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If someone has “Ambassador” in their job title, address them as “Your Excellency”. That’ll stop it.

– Guy Herbert, in response to this.

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  • enterprise design & organic multi-platform client solutions officer for global product advertising

    global branded integrated communications & corporate advanced business development consultant

    chief content development coordinator for demographic business innovation


  • Dom

    Bad ass job titles? I don’t get it.

  • Rollory

    I used to read this site years ago. Strange in some ways to see it’s still here.

    The funny thing is that nothing that gets published here is remotely close to being banned, prohibited, looked down on, or otherwise discouraged anywhere outside of leftoid tea rooms.

  • Lee Moore

    Don’t underestimate those leftoid tea rooms. Leftoid tea room disapproval to statutory ban takes about ten years these days.

  • Kevin B

    Nah. In my day we had real leftoid tea rooms. Harold Wilson and Tony Benn drinking Yorkshire tea outta pint mugs and puffing away on their pipes while Arthur Scargill kept the real coal fire going. And the great ones plotting away about how to rescue the car industry by setting up British Leyland, how to rescue the aerospace industry by building Concorde with the French and abandoning TSR2 and how to attend to the defence of the country by adopting Clause IV.*

    Nowadays it’s all skinny lattes, banning e-cigs and who can yell racist the loudest at Nigel Farage.

    *(Of course then they all retired to Harold’s place in the Scilly Isles where they gorged on champagne and caviare and smoked Cuban cigars, but at least in those days they performed some of the socialist rituals.)

  • Stonyground

    Funny that you should mention British Leyland Kevin B, it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the word Ambassador.

  • Mr Ed

    In Barbados, National Heroes are awarded the title ‘Right Excellent’, the only living exemplar being Sir Garfield Sobers.

    The rest seem to be a bunch of Trade Unionists and politicians, who have embedded two Labour parties in tthat scented isle, without any Leftoid chatter. However, proceedings in Parliament there are scrupulously polite.

  • Laird

    Personally, I’ve always wanted either “Chief Science Officer” or “Warlord” as my job title.

  • With the state of science being what it is these days, ‘warlord’ strikes me as more impressive.

  • Michael Jennings (London)

    “Strongman” is good, too.

  • Larid

    I’m still looking for a good warlord correspondence school.

  • john malpas

    Once a title of ‘head prefect’ would have cheeered me. And now as my years advance I think I would prefer ‘public executioner’ on my T cv.

  • Vulgar Madman

    Just give me *lord high protector* or something, and I’ll be good.

  • Fred the Fourth

    The US DoD or DoE used to have, as part of the Ballistic Missile Defense program, programs for military lasers and particle beams. This set of programs was managed as a Directorate. It was run by the…….. Director of the Directed Energy Directorate.
    Beat THAT for cool.

  • NickM

    Why does the job-title “The Primate of All Ireland” make me think of an Orang in a frock causing havoc? My mate Primate. Ook! I also like the Dr’s sometimes name, “The Oncoming Storm”. And no, I haven’t watched it yet. I had to do family stuff so no spoilers sweetie! Am I getting old or is River Song hotter than an Extremaduran shag-festival?

  • Lee Moore

    Sorry – “The Primate of All Ireland” – reminds me of a very old, nay fossilised, joke. Set in Glasgow, long ago. (For non Brits, please be advised that Scotland, in particular Glasgow, has its own Catholic v Protestant tribal loyalties, a la Northern Ireland, but without the bombs.)

    Educated English guy comes upon a youth spray painting “F*** THE POPE” on a wall. English guy remonstrates with him.

    “You can’t say that ! The Pope is a kind and devout old gentleman, always preaching in favour of brotherly love. Moreover he is a famous Latin scholar of enormous erudition.”

    “Aye, that’s as may be.”

    “So why are you abusing him ?”

    “Cos I dinna hae enough paint for F*** the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.”

  • Regional

    The classic of all time John Cleese as a Roman Centurion correcting the grammar of ‘Romans fuckoff’

  • Ed Hearn

    Lord High Executioner is mine.

  • James Hargrave

    As a retired Surgeon Rear Admiral I was ordained and became a suffragan bishop and a professor of divinity. I have just been appointed governor of a colony (which means I may be promoted to the privy council), shortly after which I inherited the family baronetcy. Now…