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Samizdata quote of the day – sage geopolitical wisdom edition

Why we can’t leave the Houthi’s to shoot at us in peace is completely beyond me.

– the indispensable Zarah Bukake MP echoing nice Mr. Corbyn.

17 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – sage geopolitical wisdom edition

  • Kirk

    I really have to wonder about the current state of the world, when I observe people genuinely taking the side of the Houthis. What’s next? Support for the Somali piracy? Re-open the Caribbean to the trade?

    Do these people have any idea at all how international trade happens, or how they’re going to suffer when it is shut down because some random bunch of unproductive arseholes decide to exercise their “right” to shoot at international shipping?

    Stop the world; I am tired of the stupid and want to get off.

    Never mind that the Biden administration basically made this happen by getting all that money to Iran… Along with the supposed cause, the October 7 attacks by Hamas. Gee, who could have foreseen all that money given to Iran going to help them cause problems for everyone? They’ve only been doing that since the very first day they were in power…

    And, there are people legitimately defending all concerned. One rather hopes that the various protestors all get theirs, personally, when the “migrants” their governments let in commence to doing their very own personal October 7 attacks.

    Swear to God, it’s like the world has decided on a collective suicide pact against common sense, and there’s not a damn thing any of us sane people can do about it.

  • Stuart Noyes

    Is that sarcasm or for real?

  • Duncan S

    The challenge nowadays is trying to work out whether a twitter/X account is real or a parody. Thankfully I have encountered Zarah’s tweets before: “Representing the people of Llareggub and Pant-y-Down. PS, I’m a fat, bald straight man, so no DMs.
    Contact: zarah.bukake.notanmp@imafake.uk | she/her/parody”

    If only Corbyn was an actual parody too.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Stuart, it’s real sarcasm!

  • Is that sarcasm or for real?

    It is often hard to tell these days but the clues are all there in the name 😀

  • Brendan Westbridge

    Is it because they are stupid or its it because they are pro-Houthi? Perhaps that should read “anti-Western”. That’s the communist analysis isn’t it? See a conflict, determine who is the richer party. Label the richer party as the “oppressor”. Take the opposite side.

    We can’t go on fighting wars when half our population – or at least half the chattering class wants us to lose.

    But I can’t think of a way of solving that short of putting a large number of people on a plane and chucking them out over enemy territory.

  • bobby b

    Good backgrounder on Houthi’s here. More info than I knew, at least.

  • Alex

    If we’re going to war with the Houthis, we should brook no half measures. Scorched earth. Western nations have become a laughing stock. Time to rectify that. Otherwise we should leave them alone. Western nations don’t need shipments through the Red Sea, the companies could ship through other routes. One way or another western taxpayers will have to pay, either in the expenses of war or the expenses of avoidance.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    In my opinion Jeremy Corbyn’s motivation is simple. Perhaps so simple that people are looking vainly for something more sophisticated.

    I wonder if his early political experience was formed from loving Communism (and hence the USSR), so he consequently hates the opposing capitalism (and hence the USA). His ardour is so strong that anyone who upsets the USA (and the Western capitalist consensus) *must* be some of the good guys and people to be friends with. As such he sees these groups as ‘freedom fighters’ rather than terrorists, and is blind to piles of dead people who are merely examples of those trying to hold back progress to a Communist utopia.

    There are plenty of people willing to court him as a ‘useful idiot’ therefore validating his beliefs…

  • JJM

    If only Corbyn was an actual parody too.

    I’m not so sure he isn’t.

  • NickM

    Corbyn is really thick. He got two Es at A-Level despite being poshly neducated. He is traitorous scum and should be hung. His body parts can then be distributed to feed Gazans. It’s what he would’ve wanted.

  • Runcie Balspune

    I wonder if [Corbyn’s] early political experience was formed from loving Communism

    Corbyn is a fully paid up member of the leftist “all cultures are equal” tribe.

    To admit that his favourite culturists are in fact morally, technically, and spiritually inferior to the West would be smashing one of the foundations of his ideology.

    The irony being that he support one of the most ultra-conservative groups on the planet, in order to support his politics shows he is ideologically corrupt.

  • The Pedant-General

    “Corbyn is a fully paid up member of the leftist “all cultures are equal” tribe”

    I would disagree. He doesn’t think all cultures are equal: he thinks all cultures are equal EXCEPT for “western” civilisation, which is uniquely awful.

  • jgh

    If Lefties insist that all cultures are equal, why do the exact same Lefties insist that brown people in hot countries absolutely must allow people to have gay sex without being executed?

  • Paul Marks

    According to Neil Oliver of GB News we are “lunatics” – not for sending endless food and other aid to Yemen (to people who hate us – as they demonstrate in their hundreds of thousands, screaming for our blood), but for not allowing them to destroy ships (of all nations) at will.

    We are bombing-the-innocent-people-of-Yemen (who seem to look very much like radar bases and missile sites) like the supposedly wicked Jews who are “carpet bombing” the innocent people of Gaza and blah, blah, blah.

    A useful reminder that not everyone who denounces Covid “vaccines” and “Net Zero” is really a friend.

    I was out leafleting today and there was a house with various things that struck the eye – pagan stuff and so on (not as rare as you might think – as the mainstream churches are corrupted and decline other religions take the place of Christianity – not just Islam, other belief systems as well), but also anti Covid “vaccines” and anti WEF stuff – but when I looked closer there was a picture of Jeremy Corbyn.

    A mistake as it was actually his brother Piers Corbyn who was anti Covid hysteria and anti Net Zero – but still expected, as both Jeremy and Piers hate the dying West and align themselves with the enemies of the dying West.

  • Paul Marks

    jgh – because everything the left do, whether declare that all cultures are equal, or declare that evil cultures are superior, (or anything else they say or do) is designed for one purpose.

    To hasten the death of Western Civilisation.

  • Paul Marks

    The Emperor Majorian set himself a near impossible task – to save Roman civilisation in the West.

    He even repealed centuries old legislation – such as the ban on civilians having and training with military weapons (a ban imposed by Octavian – “Augustus”).

    It was highly likely, if not inevitable, that he would fail utterly and up being tortured to death.

    Those of us who side with the dying West now, know how Majorian felt and thought – and we also know that had he known how it would all end (and he almost certainly DID know) he would have still have tried.

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