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Samizdata quote of the day – the year reheated

We also visited the sense-dulling intersection of sports, wokeness, and science journalism, via the publication laughingly referred to as Scientific American, in which we were told, “The inequity between male and female athletes is a result not of inherent biological differences, but of biases in how they are treated in sport.” That such male-female differences and their implications for athletes have been widely studied and quantified seemed somehow to have escaped detection. That Allyson Felix, an 11-time Olympic track and field medallist, would place six hundred and eighty-ninth on a ranking of high-school boys was one of many details carefully avoided. And which again suggests that wokeness is actively stupefying, a kind of rapid-onset morony.

David Thompson, presenting us with a roundup of 2023’s lunatic antics. Read the whole thing and prepare to be stupefied by the cavalcade of idiocy.

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  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Here’s an interesting statistic- women live, on average, 2 to 3 years longer than men. Yet I’ve never hears a woman complaining about this.

  • Steven R

    The US Women’s National Soccer Team lost a match to high school boys a few years back while at the same time demanding to be paid the same as their male counterparts.

    Let’s just go ahead and get rid of male and female sports entirely and just have sports. If a woman (and by woman I mean having that pesky XX chromosome) is good enough to score a slot on a team, great. If not, get better or go home.

    That’ll surely shut the feminists up, at least until they then start moaning about how there should be female (again XX chromosome)-only teams because there simply aren’t enough women in sports and men have a distinct physical advantage or some such thing.

    There’s just no pleasing some people. They live to complain and to be offended and to be perpetual victims of something.

  • BruceA

    It’s difficul to fix stupid. Women have done great things. Why is there a desire to prove they are the same as men?

  • Paul Marks

    It is not “lunatic” and it is not “idiocy” – the founders of this movement, such as the late Herbert Marcuse, were highly intelligent people who knew what they were doing – working for the destruction of society. This is a tiny part of a vastly larger movement which is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

    What some people still call “liberalism” or “Progressivism” or “Woke” is Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” Marxism – it undermines society because that is what it is MEANT to do, that is what it was DESIGNED to do. It is not a social system (so people who say “Paul prefers China or Russia to the West” have totally missed the point) it is a weapon designed to destroy the Western social system – and it has saturated the practice of almost all major institutions, public and private, including “capitalist” Corporate Big Business – which now actively works to destroy the society it depends on for its very existence.

    To quote the late Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci – the Marxists have now achieved “ideological hegemony” (in cultural terms) so that the vast majority of government and corporate bureaucrats who serve the cause of Marxist destruction do-not-even-know-they-are-doing-it – it is an automatic (auto pilot) process of destruction now.

    Some governments, for example the Hungarian government warned by John 0’Sullivan and others, see this wider movement for the evil that it is – only to be denounced (by the “international community” – the Western intelligence agencies and vast corporations) as tools-of-Putin or whatever – even though the Polish government (recently undermined so the puppet regime of Mr Donald Tusk could be installed – to push censorship, de facto media monopoly, the “Migration Pact” and “Net Zero”) was strongly ANTI Putin – indeed helped Ukraine perhaps more than any other country has helped Ukraine.

    This may indeed be the “Twilight of the West” – between the Corporatist and Fiat Money (Saint-Simon style – yes it goes back before Dr Marx) economics, and the Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” cultural attack of “anti racism”, “third wave feminism”, “anti homophobia”, “Trans Rights” and-so-on.

    But we shall have to see – things are not over yet.

  • Peter MacFarlane

    I bet you have heard them complaining, otoh, that their pensions are therefore a tad less generous.

  • Kirk

    The discussion of whether or not there are inherent biological differences between men and women has often come up in regards to military service, with a similar lack of common sense.

    Not to mention, denial. It’s amazing what these morons running things will get up to, in order to please the sorry twats pushing for all of this. The low-level enlisted swine who have to deal with all of it, though? Not so ‘effing happy with the results.

    Raw fact is, humanity is a sexually dimorphic species. Males are larger, stronger, and inherently better suited for doing physical things requiring strength and endurance. That’s baked in, due to a lot of evolutionary adaptive features that our species possesses. It’s all down to things like our upright posture, which necessitated adaptation to the pelvis for childbirth after we evolved larger heads for bigger brains… You can’t get around these facts. At least, at our state of the art in regards to biology and medical science.

    Refusal to acknowledge these things is an indicator of mental illness and delusion. Just like the idea that you’re going to be able to do more than a surface-swipe with regards to changing biological sex; until you can rewrite DNA and cell structure across an entire organism, it ain’t happening. And, because it ain’t happening, transgender athletes are nothing more than a categorization error. If you’re a biological male trying to compete in women’s sports, you’re a fraud and a fake, because your basic biology is inherently superior for a lot of purposes. Just like you’re never going to actually produce fertile eggs and have a baby through normal biological processes.

    This whole era is going to go down in history as a period of mass insanity. Because, I hate to tell you, that’s exactly what it is.

    The thing I find vastly amusing is just how adroitly the trannies have turned the tactics of the feminists around and are now beating women about the head and upper body with them. The lunatic feminists have no defense against these attacks because they’re ideologically locked into their mindset and positions, nearly all of which are contrary to the inherent nature of the species as it actually exists today.

    At least one of the major things you’d have to do in order to make their equalist fantasies come true is to vastly lengthen human lifespan so that women could truly “do it all”. Today? LOL… Ya got 72 years, on average, and a vanishingly short period of fertility early in life to produce your children. If you don’t do that during that period, you won’t be getting a second chance. These are hard and unpleasant truths, immutable until we somehow manage to get around them by either lengthening lifespan a bunch, or by figuring out how to have kids in our seventies… Which ain’t likely to happen any time soon.

    You can see the results of all this halfwittery and foolishness in the fertility rates. The idiots running things have so arranged life as to make the prospect of having and raising kids so unpleasant as to discourage everyone that would have done it under the formerly prevailing conditions to make the opposite decision, which isn’t really a recoverable thing past a certain point in the lifespan.

    No idea where it’s going to end, but there are a lot of hard lessons to be learned in the next few hundred years, if we don’t manage to kill ourselves off through nuclear war or “accidental release” of things we’re doing “gain-of-function” research on.

    I suspect that the coming “birth-dearth” is going to have the halfwit freaks like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab desperately trying to undo everything they have been working on, as raw facts overcome their Malthusian fantasies. The results of what they say they want won’t be pretty.

    “You’ll own nothing and like it” is gonna collide with “Well, if it ain’t mine, I just don’t care about it…” and then they’re going to be faced with the small problem that having domesticated humans, now they’re stuck caring for them. I don’t think they’ve quite thought this through, TBH.

  • Ferox

    Like a child who throws a tantrum in a store until they get their way, because their parents taught them that it works – much of the blame for the madness of the Left can be placed with the normals who decided at some point in the past that they had become too civilized to enforce societal norms of behavior. It was easier just to laugh and play along, you see. Much more genteel.

    Our grandparents would have taken a grown man dressed as a woman lurking in girls bathrooms in hand and given him a stout beating for his effort. The police, if they had been called, would have only the task of saving the perv from total destruction. But we just shake our heads. We are too civilized for such action, we have grown far too intellectual – and we wonder why the pervs are so bold these days. They have learned that they can get away with it.

    When faced with thieves walking goods out of a store, I see video after video of people just standing around watching it. Not their job. Except that it is. It’s everybody’s job to hold up the norms of society. The mos maiorum does not preserve itself.

    It’s long past time for normals to rediscover the moral imperative of violence when faced with such acting-out. It’s my New Year’s Resolution – I am not going to stand by idly any more.

  • Kirk


    When faced with thieves walking goods out of a store, I see video after video of people just standing around watching it. Not their job. Except that it is. It’s everybody’s job to hold up the norms of society. The mos maiorum does not preserve itself.

    It’s long past time for normals to rediscover the moral imperative of violence when faced with such acting-out. It’s my New Year’s Resolution – I am not going to stand by idly any more.

    I have to say that I completely agree with you, and yet… I don’t. If you fail to “…stand by idly any more.”, the machinery of the state is going to grind you into a fine paste and sow salt over what’s left of you and your life. The problems we’ve got are a hell of a lot deeper than we can address by “doing something” in all of these cases of social norm violations.

    Raw fact? You shoot some jackass looting (not shoplifting, looting… Because that’s what it is.) your local supermarket? You may have a moral case for doing so, but the law is going to do very unpleasant things to you, and the time for when you can readily count on jury nullification letting you off after trial ain’t quite here yet. And, if they have their way, you’d never get to go in front of a jury, because you’d be cast as a mad-dog killer, and thrown to the wolves.

    I agree that something is going to have to be done, but at this point? I don’t think what amounts to vigilante action is going to do very much good, besides putting you in jail for the rest of your life. I’d highly encourage you not to take actions like you suggest, unless forced into what the current law would regard a legitimate self-defense scenario.

    There’s a worm that needs to turn, with the body politic. It hasn’t, as of yet, and it needs to actually do that turning before the sort of thing you’re suggesting is anything other than a martyrdom. You also have to acknowledge that the worm may never turn, not in our lifetimes.

    I really don’t know what is to be done, or when we can begin doing it, but I am rock-solid certain that the moment is not yet at hand. Up to a point, you’re way better off personally just to grit your teeth, do your best to survive, and look around for that glint of decision in your fellow man that means they’ve encountered their own Timisoara Moment and have made a decision to actually act. If that never comes? About all you’re going to do is achieve a noble martyrdom in a forlorn attempt to impose a lost civilization on others who see no benefit to it.

    This battle was really fought and lost in the academy and legislatures of this nation at some point past WWII. We’re just forced to deal with the consequences of their lack of foresight, and I don’t know how the hell you go about convincing the current lot of rabid animals that there were things worth preserving in all they blithely threw out. Their grandkids may figure it out, but… Yeah. I’m not seeing much hope for the current deracinated generations in power.

  • Ferox

    Not shooting, Kirk. But standing in the doorway, refusing to move? And if they push a shopping cart into me … well, I will simply be forced to defend myself against such a lethal attack made with a hundred pounds of steel.


    There are children I care about personally, and it drives me close to madness to look at them and then stand by while orcs and goblins eat up the world that should be theirs to inherit.

  • Steven R

    I think Kirk bringing up the realities of biology coming up against ideologies is interesting. On the one hand we’re told we absolutely need to have mass immigration from the Third World because the white population of the West are not having children. On the other hand we’re told that women need to spend their most fertile years not having children, but instead should be getting educations and working and finding themselves and pretty much anything but having children.

    I’m not saying women should be barefoot and pregnant, but biology is a cruel and unrelenting bitch-goddess. Telling Western women not to have kids until they are on the down slope of their fertility period while bemoaning the fact that they aren’t having kids is just an exercise in inanity.

  • llamas

    @ Ferox – er – No. Doing as you suggest will get you in trouble just the same as if you try to stop a thief by more-overt use of force – because that’s what you’re doing. If such a confrontation were to escalate from merely blocking a thief to physical violence, then that would be on you as the one initiating or escslating the use of force.

    In this day and age . . . I used to be selective, but nowadays I carry a pistol with me anytime I leave the compound. And there’s no way in hell that I’m going to inject myself into a situation such as the one you describe, because there’s absolutely nothing but downside for me if I do so. And neither would any other citizen with a lick of sense. You can declaim all you like about how it’s ‘everybody’s job’ to stop crimes like these, but that concept only has validity when everyone else agrees and accepts that it’s ‘everybody’s job’, and unless and until that time comes/returns, it’s as sure as hell not going to be my job. That pistol only comes out when there’s an immediate threat to me or mine, and not before, and I’m certainly not going to go out looking for situations with the potential to escalate to that point. If Walmart or CVS or Nordstroms closes its doors because the orcs and goblins drive them to it – I Don’t Care. When things get to the point where forcibly resisting theft and mayhem once more become socially and legally acceptable, then we’ll see – but not before.



  • Snorri Godhi

    Reading the article at the link, i fail to understand why people do not realize that the xxi-century Western diet causes brain damage.

  • bobby b

    Lordy. The best use of my gun is as a weight on my hip as I stay miles away from anywhere where I might feel obliged to use it. Most of those kinds of mass-thefts take place in cities that have strongly, overwhelmingly, voted for them. I treat Minneapolis as indian territory these days. Not my problem.

  • Kirk

    I have to look at the situation in the cities as being akin to dealing with an addict: Until they hit rock-bottom and recognize the problem they’ve created for themselves, there’s really no outside help that would work for any of them. I mean, what are you going to do? Go do the policing they actively fight against, destroying their own police departments and rendering their communities lawless? You can’t fix that. Not until they want to.

    The problem I have with the whole thing is that we’re stuck with these stupid bastards like they’re our Siamese twins, hell-bent on killing themselves and taking us with them. It’s like having that twin decide to take heroin, or something… You’re stuck with them, they’re dragging you down, but what the hell are you going to do about it?

    In the end, something is going to have to give, and I despair of it ending in any sane manner. The idiots are gonna idiot, and that’s the end of it. Until they either destroy themselves or grow up, we’re stuck dealing with their stupidity.

  • John

    Is Daniel Penny currently incarcerated?

    How many years until he is brought to trial?

    What sort of jury of his “peers” can he expect?

    And that’s why fewer and fewer people are willing to get involved or “do the right thing” as any normal society would put it.

  • Paul Marks

    Steven R – the same people who support mass Third World immigration into Western countries (with government benefits and services – this is NOT 19th century style “free migration”) also (as you know) support industrial scale abortion of Westerners.

    Occam’s Razor comes into play – the international elite seem to be trying to destroy the West, because they are trying to destroy the West.

  • Paul Marks

    Even if we leave aside the totalitarian antics of the kangaroo courts (in New York – where innocent men were found guilty by giggling politically selected juries, Washington D.C. – ditto, and the corrupt judges of Colorado, Maine and other States – who have given up even a pretense of democracy), and we leave aside the fact, and it is a fact, that the education system is saturated with leftist lies (for example Americans are taught that the tribes were peaceful, and lived in harmony with nature, very Rousseau, before the evil white men arrived – and Americans are taught that white people kill lots of black people – when the opposite is closer to the truth), there is the DEI Frankfurt School Marxism of Corporate Big Business.

    “Oh pull the other one Paul – capitalist Big Business can not be pushing Frankfurt School stuff” – watch the film that James O’Keefe has published.

    There we see the head of IBM and the head of its “Red Hat” subsidiary openly admitting, indeed boasting, that they hire and promote people on the basis of SEX and RACE – and that anyone who speaks out against this policy is forced out. If you are straight-white-man you might as well kill yourself – and, of course, many do commit suicide now (and understandably so) whilst the “Civil Rights” Division of the “Justice” Department giggles in the background.

    Do you think the other Corporations are different to IBM – if you do, I have a nice bridge to sell you.

    “But how can such Corporations survive in a Free Market Capitalist economy?”

    It is NOT a Free Market Capitalist economy – and not just because the Corporations pay vastly lower tax rates than individuals (and anyone who claims that Corporations just represent individual shareholders is many decades out of date – they do NOT) and can deduct Property Tax from their Corporation Tax liability anyway.

    This is not a Free Market Capitalist (Real Savings – the actual sacrifice of consumption) economy – it is a fiat (whim – edict – command) money economy – where “money” is created from nothing and is dished out via the corrupt banks and other entities to the vast Corporations.

    Xi in China, Putin in Russia, Biden in America – it is all a Credit “Money” scam.

    This is not even Marxism – as even Dr Marx condemned such criminality, oh yes such schemes were suggested in the 19th century, by Henri Saint-Simon and others.

    The modern world is not Free Market Capitalism – the modern world is a vast criminal monetary scheme.

    That is why the Corporations, at least for awhile, can get away with their DEI antics of hiring and promoting people on the basis of RACE, SEX, and SEXUALITY – and persecuting people for dissenting.

    “You can have Freedom of Speech – as long as you are prepared to live in a cardboard box begging for food”.

    But this corrupt, evil, system – will fall.

  • Stonyground

    It was a fair while ago, so I don’t remember how I first discovered this site. I think that I kept on visiting because I had a basic live and let live attitude and the libertarian slant that I found here chimed with my general outlook. I think that I have become more libertarian due to having read and taken part in the discussions here.

    Gradually though, the mood here has become more and more pessimistic. I have always been in the half full camp so I’ve been struggling with the possibility that maybe this pessimism is justified. Given the messed up state of the Western World, it gets gradually harder to deny that it is.

    Then I remember that the track record of those who try to predict the future is notoriously bad. There was a US politician who, after WW1 said that the conditions imposed on Germany would cause another world war within twenty years. I’ve also seen a film from the late 1950s, possibly not genuine, that very accurately predicted online shopping. But mostly, predicting the future is impossible. Usually the problem is that some entirely unexpected event happens that turns everything on its head.

    My prediction is that the climate catastrophe bubble will burst at last and the plebs will wake up to the fact that everything they are told by the mainstream media isn’t true. Of course out of all those who got it wrong, my expectations of being right are realistically low.

  • DiscoveredJoys


    “My prediction is that the climate catastrophe bubble will burst at last and the plebs will wake up to the fact that everything they are told by the mainstream media isn’t true.”

    My follow-on prediction is that none of the people who peddled the ‘misinformation’ will suffer any penalty.

  • bobby b

    “My follow-on prediction is that none of the people who peddled the ‘misinformation’ will suffer any penalty.”

    Ha. They will loudly tell us that global warming has only been defeated by their actions over the past decade, and that, had they not fought their fight, we’d now be dying of heat, and so they deserve all credit and adoration.

    Then they’ll start talking about the next fake crisis, for which they have already developed an expensive cure.

    And 70% of the population will believe them and worship them.

  • Paul Marks

    Stonyground – it was not the conditions imposed on Germany that “caused a war within 20 years”, especially as these conditions were very light and Germany broke them all anyway, not paying more than a tiny fraction of Reparations, and building up its armed forces (training in the Marxist Soviet Union even in the 1920s) when it had promised not to – and going into the supposedly demilitarised Rhineland in 1936 without the French firing a shot, Hitler was not yet insane and had ordered that if there was any allied move at all, German forces should withdraw (yes – his move was a bluff).

    But you may be thinking of Marshall Foch, in despair at the WEAKNESS of the conditions imposed on Germany, saying “this is not peace – this is a 20 year truce”, the commander of the American forces in Europe (General Pershing) was also filled with despair – but Haig and co wanted “peace”, even under terms that looked tough (to fool the public), but really did nothing to destroy enemy strength (an enemy that was an artificial state – only created in 1871, yet there was nothing in the agreement about restoring the independence of ancient polities such as Bavaria and Hanover).

    The United States Senate (which had a Republican majority at the time) wanted a peacetime defensive alliance between America and Britain and France (which would have deterred Germany) – but Woodrow Wilson REJECTED that, as he was obsessed with his delusional “League of Nations” concept.

    To this day the academic elite (which Professor Wilson represented) have a delusional view of foreign policy – with their “limited wars” and so on (not grasping that the first rule of war is to destroy the enemy, if you seek a “political settlement” you-are-doomed-to-defeat) – they see the world as some sort of “Star Trek” episode.

  • Jim

    “My prediction is that the climate catastrophe bubble will burst at last”

    How exactly will it burst? What can happen that could cause it to burst? I used to think 15-20 years ago that ‘Global Warming’ would probably hit the buffers once the global climate took a turn for the colder, as its bound to at some point. But the people running it were very clever, and rebranded themselves as ‘Climate Change’ which means anything that happens to global climate can be used as ‘proof’ of their theory. It rains more, climate change. It snows more, climate change. Its hotter, climate change. Its colder, climate change. Its stormier, climate change. Add in the MSM tilting the scales in favour of the Climate Change brigade anyway, where exactly is the counterblast of reality going to come from?

    It can’t come from argument, from people, it is too entrenched in the Establishment to be removed by mere debate. A counter attack has to come from the theory hitting the buffers of reality. And it appears to me the theory has been perfectly positioned to have no reality that cannot be used as proof of its own correctness. Possibly if the next 30 years of global climate were uber temperate, never being very hot or cold, nor too wet nor too dry, then that might make a few think. But such mildness is hardly going to force the Climate Change juggernaut off the road. They can manufacture ‘extremes’ out of thin air if they want to, look at how the hot weather was reported in southern Europe this summer.

    IMO the only thing that can end the Climate Madness is the actual collapse of Western Society, as the logical conclusions of the Doomsday Cult are forced upon it. Whether there will be anything left to rebuild from I have no idea.

  • Paul Marks

    bobby b.

    As you know C02 emissions, thanks to the People’s Republic of China and so on, have continued to go UP.

    International agreements from 1992 (the Rio Conference) onwards, were never really about reducing world C02 emissions – they were about undermining Western nations and pushing world governance (the dream of the late David Rockefeller and the rest of the elite).

    Given the level of C02 emissions (again thanks to the People’s Republic of China and so on) if the theories of James Hanson, Michael Mann, and-so-on were true – we would already be dead.

    Of course, the “Hockey Stick” of Michael Mann was a fraud – and American government agencies, and the rest of the international Corporate State, now systematically rig data – cooling the past (yes they produce figures that directly contradict the real records) and warming the present by “estimating data” (“estimated” data is, by definition, NOT physical data) via Computer Models.

    The fraud in this area is similar to the fraud with the Covid computer models “justifying” the insane lockdowns, or the fraud justifying the mass injection policy – Covid “vaccines” that were not very effective (“they saved millions of lives” is false) and were most certainly not safe – as they have injured and killed many people.

    The chances that anyone will be punished for any of this?

    Well there is a rumour that the head of the Russian Covid “vaccination” program has been arrested (supposedly because his toxic stuff injured a certain person) – but that, sadly, will be about it.

    As both you and Stonyground know – in the Corporate State world we live in, the evil prosper and the good are punished.

    DiscoveredJoys is correct – those people who told the truth will be punished for “disinformation” (indeed they already have been punished for telling the truth) whilst the people who lied (Michael Mann on Climate and the various official “experts” on Covid – the supporters of lockdowns and toxic injections) will continue to be rewarded.

    Knighthoods and other honours all round – with the more extreme the liar, the more rewards they will get.

  • jgh

    Don’t these morons clamouring for World Government means that that will mean government by China and Russia. They would outvote the rest of the world on everything. Or are they expecting said world government to not be democratically represented?

    The other thng about world government: we actually *HAD* this until the early 20th century. Almost the entire world was governed by a coalition of half a dozen European/European-descended states. How did that turn out? All the governed spilling blood to throw off the governors.

  • Stonyground

    Thanks for that. My understanding of world history is sort of broad and lacking in finer detail. I just recalled that there was a guy who had predicted WWII to within a couple of years.

  • Stonyground

    “…where exactly is the counterblast of reality going to come from?

    From reality itself? Yes global warming was successfully rebranded as climate change so that any trend could be pointed at and claimed to be proof. The problem being that these trends just ebb and flow over time and are not really going anywhere. The alarmists and the MSM have now moved from cleverly selective reporting to literally just making stuff up and outright lying. There are now four decades worth of failed predictions. Even the most credulous fools have to catch on eventually surely?

  • Jim

    ” Even the most credulous fools have to catch on eventually surely?”

    The point is that the eco-nonsense is so now massively embedded into Western political structures (and the belief systems of the class of people who inhabit them) that its going to take some stupendous event to be able to completely over turn that status quo advantage. Because it has become existential for the Establishment now – they have so bought into it that were it to be brought into question seriously, that would end their right to be charge at all.

    So its going to need something big to disturb that equilibrium. Just a continuation of failed predictions won’t be enough. As I said they can use the MSM to create a ‘climate catastrophe’ out of nothing anyway, so the lack of their doomsday scenarios isn’t hurting them at all. They can always create the illusion that things are going the way they have predicted. What we need is an event that everyone can look at out of their windows and compare with what the talking heads are saying and see the disconnect. What is that event?

    One such event could be a complete Grid failure due to over reliance on renewables. That would cause utter chaos, destruction and even death most likely in a Western urbanised country. But even that wouldn’t kill ‘Climate Change’ because it would just be that we got the response wrong. It doesn’t kill the root idea.

    So I repeat – what real world event can happen such that it kills the ‘Climate Change’ mind virus stone dead? I just can’t see one (that isn’t apocalyptic, like nuclear war, a real viral pandemic or the inevitable Muslim takeover).

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Stonyground reality will win in the end – and the Corporate State, with its fiat money, Credit Bubble banking, control by a handful of vast Corporate Entities, and hiring and promotion by Race-Sex-and-Sexuality (as well as its war against affordable energy and against farmers – its desire to control the population by having a stranglehold on their food and their energy) will fall.

    The end will be terrible and I know I will not survive it – but at least it will be the end of them, all their plans for a “world digital currency”, “harmonised taxation and regulation”, Orwellian “Smart Cities”, and so on, will turn to dust in their mouths and throats – and choke them from this world.

  • Fraser Orr

    One thing I always thought strange and perhaps rather patronizing are the number of competitive activities that have a women’s league for no really good reason. For example, why is there a women’s chess championship, or a women’s pistol shooting sport? Women have no inherent disadvantage in these areas, so why split them up?

    I think men’s and women’s gymnastics are actually a good example of how to do it right. They are in many ways completely different sports. Women’s is really more focused on flexibility, where women have a distinct advantage, and men’s on strength, where they also have a distinct advantage.

    It is interesting that there are no seriously competitive trans athletes competing in women’s gymnastics.

    And if you look at cheer, where great flexibility and small size give women a distinct advantage. If you look at this video that girl is a solid wall of muscle, but the idea that the girls and the boys in that video can change please is simply ridiculous.

    It is also worth pointing out that some sports are co-ed. Olympic Dressage, for example, where men and women compete on an equal footing. Why not all games that depend on mind skill or machines, rather than strength, endurance and quick reaction times?

  • Kirk

    It’s got very little to do with common sense or logic. All that it really is would be a handy cudgel to beat the average well-meaning center-line person into compliance with their insanity. Once they force you to use their extra-special unique snowflake pronouns, and you acquiesce? They use that as an opening wedge into driving even more BS deeper in.

    “They”, all the wise people, assured us that there was no such thing as a “slippery slope”. Ummmm… Yeah. About that…

    Gay marriage was the opening wedge, well-chosen because ain’t nobody gonna argue “unfair” about the whole thing. Well, once they got that, it was a short trip down the curve to find our way to cross-dressing pervs reading stories to our kids in the taxpayer-funded libraries that are also engaged in “de-accessioning” any politically incorrect works, as determined by those wunnerful arbiters, the library science types.

    Last couple of years have opened my eyes on a lot of issues. I once thought that drugs should be completely legalized. Not anymore; I can learn from observation. If anything, my position now is that if we make drugs legal, then addiction needs to become a capital crime. Same thing with the whole LGBTWTFBBQ league; you can see what happens once you cease repressing these freaks, and I’m afraid that value added to society for letting the relatively sane members of that community have their special little rights is far outweighed by the price we pay in enabling the child-molesting pervs. The same freaks that want to make crimes essentially penalty free? Simple solution, in my mind: Accountability for the judges and prosecutors. Let the bastard out on a plea deal or whatever else? You pay the price right next to him for his next crime of violence. If it’s capital? So be it… You’re sitting right there with him in the gas chamber when he finally snuffs it.

    We’ve lost any sense of accountability and responsibility in this country, and our quality of life is going to sh*t because of it. I wager that there are going to be a lot more people opening their eyes and changing their minds about the supposed “barbarity” of our ancestors, as the lessons come home.

    I used to be a fairly libertarian sort on many of these issues. I can learn, though…

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