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Example of racism against blacks in the BBC (P.S. Biden stole the election)

A 2016 BBC article describes how to spot vote fraud in African elections – in Gabon, Togo, Niger and suchlike places. ‘Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs’ says to watch out for such things as high turnout in specific areas, or discrepancies in votes versus ballots issued, and notes that delays in the result may be innocent but are suspicious. An older 2010 article I recall added to that list such things as anomalous ratios between 2nd and 3rd-party candidates. (A tin-pot-dictator style election where the favoured candidate gets 99% of the vote is sure to be suspected, but less attention may be paid to whether a given area’s ratio between the most popular losing candidate and long-shot third-party candidates actually makes sense.)

This kind of statistical evidence is apparently good enough to have the BBC sometimes condemning, sometimes pointedly suspecting black politicians in black countries. When it comes to white politicians in western countries, by contrast – Biden in the US, for example – a different standard is used. That election also showed large anomalous statistics and ratios in several specific areas (Milwaukee, for example). As for ballot/vote ratios, Montgomery, PA was not the only place where vote updates changed many votes but fewer ballots, and it too had a very implausible Trump-to-3rd-party-candidate vote ratio. But phrases like ‘no evidence’, ‘judge dismissed’ and ‘not proved’ seem to crowd out thoughts of statistics in the BBC as regards the white, western election, despite some of the oddities being even more obvious from a UK perspective.

Of course, no one can be made to see who has resolved in advance to keep their eyes shut, and nothing can be ‘proved’ if your standard of proof is set high enough – certainly not vote fraud (a point carefully analysed here – along with links to further statistical oddities). But using one standard of proof when the accused is black and another, higher one when he is white is the classic definition of racism.

Sadly, while there may be some readiness within the BBC to confront anti-black colour-prejudice, I fear there is none when the colour is orange. Although the BBC have suddenly and strongly gone off Joe Biden, and are walking back their post-inauguration praise of him, I doubt the effect will extend back to last November. And I have to concede that, at a time when the BBC have abruptly stopped trusting Biden, reminding them of Biden’s October 23rd 2020 remark about having

“the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of US politics”

is offering them information from a now-discredited source. 🙂

But at least black Africans can be sure the BBC will keep an eye on their election statistics, even if in a manner less than perfectly respectful of their equality to ourselves.

(Added later) A similar prejudice is visible in the fact that the US spends almost two-and-a-half billion dollars annually to support honest elections in various foreign states – and did so in 2020, much of it on procedures specifically designed to maintain election integrity in the face of the pandemic. This analysis shows the many ways the 2020 US presidential election failed the standards that the US required of the foreign recipients of those funds.

8 comments to Example of racism against blacks in the BBC (P.S. Biden stole the election)

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Niall has a way of eloquently weaving the words, politely damning the counterarguments, delicately threading the impervious needle… it’s perfection. I love this post.

    P.S. Biden stole the election

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Niall, if you have not done so already, take a screenshot of or otherwise preserve the entire text of that article from 2 September 2016. As you no doubt remember from the old “Biased BBC” days, when the Beeb see that an old article is suddenly generating interest again in a way that might embarrass them, it has been known for them to stealth-edit it or delete it altogether.

  • Shlomo Maistre


    Additional documentation, such as screenshots of how the URL appears in past according to the waybackmachine and other methods people know of would be useful as well.

    And really this should be done for any and every link going forward about anything.

    And by the way, I said screenshots of how the URL appears in past according to waybackmachine because, according to Whitney Webb in one of her great interviews with Tim Dillon, the waybackmachine can and HAS BEEN messed with by “higher powers” who changed what shows up in the waybackmachine for certain URLs.

  • bobby b

    I have been assured that everything about that election was entirely fair, and audits of it are not only unnecessary, they threaten the very foundation of our democracy and should be quashed.

    In that same spirit, a three-card-monte dealer who quickly sweeps the unturned cards back into his pile is only ensuring a quicker game.

  • Snorri Godhi

    But at least black Africans can be sure the BBC will keep an eye on their election statistics, even if in a manner less than perfectly respectful of their equality to ourselves.

    That was presumably meant to be ironic, but it is a fact that the media are doing a favor to (non-ruling class) Black Africans by exposing election fraud in Africa.

    And they are doing a criminal disservice to (non-establishment) Americans, Black, White, or anybody else, by whitewashing* election fraud in the US.

    * pardon the un-intentional pun.

  • staghounds

    What makes it obvious to me is that the decision-swinging district in all these nail biting crises is always the same district.

    Not geographically, but demographically. You’d think the slow counts would be in Montana’s barren prairies or remote Alaskan forests. Maybe an impoverished and technically deprived Indian reservation or the hills of West Virginia, but no, not even once. They are always downtown, in heavily Democratic precincts packed with direct patronage voters, housed and fed by Government largesse identified with that party.

    Just a coincidence, every time.

  • Snorri Godhi

    BTW I think that we should compliment Niall for resurrecting a BBC article from 2016 which has become inconvenient for the BBC.

    May i ask, Niall, how did you happen to re-discover it, when other American-related issues are more pressing on people’s minds at the moment?

  • Paul Marks

    Yes, the United States Presidential Election of November 2020 was rigged, blatantly so.

    No one who denies this basic fact is worth associating with – let alone supporting.

    The only good thing is that the Corporate State and its “RINO” (as well as Democrat) supporters is out in the open now – in all its vileness. No more doubt.

    The enemy is revealed.