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What is ‘fight the power’ in German?

There is a great little article in Slashdot about a well known German hacker group, Chaos Computer Club, publishing the fingerprints of German Secretary of the Interior as part of their protest against state use of biometric ID.

The club published 4,000 copies of their magazine Die Datenschleuder including a plastic foil reproducing the minister’s fingerprint – ready to glue to someone else’s finger to provide a false biometric reading. The CCC has a page on their site detailing how to make such a fake fingerprint

Sweet. I suppose that is a ‘hardware hack’ of sorts!

9 comments to What is ‘fight the power’ in German?

  • smallwit

    kampft gegen die Macht!

  • The CCC are great folks. I spent a week at What The Hack, an outdoor hacking conference in the Netherlands back in 2005. The Dutch hackers managed to hire one of the new high-security, anti-terror X-rays and setup a “DIY security checkpoint“. They also gave the on-site police bright pink wristbands and advised the attendees to “not do anything too illegal”. The police ignored the large amount of Internet piracy, decimating proprietary security mechanisms, helping each other setup military-strength encryption, the spreading of interesting truths about their lust for power, and the tent setup to smoke weed in. Good times.

    Be sure to put a strong password on your laptop and install an up-to-date firewall before you go to a hacking convention though.

  • Bruce Hoult

    I’ve got a bunch of friends in the CCC. They’re the good guys.

    Several years ago they put out a video showing how to make fake fingerprints that you can wear reasonably undetectably:


  • Paul from Florida

    The obvious solution is to cut off everyone’s fingers. That way the fingerprint ID system will be perfect. (Next month, total retinas scan security.)

  • Vorsprung durch technick!

    Am offering a reward for Jacqui Smith’s fingerprints.

  • Jabba the Tutt

    Idiomatically, I’d say: “Kampf die Macht”.

  • Well, let’s be pedantic about this one: Kämpft gegen die Macht! is a correct literal translation. “Kampf der Macht” would adopt the form of other slogans (like “Kampf dem Kapitalismus”).

  • Adam

    Kampf der Macht sounds more like “Fight of the Power”, which is surely what we are fighting against!

  • Ally Hauptmann-Gurski

    As a bilingual former translator and journalist, I would say KAMPF DER ALLMACHT.
    It comes from the feeling of powerlessness against the forces who rule (and fleece) those who haven’t got the money to defend themselves.