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The mask comes off

No longer about health. Canada will prevent groups from gathering in order to stop the spread of ‘unauthorized information’.

The point has been reached where this has to be resisted ‘by every and any means necessary’.

23 comments to The mask comes off

  • Doris

    Pretty sure that it’s never been about health.

  • John Collier

    ‘by every and any means necessary’.


    I’m a boring trad Tory middle England bloke with a wife, two annoying kiddies, a cat that can’t be arsed to chase mice and a dog that eats the post. But when I read Chris Whitty was being hounded by activists, instead of being shocked and going tsk, tsk, my first thought was: good. I hope you were afraid, just like you made us afraid.

    But then I thought about it. I’m a nominal Christian after all. Is that really the way to make things better? Is this ever the right thing to do?

    And the conclusion I’ve come to is yes. Yes it is. Until people with authority & power feel their own lives & sense of security will take a turn for the worse as a consequence of them messing up so many other people’s lives, nothing will change, at least not for the better. I don’t wear a mask anymore, anywhere, and I just ignore the half hearted bloke on the door telling me to. I’m done. I visit my family whenever I want because I’m done. I am so utterly done with this madness. I’m at the point things kicking off ugly would be a relief because that way the bad things are going in two directions and not just one.

    I want this to be just disobedience but I’m up whatever at this point.

  • APL

    Doris: “Pretty sure that it’s never been about health.”

    Pretty sure Doris is correct.

    John Collier: ” I am so utterly done with this madness.”

    Welcome to the ‘I’m done with this madness club’.

  • Ballpark figure

    More details in a story by Lifesite News:

    Canadian official admits ban on in-person gatherings is to prevent spread of ‘false information’

    ‘The information’ being shared during in-person gatherings ‘itself if listened to creates risk to the public,’ claimed stammering Nova Scotia chief medical doctor Robert Strang, necessitating ‘a need to manage that misinformation campaign’ by restricting socializing.

    HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, June 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – An injunction outlawing in-person gatherings has a purpose other than just to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to Nova Scotia’s chief medical doctor. If people are allowed to be together, they might “deliberately” spread “false information that creates risk.”

    Recently in Nova Scotia, in-person gatherings and even the right to publicly protest were rendered illegal by an injunction issued on May 14. This primarily aimed at preventing gathering to protest continued lockdowns and masking regulations. The injunction also criminalized promoting protests on social media.

    During a May 31, 2021 live-streamed video updating the public on the current COVID-19 restrictions, Premier Iain Rankin and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strang, responded to various questions.

    One telephone caller questioned the necessity for an injunction banning all in-person gatherings, saying, “I’m wondering about the injunction banning public gatherings and whether there really is a need for such a far-reaching one.”
    Strang responded, “So I mean, I think it’s still there. We still have uh, the, uh, bringing large numbers of people together, uh, it can present some risk. We will continue to look at that.”

    Stammering, he continued, “But I think the other purpose of the injunction is to, uh, is to, uh, prevent uh, you know, groups that are spreading, uh – deliberately spreading, uh, false information that… can actually create risk. The information itself if listened to creates risk to the public as well so, and…that certainly is a need to manage that misinformation campaign as well.”

    MPP Roman Barber called this “a new low,” noting, “This is to be expected of Iran, China or my country of birth, the Soviet Union.”

  • GregWA

    There is one ban on people gathering that I’d support: the gathering of government workers. That has definitely led to the spread of false, harmful (lethal!), information.

    And since it’s the spread of information the Canadian Govt is worried about, this ban on gatherings of government workers should extend to virtual gatherings, email communications, phone calls, etc. I can see no downside to this!

  • Stonyground

    So, the only way that this “false” information can spread is by people gathering and talking to each other? Is that what he is saying? Is he really so unworldly that he hasn’t heard of the internet? Is it just an inevitable part of the human condition that we put such imbeciles into positions of power?

    Does this problem really need to
    be resisted by every and any means necessary? Maybe the answer is to elect ever more stupid people so that we can more easily outwit them.

  • Maybe the answer is to elect ever more stupid people so that we can more easily outwit them.

    An innovative approach but it does have the virtue of simplicity! Vote for the Fuckwit Party.

  • Vote for the Fuckwit Party.

    I think we already did.

  • Simon Jester

    Vote for the Fuckwit Party.

    Which one?

  • ghostdog

    Is there a party that isn’t the Fuckwit Party?

  • Gene

    An innovative approach but it does have the virtue of simplicity! Vote for the Fuckwit Party.

    Let’s not forget the elevated incidence of sociopaths and psychopaths among the population of “would consider a career in politics” people. The kind of people who could master the appearance of fuckwittery while scheming to seize power. There are a few Vlad Ulyanovs out there, you know.

    All I’m saying is, while it is a potentially promising approach, be sure to keep your lampposts in good order.

  • Jon Eds

    I wonder what these people actually did before the public sector existed to employ them.

    One undesirable effect of automation is that it has freed up labour for, it turns out, fuckwittery.

  • I wonder what these people actually did before the public sector existed to employ them.


  • APL

    Stonyground: “Is he really so unworldly that he hasn’t heard of the internet?”

    They already have plans for the internet, don’t worry. Theresa May when she was PM and while HS was hatching the ‘Online harms bill’, – for the children, of course.

    I suppose we can reasonably infer that the establishment don’t really care ‘for the children’ else they would get themselves implicated in so many Child abuse scandals, nor would they turn a blind eye to compulsive pederasts. If they were, then they’d go straight for the heart of darkness itself.

    So, the ‘online harms bill’ is not intended to protect the innocent, but to curtail free speech on the internet.

  • APL

    And then this morning in CITY AM the new symptoms of COVID-19 if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID is ‘unexplained sneezing’. I’ll just point out that in the UK it’s the last day of July, the hayfeaver season is ramping up, and unexplained sneezing is now a symptom of COVID-19 among the stupid ( who have gone and gotten themselves vaccinated ).

    Appologies to Paul Marks, who has gotten himself vaccinated. But honestly, how much of this claptrap will people swollow whole ?

  • Roué le Jour

    The thing that annoys me is the way “enjoying oneself” and “spreading covid” have become equated. Has anyone contracted covid on a beach, in a park or beer garden?

  • Stonyground

    Surely sneezing because you get hay fever isn’t unexplained.

  • APL

    Stonyground: “Surely sneezing because you get hay fever isn’t unexplained.”

    Yes, but it’s not a reasonable explanation until there have been some randomized double blind trials conducted to make sure it isn’t hayfever. ‘Coz otherwise, we couldn’t possibly make the connection from sneezing in the middle of hayfever season to actually suffering from hayfever. It’s deffo gonna be COVID-19 until then.

  • Fen Tiger


    Only the smart and well-born ones: for the rest, domestic service or backbreaking manual labour. Additionally, (for men) cannon fodder and (for women) street prostitution.

    It’s good to know that the new ruling class has a whole range of policies all designed to return us to that happy state of affairs as soon as possible.

  • As instapundit would say – and probably has (I’ve yet to check its latest)

    Sometimes they say the quiet part out loud.

    Or stammer it in this case, as I learn from the useful link of Ballpark figure (June 29, 2021 at 4:54 pm).

  • Paul Marks

    The “independent fact checkers” will deny that this is happening – and, at the same time, the “independent fact checkers” will demand that everyone submit to what is “not happening”.

  • Paul Marks

    Canada is also bringing in even more totalitarian “Hate Speech” laws.

    Both factions – the Marxist university types, and the Fascist (“Stakeholder Capitalism”) types, love Hate Speech laws.

    Just as both also love lockdowns.