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Matilda’s Waltz

A commendably good analysis from James C. Bennett on the strategic decisions facing Australia following the Bali massacre:

“In Australia, there are two competing interpretations of the Bali attacks. Which one prevails will be critical to the security of Australia and Australians, and important to the United States. One interpretation sees the attacks as a consequence of Australian support for the U.S. policy in Afghanistan and on the issue of Iraq. Its conclusion is that Australia should cut and run, and hope not to be attacked again.

The other sees the attacks as evidence that Australia has no options in this war; that Australians were attacked not for what Australia had done, but for what Australians were. They see, quite correctly, that if radical Islamists conclude that the easiest way to change Australian behavior is to kill a substantial number of Australians, then Australians will be murdered in large numbers again and again.”

He also examines the potentially catastrophic consequences for the Balinese.

James has an audacious talent for getting to the heart of the matter without cant or hyperbole and by my reckoning he has hit a multitude of nails squarely on the head yet again.

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  • Jimmy Smith

    Trying to find the words or tape of Matilda Waltz my Friends mother is 80 yrs. old & she wants this played at her funnuel because she was born &raised in Australia it would be greatly appreciated if I COULD GET SOME HELP Sincerlly yours Jimmy Smith