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Someone is banned/cancelled…

Someone is banned/cancelled, then someone else is banned/cancelled for talking about the person who was banned/cancelled…

4 comments to Someone is banned/cancelled…

  • Alan Peakall

    Social media rediscovers The Bedford Question.

  • JBP

    Haha. We’re not evil like him. ….

  • Paul Marks

    Alex Jones is an entertainer – just as the leftist Michael Moore is.

    No one “cancels” such people as Michael Moore or Johnathan Pilger (“to Pilger is to lie” A. Waugh) for saying things that are not true – yet Alex Jones is “cancelled” because (as an entertainer) he does not carefully fact check every rumour that he comes upon.

    As for people being cancelled for making a fairly friendly documentary about the entertainer Alex Jones – that shows just how far the Collectivists (who dominate the Corporations) are prepared to go.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Thanks to Alan Peakall for informing me about the Bedford Question.

    I admit that it is a question to which i sometimes have no easy answer: if A refuses to acknowledge that B is patently insane, should i regard A as insane?

    NB: for me, this is not just about politics.