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Big Brother doesn’t give a toss

I was prompted by Perry’s post below to refer to a London newspaper story I saw yesterday.

The fig-leaf justification provided for establishing a panopticon state is that we all be a lot safer as a result. Pity it didn’t work in the case of this gut-wrenching story of a man who was set upon by a gang outside an underground station in North London and beaten to death for no other reason than he had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Where was all the security state apparatus? What about all those CCTV cameras? Do you think this man’s family might want to ask themselves why they’re being sold a pup?

Police States are all about security; not our security, mind.

8 comments to Big Brother doesn’t give a toss

  • That topic should be the #1 item Friday night !!!

  • Compare and contrast this story with the slogan on the poster on display in the post below it. What a fucking joke. The pretensions of the state to ensure our safety juxtaposed with the actual reality and the consequences of those pretensions.

    Did anyone read Joyce Lee Malcolm’s article on English gun control in Reason? (Link via my blog if you’re interested) Well worth it if you haven’t. Makes you think how this thuggery would have panned out if we had liberal carry-and-conceal laws in this country.

  • Paul

    Ya’ll need Bernard Getze to come over. He is the guy that shot the four black muggers on the subway train in New York years ago. You know what they say over here : It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 to the grave!!

  • Edwin

    Bloodly hell! do you believe this rot?

  • Edwin

    Anyone who believes this shiet should be burning in bloody fluxing hell. Folks are damn stupid to just kill people outside damned police stations. I meself cannot believe the damn stupid shiet.

    It’s all bloody juxtaposed

    He is watching

    He is always watching

  • Edwin

    Just to let Big Brother know, where I am it is 9:38
    on january the 15

    Hey ash!

    Rock on

  • Cameraplayers

    They’ve started to install bloody cameras on our streets as well. That’s Vilnius, Lithuania. Bloody evil is growing.

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