alas my reference to Commissioner Sir Craig Mackay failed to pass the censors. Still I’m sure everyone remembers his craven cowardice.

  • Sigivald

    I wonder what he said before those words that made it even listen and think it should dial?

    Even with Voice Dial on you have to say “Hey Siri” to get its attention, and then “call” or “dial”, in every example of “how to have Siri call emergency services” I can find.

    (Also why you shouldn’t have voice dialing on, most of the time, for most people.)

  • Paul Marks

    Perhaps a lack of common sense shown by police here – someone would not call out “good shot” if they were in peril, but (yes) these “smart watches” are a problem – if someone forgets they are wearing one.

    By the way – in the United States (I do not know about Australia) “SWATing” is a habit of the left – what they do is target an anti leftist and “SWAT” them by calling the police and pretending there is an armed incident going on at the home of the anti leftist.

    Leftists do this in the hope that the police SWAT team will shoot the anti leftist (in confusion when they get to the home) – it is really awful and people who do this should be sent to prison.

  • Paul Marks

    The left have “SWATed” Tim Pool (who they see as a traitor – as he used to be on the left, indeed he was one of the people who brought “Occupy Wall Street” to public attention) several times – they do really do seem determined to get him killed.

    In some ways anti leftists (one can not really call Tim Pool a “conservative” – because he is not a conservative) are in a Catch 22 position in the United States – if they are unarmed then the left (such as Marxist Antifa or Marxist BLM) will attack them, but if they are armed they can be “SWATed” – some leftist can telephone police and say “I have seen an armed person at such-and-such address – I think he is killing people, I have heard shots and screams” – and the police SWAT team will go in, and when an anti leftist hears people smashing down his door he will assume it is Antifa or BLM come to kill him and kill his family, and go for his firearm – then the police will see an armed man in front of them after they have smashed down the door, and…..

    People such as Tim Pool (a native of the South Side of Chicago – so he has seen murders take place) live in rural areas – to get away from the left, but if a SWAT team arrives in the middle of the night banging on the door…..

  • Stonyground

    Sitting in my Korean SUV in Aldi carpark, I commented to my daughter about the fact that there was a Bentley parked nearby. I then went on a bit of a ramble about my car being more practical before mentioning that Bentley actually do SUVs now. In the evening while browsing my phone, I’m seeing pop up ads for Bentley SUVs.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Stonyground, do you have a dashcam?

  • Stonyground

    I didn’t have one installed at the time. I assume that my phone was earwigging.