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Magic Unicorn of the Day

From Ryan Paul, in this tweet:

Instead of inventing encryption that only government can break, we should just breed a special unicorn that magically blocks terrorist acts.

9 comments to Magic Unicorn of the Day

  • But everyone know that gubbmint folks is smarter and nicer than other folks, cos I watch NCIS and all those other shows telling me how awesome the state is! I mean what could possibly go wrong with that?

  • cremaster

    Why couldn’t we look again at the “terror prediction market” concept floated by DARPA just after 9/11. it was opposed back then by a bunch of dopey, attention-getting senators. Hardly a good reason to ignore it!

  • guy

    Oh, duh.

    I’m from Wisconsin and couldn’t believe one of my ‘representatives’ said something sensible. Then I re-read the user name. 😛

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Well, damnit, if you all would BELIEVE in Tinker Bell….

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – if the government can read your financial transactions, so can the criminals.

    Something our political masters either do not know – or do not care about.

  • Runcie Balspune

    if the government can read your financial transactions, so can the other criminals.

  • Nick (Natural Genius) Gray

    What would any government do with a Unicorn? Unicorns are good for testing for virgins- what else?
    And why would the government want to end the war on Terror? War is good for the state! If there was no war, people might want their own lives back, and money. you’ve got Wars on poverty, and drugs, and terror, and a real war in Afghanistan, even if it is winding down, and the campaign against Isis/Isil/Daesh. This is government Heaven!
    If governments were using magic, they’d be recruiting Smaugh!

  • Regional

    Who’s going to protect the sheeple from the Gubbmint criminals?
    The PIGS in Europe are going to come a croppa expecting Northern Europe to pay for their largesse, who should tell them to Foxtrot Oscar as they’ll be sandwiched between nations who don’t give a fuck because they’ll be trying to save themselves and the Maghreb.

  • The problem with this whole argument, whether it is backdoors or key escrow is that I have more to fear from governments than some pretty nebulous terrorist or criminal threat.

    The reality is that governments have stolen more from me than any criminal has ever done by an order of magnitude.