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Exhibitionists like to know that others dare not object

Kayla LeMieux

“The kids here most definitely don’t think [it’s] normal…but realistically we can’t say anything,” said a person on Twitter who claims to be a student at Oakville Trafalgar. “Last year, the teacher was a man. I don’t think the school can fire him.”

Canada’s Post Millennial reports, “Canadian biologically male teacher wears massive prosthetic breasts to school”

The teacher is Kayla Lemieux and the school is Oakland Trafalgar High School in Ontario. Please note that there exist several other people with the same name, some of whom have been in the news recently.

The Daily Mail picked up the story: “Canadian high school defends transgender teacher who wore enormous prosthetic breasts underneath tight T-shirt to class”, and has plenty more pictures if you need to be convinced that this is not a joke.

Even after I was convinced that it was not a joke, I originally had plenty of jokes to make. But upon reflection I edited them out. This is not a funny story.

Kayla Lemieux’s motivations bear no relation to the motivations of a transwoman who was born male but simply wants to be female. Nor does Ms Lemieux want to be accepted as having an ambiguous gender identity. She does not want to be accepted at all. Kayla Lemieux wants to shock. She also wants the pleasure of knowing that the people she shocks dare not say anything. Better yet, she wants to have the pleasure of thinking that some of the people seeing her are secretly, even unwillingly, sexually aroused by her fetish costume. She is a teacher, so when I say “people” I mean “children she teaches”.

Imagine the sexes/genders were reversed, and a female-to-male transgender teacher turned up at school to teach the children while wearing an enormous prosthetic penis. Imagine – but the imaginary scenario scarcely differs from what is actually happening.

Let me be clear that I believe that adults should be free to alter their appearance in any way that pleases them. I would go further than most in defending people’s right to have body modifications that are designed to shock, though I would also defend the right of others to exclude such people from their premises, and that is one of the reasons why I would like to see less public space (which is open to absolutely everyone by definition) and more private space that is open to the public so long as they adhere to rules of behaviour. I would also, though more reluctantly, defend the right of a private school to employ a person with deliberately shocking body modifications as a teacher, and the right of parents to send their children there.

However, Oakland Trafalgar High School is a public school in the North American sense, a state school. Most of the families whose children attend have no other option. Even if that were not so, the pupil quoted at the beginning was correct to say, “I don’t think the school can fire him.” As the statement from the school says, “Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code”.

And Kayla Lemieux knows it.

8 comments to Exhibitionists like to know that others dare not object

  • Steven R

    We are watching night fall on civilization itself.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – Steven R. you are correct.

    There are a few nations that still stand against the madness, Poland springs to mind, but I doubt the few examples will be enough.

    Benedict XVI used to talk of a “saving remnant” – and he was thinking of people who resisted the corruption in the church he led, not just the corruption of the wider society. But Francis has decided to go-with-the-flow.

    It is much the same with the Protestant Churches.

    Natural Law is not confined to the religious – conservative atheists know that well. But such non-Christian thinkers as Marcus Aurelius are as little known as Christian philosophers such as Boetius.

    We all have evil within us, I certainly do (there is vast amounts of evil in me), but what we are seeing is a lot worse than the struggle between good and evil which each person has within themselves every day (even Hollywood used to understand – who was the real “Captain Kirk” when he was divided in a famous episode, they BOTH were, the would-be murderer and rapist, and coward, was just as much “Captain Kirk” as the good man was) – no what is happening is much worse.

    Notice that few people accuse leftists of “hypocrisy” – American Republicans are, rightly, accused of that when they do terrible things – but Democrats are not accused of hypocrisy, because they are not guilty of it – for a terrible reason.

    The reason is that they have openly abandoned traditional morality based upon natural law – the tradition that goes all the way back to Aristotle and before (as far back as one can go) means nothing to them, indeed they openly hate and despise it.

    There is no inner conflict (no inner war) between good and evil in the leftists – they are “free” of the “moral chains of right and wrong”.

    This is just the start – there is nothing, nothing, they will not do.

  • “The kids here most definitely don’t think [it’s] normal…but realistically we can’t say anything,”

    Actually, if enough of them could find enough courage, a class of Oakland Trafalgar High School could decide to say something, and go on saying something. The pretence that functioning teaching was occurring could be nullified, and that nullification could be maintained. Kids can make a teacher’s life difficult – and some heads and politicians’ lives too, in this case.

    It would need the kind of courage we see so often in Young Adult fiction, and so seldom in reality from many adults let alone young ones. The kids would have to decide they were ready for the long haul if need by (and would need their families). But they could, by cooperating, withhold the sick pleasures so correctly characterised by Natalie

    Kayla Lemieux wants to shock. She also wants the pleasure of knowing that the people she shocks dare not say anything.

    (While I entirely agree that also

    she wants to have the pleasure of thinking that some of the people seeing her are secretly, even unwillingly, sexually aroused by her fetish costume.

    in the case of that particular costume, this she-it-he thing may be living in a fantasy world in more ways than one.)

    My point is that, if a class finds the courage to substitute communal saying something for the isolated tension of no-one daring to say anything, then not only are the perverted pleasures withdrawn but the woke must exchange the easy fun of “you dare not say anything” for “you dared start saying things – so we must punish you”. Kids ignoring orders – including orders to write lines, go to the head’s office, etc. – must be punished, which means ways to punish them must be found. I doubt those ways will look good.

    My old school once hired an ‘odd’ teacher (but not nearly as odd as this!). After many months, having got my family on board, I criticised him in class. I got shouted at by him, and sarcasmed at, and accused of things, to deafening silence from the other kids (including the ordinarily badly-behaved ones – they were typically especially useless for principled misbehaviour – but, to be fair to them, I had not thought to alert any, let alone recruit any, beforehand, which was my negligence). However he was gone at the end of that term (and committed suicide within a year, though I don’t think I had anything to do with that – the guy had issues). So I don’t speak from total ignorance when I say it requires courage. I was 13 – and found the being shouted at and mocked no fun at the very same moment I also knew it was a violation of what I had a right to expect from a teacher. The kids in Oakland face a moral challenge and I understand how much they wish they didn’t.

  • Steven R

    They have used our sense of fairness against us. No one wants to be seen as being unfair.
    They now use our fear of being called a [WHATEVER]-ist or [WHATEVER]-phobic against us. This is even worse in the days of doxxing and using the Twitter mob and companies being “woke” and firing people for daring to have an opinion.

    There is only one way to stop this that doesn’t involve violence and that is to refuse to go along with it.

    I, for one, will not be compelled to say a man is a woman, nor will I use ‘preferred” pronouns. They can feel or express their genderness or whatever to their heart’s delight up to and including finding a quack to dose them to the gills with hormones and mutilate their bodies, but I cannot be forced to play along with their mental illness as though it is just a perfectly normal state of being. I won’t be rude, but I will say “no” when I need to.

    Pull your children out of that teacher’s classroom. Pull your children out of that school and homeschool or pay for private schooling. Send them to a co-op school.

    It’s bad enough that the attention whores get to walk the streets and read to our children (see also: Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries), but now they are mocking our lack of backbone in saying, “no.”

    It’s that or we accept this as the new normal state of affairs or we start burning down their houses and mentioning that maybe, just maybe, living somewhere else would be good for their health and I don’t think any of us really wants to open that can of worms.

  • Imagine if you knew you were going to be made redundant at the end of the school year because your teaching was abysmal, so you came into school with huge fake tits and told everyone you were now transgender…

    Because, why not?

  • Fred the Fourth

    That “teacher” is behaving in a criminally irresponsible way, with at least 4 major safety violations apparent just in that one photo.

    I pray that when the inevitable happens, 1) the injured student is not much hurt, and 2) the school’s responsible parties are sued out of existence and/or pilloried in public.

    Quite a fantasy life I lead, eh?

  • bobby b

    Yeah, I was picturing said “teacher” with his massive bosoms leaning too closely over the belt sander.

    Am I a bad person if I laughed?

  • Paul Marks

    Stephen R. – they use anything, from a sense of fairness to MONEY.

    Those countries that resist “Woke”, Frankfurt School Marxist, doctrine include countries that get money from the European Union – Hungary and Poland.

    “Go Woke – or we cut off the money” is the not-so-subtle message of the European Union, and the United States Federal Government (and Federal Reserve) are the same. “Go Woke – or we cut off the money”.

    And who does not depend on fiat money today? The funny money that exists only on the computer screens of governments and banks.

    “Digital Money is a threat” – they already have digital money; they have had it for decades. And now it is clear that they can cut it off from any business enterprise (and any country – remember what happened to the “hundreds of billions of foreign exchange reserves” that the fool Vladimer Putin thought he had, it vanished with the pressing of a few buttons on computers). The “Oligarchs” also found their money and goods taken – there is no rule of law in Russia, under the bloody handed Dictator Putin, but there is no rule of law (in the old sense) in the West either – if there was the rule law (in the old sense) people could not have their money and goods taken from them, apart from in a punishment for a specific crime of which they have been found guilty by a jury. And under the old rule of law money had a real physical existence – and that is gone.

    Eventually if, for example, someone (or a business enterprise) opposes young children being sexually mutilated, they will find that they no longer have a bank account, and that payment services no longer work for them.

    “Go Woke or go broke” will be replaced by “unless you are Woke you will starve in the gutter”.

    The ESG (Environment and Social Governance) system is already on its way – it is appearing everywhere.

    There will be no place in the new world for “Climate Deniers”, “anti Vaxers”, or for “ists” and “phobes”.

    Once money is corrupted and public and private contracts can be violated on the whims of the powerful (as happened in the United States in 1935) everything else is just a matter of time.