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All those in favour of a ceasefire between Hamas & Israel…

All those in favour of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, raise your hands now…

8 comments to All those in favour of a ceasefire between Hamas & Israel…

  • Paul Marks

    Sir Oswald Moseley denied being a hater of Jews “my bodyguard is a Jewish boxer” – but he was quite happy to stir up hatred of Jews for his own political gain (he admitted to the Jewish owner of Marks and Spencer stores that he, Sir Oswald, did not actually believe the anti Jewish stories, about Jewish domination of the professions and the economy, that he told – that he just told the stories to get support).

    The Progressivism of Sir Oswald Moseley has been shoved down the Memory Hole – he left the Labour Party because, under Ramsey MacDonald and Philip Snowden, it was not left wing enough – Mosely wanted more government spending and more state control. Ironically enough had Mosely stayed in the Labour Party he would, most likely, have become the leader of it – as Prime Minister MacDonald and Chancellor Snowden made a pact with the Conservatives of Stanley Baldwin and so MacDonald and Snowden, and their “National Labour” followers, were forced out of the Labour Party – had Mosely hung on he would have dominated the Labour Party rather than the deeply unimpressive George Lansbury who spent the 1930s campaigning for the Royal Air Force to be abolished and for all trust to be put in the “League of Nations” (an early effort at world governance).

    As for the present war – the idea that it is just with Hamas is mistaken, as the recent rocket from Islamic Jihad (one of many rockets from Islamic Jihad and other groups) that exploded in the hospital car park shows.

    Cease fire?

    Well if “humanitarian aid” (paid for by the American taxpayers) is going to be allowed into the Gaza Salient, and the trucks are driving in right now, is not the long term war lost?

    Indeed, as Mr Ed pointed out, was the long term war not lost when the government of Israel decided to keep to the line that Hamas was the problem not the general Islamic population of the Gaza Salient and elsewhere?

    No doubt Israel will continue to kill commanders of Hamas – and that is good. But it will not win the long term war. Because the long term war is not with a particular organisation – be it called Hamas or some other name.

    In the West, including in Israel, one can not, without risk of punishment, even honestly discuss the basic matters.

  • Paul Marks

    The West has learned nothing from Afghanistan and Iraq – indeed even honest discussion of these examples, or others, is not allowed in the West – it is punished as “Islamophobia”. Thus “dissent is medicalised” treated as a “phobia”.

  • NickM

    Way too many people Forget that it was the “National Socialist German Workers Party”.

    A ceasefire? Yeah, great… Like half-time at a football match? Hamas would love that more than anything. They have gained much support from Western use(full/less) idiots, will have an even tighter grip on Gaza and the bosses in Quater will be able to keep living high on the hog. At some level Gaza is a gangster territory. It’s more complicated of course because they also have a lot of backing from the “Arab Street”. They didn’t come out of nowhere…

  • Ben David

    Now now – your meme is ignoring the legions of smarmy hand-wringers and rueful head-wagglers… at least the Nazis and Muzzies have clarity and state their intentions openly.

  • Mr Ed

    I stated that the war was lost as the Israeli PM said it would be a long war. I took from that that he was not planning to send in the army to destroy the enemy but engage in some sort of siege/skirmishing which will give time for the Israeli will to to broken. There are many in Israel who seem to see their PM as a more important enemy to be defeated, than Hamas. They are unable in the current circumstances to show that, as they know it would look bad. Israel is a very divided society, ‘war fatigue’ will set in with the enemies of the PM very quickly.

    Unless the PM was bluffing, of course, but we are nearly two weeks on and Hamas appears to be effectively intact as a fighting force.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Mr Ed.

    “The problem is Hamas” – when the “Palestinian Authority”, which the Biden Administration unlawfully funds, pays monthly stipends to the families of dead terrorists. Western fools talking endlessly about “Hamas” miss the point entirely.

    As for a siege – the “siege” is over, supply trucks are going in – thanks partly to the Biden Administration, but also due to the weakness of the Israeli government.

    There may be won battles, spectacular tactical victories, leaders of Hamas killed, hostages rescued and so on, but that will not win the war with Islam – indeed do not hold your breath waiting for anyone to admit that there is a war with Islam.

    I fear the war is lost.

  • Steven R

    The cynic in me says this whole thing is just a way for the upper echelon of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to get some cash for their Swiss bank accounts from DC and the rest of the world. Just send the useful idiots to shoot and blow stuff up, wait for the outrage to turn into aid packages, skim off the top and then send the kickbacks to the pols in DC and London and Paris, let every thing quiet down for a few years and then do it again.

  • Paul Marks

    Steven R – there is no contradiction between corruption and sincere belief in a cause, yes the leaders “skim off the top” for themselves, that does NOT mean they do not, at-the-same-time, sincerely believe in Islam.

    As for the Islamic “idiots” – their numbers increase in Western nations (not just Israel – many nations) every day.

    The West has lost self-belief in the core principles of its culture – and the drivel that is Frankfurt School “Woke” Marxism (which saturates every Western institution now – public and private) is not a new culture, it is acid to dissolve Western culture and replace it with NOTHING – replace it with a void.

    The Islamic “idiots” may well out live the dying West.

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