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Meme of the month… Gazalighting

4 comments to Meme of the month… Gazalighting

  • David Levi

    Masterful 😀

  • NickM

    I don’t blame them. It is the wankers who (willfully?) fall for it…

  • John Mumaw

    The classic example – The fellow who murdered his parents and begged for mercy from the court because he was an orphan.

  • Paul Marks

    The Greens in my hometown helped organise an event for Ukraine when the place was invaded by Mr Putin – I went to the event and held up a piece of paper to help form a Ukrainian flag.

    When the Jews were slaughtered on October 7th, girls raped and mutilated and all the rest of it – the Greens organised another event, in support of the demand for a “ceasefire” so these followers of Islam could get away with what they had done.

    My comment was “I will remember this” – and I will.

    By the way – the attitude of Mr Putin’s “RT” in relation to the Jews is much the same as that of the Greens and the rest of the extreme left.

    “RT” coverage is very pro Gaza.

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