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Interview with a gay imam

Via the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), I found this interview with Imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, who believes that “Allah does not speak against homosexuality in the Quran”. A transcript can be read by clicking the relevant icon below the screen.

12 comments to Interview with a gay imam

  • Regional

    There was a strong under current in National Socialist Germany and the Schadenfreude was don’t get caught with your pants down.

  • Niall Kilmartin

    It may be correct that no Quranic verse mentions it specifically, but I suspect that a competent Islamic scholar could – legitimately, in terms of Islamic doctrine – rubbish the idea that the silence means what he seems to hope it does. The Jews of Mecca and Medina were very critcal of the prophet’s grasp of their holy texts but I suspect they would have granted that he knew the Old Testament lists of what were sins. So I think some Quranic verse actually abrogating that would have been needed.

    That said, the absence of any verse directing a specific punishment could facilitate getting it out of the realm of law into that of opinion. (Alas, modern western culture is not wholly helpful in that. “Abolish the law against it today, and tomorrow you can expect there to be a law banning criticism of it.”, is not the ideal argument.)

  • Mr Ed

    The Sage of Kettering told me of an earnest dispute in the Afghan Taliban pre-2001, over the ‘correct’ punishment for this ‘sin’. The dispute was whether ‘stoning to death’ meant 1. Throwing loose stones at the miscreant until done, or 2. Collapsing a stone wall to crush said miscreant.

    The issue arose over the correct textual analysis.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    The matter will probably be settled soon in the usual Islamic-jihadi manner, by killing Mr. Zahed. Garishly.

  • Niall Kilmartin

    In the background, I’m interested in how Western and Arab culture have changed places on this. Not so long ago, things were prim and proper here – if neither so much, nor so hypocritically, as PC myth history would pretend – whereas many places in the Arab world deservedly had a very lively reputation for homosexuality along with other things. Flaubert found Cairo very accommodating in the Victorian era, while Alan Morehead’s 2nd world war memoirs mention in passing British soldiers’ astonishment at finding whole Arab villages where it was anything but unusual, let alone shamefacedly concealed – etc., etc., etc.. The 20th century Wahhabism movement is described as puritanical – an odd phrase to use for something that includes polygamy but maybe they were moving one way even as we moved another.

  • Kevin B

    Is there a definitional problem here?

    Is it that being a man who screws boys, men, camels, goats, even women is fine; just a man doing what a man does? But a man being screwed! And enjoying it! Get the stones out.

    There’s probably a political dimension here as well. If you know the right Ayatollah then you can get away with anything, but if your face doesn’t fit…

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Ed there was a third alternative – throwing the person who engaged in homosexual acts from a high tower.

    As I lack detailed knowledge of the relevant hadiths (sayings of Mohammed) I can not really have an opinion on the matter……

    However I am sure that the Islamists will explain it all to Mr Zahed as they horribly murder him – as PFP has pointed out.

  • perdu en france

    Good luck with at one, Ludovic. Nice try. Let us know how it turns out. We’ll be hearing from you. Or not. As the case may be.

  • pete

    Allah has never said word to anyone on any subject.

  • Kevin has it. It is like the Hellenic concept. If an older man buggers a younger man then OK for the former. It is totally different from any modern Western conception of “gay” where no real distinction is made between “batter” and “catcher” so to speak.

    There is an old Turkish proverb (there usually is)… “A woman for duty, a boy for pleasure but a melon for ecstasy”.

    So lock-up your melons!

  • Rob

    “We’ll be hearing from you.”

    We’ll be hearing about you