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Enraged is not a good way to end the year

So I will post this without comment:

The New York Times Helped a Vindictive Teen Destroy a Classmate Who Uttered a Racial Slur When She Was 15

May better times lie ahead for all reading this. It is a relief that Brexit is done. Boris’s deal is far from ideal, but there were times during the last four years when I would have counted us lucky to get the referendum vote honoured at all.

Happy New Year!

15 comments to Enraged is not a good way to end the year

  • bobby b

    Jimmy Galligan. Remember that name.

    If he wants to be the face of the woke, we ought to give him what he wants.

    Pour encourager les autres.

  • Fraser Orr

    FWIW, I don’t agree so much with your response Bobby. One of the core characteristics of 18 year olds is that they are stupid. The problem is not what the children did here, the problem is how the adults reacted to it both at the University and at the various newspapers. Imagine, high school teenage drama published in the New York freaking Times. It is pathetic. I mean what is next? New York Times front page news “Breaking: That bitch Hillary kissed my boyfriend”. “Interviews with Kelli, bff of the “bitch” tell us that she is so tacky that she regularly wears jeans from an outlet mall…. gaaaah.”

    Assuming this young girl does not kill herself, which seems a not unlikely outcome (because teens are stupid and overly dramatic) I am sure if she keeps her head down she will be able to go to college next year.

  • Allen

    Aren’t these the people who worry about “punching down?”

  • bobby b

    Fraser, that’s how I once thought. But I’ve reached a point where I want the name of every self-appointed canceller up in lights. If I could wave my hand and put a big red “C” on their foreheads, I’d do it. Shaking our heads sadly at the idiots of the world doesn’t seem to slow them down much. Maybe personal exposure to revenge will.

    And, 18? So what? Were you that selfish and evil and harmful to others when you were 18? I doubt it. I wasn’t. There’s no reason to excuse it. I had friends that age who were handed rifles and helicopters and sent off to war. Is it too much to expect that an 18-year-old – who can vote for president – can also exercise some intelligence and respect?

    Scroom. I have no more charity left for them.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Happy 2021, folks!

    I might have some more substantive comments tomorrow.

  • staghounds

    That’s speaking truth to power right there. Democracy dies in darkness, and that three year old comment by a random 15 year old is obviously critical news. Where do we go to get Dan Levin his Pulitzer?

  • suburbanbanshee

    We wish you a merry Brexit
    We wish you a merry Brexit
    We wish you a merry Brexit
    And a happy kingdom.

  • Rob

    “Believe All Women” is off, sorry. Try the veal.

  • Schrodinger's Dog


    Enraged might not be a good way to end the year – but it’s quite understandable. Certainly it sums up how I feel.

    I’m now going to have to be careful, as I don’t want to be banned by Perry.

    Jimmy Galligan is a vile individual who deserves to be doxxed – and all that entails. Dan Levin, the New York Times reporter who felt this story was important enough to cover is even worse.

    Ironically, they’ve done absolutely nothing to ameliorate race relations. Indeed, they’ve probably done more to worsen them than all the bigots and neo-nazi types combined.

  • APL

    “The video depicted Groves, who was 15 at the time, and had just obtained her learner’s permit, saying “I can drive, [slur].” “

    Two things.

    ‘[slur]’ – How dainty. I assume the term in question is ‘nigger’. Which is one of those words popularized, in fact almost, thrust into the popular consciousness, by the mainstream media and Hollywood ( in particular ).

    You’ll all remember the role models that Hollywood actors and actresses claim to be? Well done hollywood ‘fuckwits’, you’ve popularized a word that is now used with abandon.

    There are numerous instances where white actors have used the term in popular films and movies. The term is …. ubiquitous in the movie industry.

    Second, I’m not against ‘cultural appropriation’, but it does sadden me to see the white ‘lower orders’ and the impressionable, adopting the worst of the black sub culture.

    Then there is this:

    “Galligan—who is biracial ..”, “After the girl—a cheerleader named Mimi Groves”. ‘Cheerleader’, so there’s a good chance Mimi is more than passably pretty.

    What’s the odds, Galligan had hopes or designs on Mimi that she may have dashed? Or perhaps Galligan never even had the ‘cahones’ to approach Mimi.

    [Remainder of comment deleted by NS. Please confine comments about the conduct of named individuals to their actual past deeds, not imaginary future ones. Any of us can be imagined as guilty of anything.]

  • Duncan S


    Having seen the footage in question, it sounds, to my ear at least, that the word is the plural of the term you mention, albeit the version with a ‘Z’ at the end: as seen in the title of a particular beat-combo.

    So, yes, a pretty young girl uses a term from the music which surrounds her, in the context of the music that surrounds her, and a vindictive teen uses the video to ruin her life chances. Sad.

  • Paul Marks

    The New York Times has been backing the Marxist agenda since at least the 1930s – when it denied the murder of millions of people in the Soviet Union. In the 1940s it backed the cut off of military aid to Chang and the KMT – essentially handing over China to the largest scale mass murderer of all time MAO, and in the 1950s the New York Times backed Fidel Castro with absurdly one sided reporting (which, as with Chang in the 1940s, led to the cut off of American support for anti Communist forces at a key time).

    The New York Times just carries on the work of evil – as it has for about 80 years now. The wonder is that anyone is still shocked by what it does. As for its “Woke” (i.e. Frankfurt School Marxism) behaviour in this specific case – well OF COURSE it behaves in this vile way.

    By the way – the New York Times is not an isolated case, the American media (and Western media in general) is saturated by “Woke” Marxist doctrines – because Western education systems (schools and universities) are saturated by “Woke” Marxist doctrines.

    People who think this is “just culture” and therefore “does not matter” are quite wrong – everything else is “downstream from culture”, allow the Frankfurt School Collectivists to control the culture and, eventually, they will control economic policy – “means of production” and all.

    Still whether Marxists or followers of Saint-Simon style Collectivism (which is more friendly to a Corporate State) win – freedom LOSES.

  • I second both Natalie (passive indulged rage fantasies are bad for you and achieve nothing) and also bobby b (making the eager practitioner of cancel culture aware they too will be remembered is one way to put a price tag on it).

    There is also Brexit – and its lesson that victories can be achieved in time, even when the power of those who would prevent them seems great.

  • William H. Stoddard

    Over recent years I’ve come to think that there is a case for making an accusation of racism count automatically as slander or libel, without a requirement to provide evidence of harm; the harm is much too glaring.