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Samizdata quote of the day – Where’s the anger?

There have been numerous foiled attacks on politicians, too. Just weeks after the Westminster Bridge horror, Khalid Ali, a Taliban bombmaker, was tackled by armed police near Downing Street. He was armed with knives. He also said he was there to send ‘a message’ to those in power. A few months later, ISIS supporter Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman was arrested for plotting to bomb his way into Downing Street and behead Theresa May.

The response to this sustained, years-long assault on our elected representatives? Not silence, exactly. There has been plenty of chatter and commentary. It’s just been about completely unrelated issues. There has been a desperate attempt to change the subject, and to downplay the threat posed by Islamist extremism.

Tom Slater

37 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – Where’s the anger?

  • Freddo

    Broadly speaking I am very much in favour of elected representatives bearing the brunt of their policies, might as well include any and all bureaucrats as well. I still remember how politicians joined in with BLM protests, but anti-covid demonstrations a few days later were brutally beaten apart by the police, to great silence from all but a few elected representatives.

  • rhoda klapp

    Our elected reps deserve to live in the world they have created/allowed. There is a problem with Islam. Not extremists, Islam as written and preached. The time to stop them coming is here. No more visas to Muslims. Islamophobia? Damn right.

  • djm

    How dare these faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar right extremists threaten our political classes

  • Steven R

    My reaction when a politician is attacked by one of the masses of Third Worlders they have flooded the West with?

    Cue the Jeremy Clarkson “Oh no, anyway…” meme.

  • lfb_uk

    Not one bit of sympathy, a pox on all their houses. The hemp fandango or piano wire should be meted out toot sweet. Let them reap what they sow!

  • James Strong

    rhoda klapp is right. (today at 3.59pm) The problem is Islam as written. There can be no ‘reformed’ Islam. That idea is explicitly forbidden by ‘Allah’ himself. Everyone who has chosen to inform themselves about this is fully aware of this. So when politicians or scholars or religious leaders say that Islam is a Religion of Peace they are lying. Lying. Caused by fear and cowardice. A few days ago I was listening to James O’Brien, a UK radio talk show host on the ‘Liberal’ side,who spoke about ‘Islamophobia’ as if it’s a bad thing. The truth is that, like ‘Stalinistphobia, ‘Maoistphobia’
    ‘Naziphobia’, Islamophobia is a good thing.
    I have said before, on this site and others, that if the ideas of Islam were put forward by middle-aged white men then Islam would be banned.
    ‘Liberals’ tolerate it it, even welcome it becaise most of the followers of Islam have brown skin. That is, of course, a racist attitude.

  • Martin

    On a previous occasion of Islamic terrorism in England, the elites completely gaslighted the public and told us ‘Don’t look back in anger’. Go figure why there isn’t anger about members of the elite feeling threatened.

  • Orde Solomons

    Their ideology gets the better of their senses.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    “Where’s the anger?”


    It would be better for everyone, including Muslims, if it were not suppressed.

  • Kirk

    It will eventually come out, that anger. And, it will not be pretty.

    I’ve been saying for years that at least one way this all ends is with “À la lanterne!” or with a bunch of politicians suffering Johan de Witt’s fate. The longer it takes for that point to be reached, the worse the resulting denouement will be.

    Ah, well. The idiots must learn the hard way, I suppose. The lessons are right there, in the history books. If they bothered to read them for comprehension, and an eye towards not recreating the worst bits for themselves…

  • bobby b

    “It will eventually come out, that anger.”

    Naw, it’ll end up with a new Oklahoma City bombing-level atrocity, probably by a fed plant, followed by a crackdown on all right-side dissent that will be cheered on by acclamation by all Dems and most Republicans.

    That will carry us another ten years before any serious dissent can gain a hold.

    We’re sheep, here for the shearing.

  • Kirk

    Do note that I’m not predicting a timeline, here…

    Looking at the details of the current border bill? LOL… You can tell that the 19th Amendment has had its intended effect, neutering the state government’s voices at the Federal level. If this thing passes, they’ve just turned the dial on the burner to 11, vis-a-vis the pot boiling.

    No idea when this entire thing explodes, but it will. Can’t do anything else…

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I’m still horrified by the way that the Islamist ideology of the man who murdered Tory MP David Amess was played down. His own former MOs seemed determined to avoid making a big deal out of it.

  • Paul Marks

    If a person talks about the danger posed by Islam they risk punishment – punishment NOT just by Muslims, but by the Western establishment authorities.

    Douglas Murray calls the mass immigration and natural increase (several generations now – so much for “assimilation”) “The Strange Death of Europe” (the title of his book on the subject) and Mark Steyn has been writing about if for many years. As famous men they are, as yet, not destroyed (their fame gives them a little protection) – but I suspect their time will come. Mark Steyn is a man of truly remarkable courage – but his body is failing him, and his former employer (GB News – which betrayed him over the toxic Covid “vaccines”) has repackaged his exposure of Islamic rape gangs (some other journalist has been given the credit for the work of Mr Steyn) with the word “Islamic” carefully removed, and no discussion of the theology and history (concerning infidel females) that is held to justify such behaviour.

    It is all very well having advanced technology and lots of fancy weapons – but if a society has no will to survive, no self belief, such things are pointless. And pop music and Association Football are not a culture – not a belief system – modern Western “culture”, Western “society” is not a culture, is not a society – because it is not a belief system. One can hardly blame Muslims for not “assimilating” into Western society – when, in terms of a belief system, Western society no-longer-exists, or, at least, is clearly dying.

    For many centuries Europe understood that Islam was an opposed culture – but I am not sure it is even legal to type that now.

    The most the establishment will do is talk about “extremists” or “Islamists” or people who have “perverted” or “distorted” Islam – and such talk is nonsense.

    By the way – Western countries outside Europe are not immune from this.

    A crowd of the followers of Islam chanted “Gas the Jews” in Sydney Australia – and the only person who was arrested was a bystander with an Israeli flag (the police feared he would upset the crowd – and the easy thing to do was to hit him, to please them). As everywhere else “Hate Speech” laws in Australia are about punishing “right wing” (traditional Western) dissent – “kill the capitalists” or “the whites stole the land” and-so-on are just fine.

    In the United States Islamic Members of Congress are open about their hatred of the United States – and their constituents vote for them because-of (not in-spite of) their hatred of the United States – yet this is not openly discussed, because it would destroy the “extremists” who have “misinterpreted and perverted” the belief system, narrative.

    Wars are lost because they are also based on this false premise – that the enemy is a handful of “extremists” who have “misinterpreted and perverted” the belief system. And mass immigration and natural increase can not be opposed for the same reason – because the “narrative”, the starting assumption, must not be challenged – again people who do question the assumption risk punishment, NOT just punishment by Muslims, but punishment by the dying West that they wish to save – it is tragic, but it is also darkly amusing.

  • Paul Marks

    Contrary to what Neil Oliver of GB News appears to believe, the civilian Islamic population of Yemen, Gaza and elsewhere, is not being exterminated. On the contrary – they are being given food and other aid.

    This is because of the dominate narrative in the Western world that the enemy is “a few extremists who have misinterpreted and perverted” the belief system.

    The same narrative dominates the establishment view of European towns and cities – and it is certainly not just a British and American narrative, for example watching “France 24” television it is hard to know whether to be angry or to burst out laughing.

    France 24 coverage of events is so twisted by “the narrative” that it is a sick joke (for example “Trump” is, according to France 24, to blame for the lack of aid to Ukraine – because he does not support the “deal” that would do NOTHING to secure the border of the United States).

    People who think that that being “Woke” is something to do with being “Anglo Saxon” or “Protestant Puritanism” do not know what they are talking about.

    And it is not some special French thing – modern Spain, and so on, are much the same.

    “Is the Pope Catholic?” used to be a joke question, it is not a joke now (and many would argue the answer is “no he is not”) – for Catholic culture has collapsed just as much as Protestant culture has.

    And non religious Western culture (belief system) has also collapsed.

    None of this is the fault of Islam – the causes of the collapse of Western culture are nothing to do with Islam, although its followers may take advantage of the collapse – and understandably so, as the collapse presents an opportunity.

  • Runcie Balspune

    A recent podcast highlighted memorials and focussed on someone trying to get one for COVID victims.

    The memorial started with one dedicated to those who gave their lives in Ww2.

    Back then, the western world knew evil when they saw it and bravely stood against it, some with the ultimate sacrifice.

    The monument also reminds us of the evil that caused these people to die, and urges us to stand against it lest the world is plunged into conflict again.

    But with any proposed COVID memorial, and the existing WTC memorial, the evil behind these is shrouded and unspoken, they are simply memorials of spurious tragedies with no hint of the evil ideology that precipitated them.

    This is how the western world stands, even as the evil ideologies behind 9/11 and COVID are exact parallels to the fascist ideology behind WW2.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    As a matter of fact, No-one actually said ‘Gas the Jews’ at a recent rally in Sydney. The claim was made, and people looked into it, and on none of the recordings could those words be heard. This might be a case of a listener ‘hearing’ what he expected to hear, and then reporting it as fact. Which surprised me, as some people seem pretty open in their hatred.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    For the last few decades politicians have learned how to be successful:-

    1) Follow the Global Consensus
    2) Do what the Civil Service permit you to do
    3) Don’t discuss or promise to fix anything that cannot be fixed (e.g. religiously motivated nutters and illegal immigration) but emote profoundly about trivial matters as a distraction
    4) Keep kicking the can down the road rather than making a hard choice
    5) Don’t rock the boat

    It will end in tears, or the dreaded populism.

  • Kirk

    What is going on with Islam in the West is basically the weaponization of religious freedom.

    Islam isn’t really a religion; it has religious aspects, but it’s more a hybrid spiritual/lifestyle/political movement than “merely” a religion. As such, it’s much more virulent and intolerant of other political and religious viewpoints. You can’t compete with it, because it is set up to eventually choke out any competition. See the fate of Zoroaster-believers in Iran for examples.

    The people setting the faith-tenets of Islam were very astute practical psychologists. They knew that if they excused all these nasty things like pedophilia, sex slavery, and all the rest of the Islamic package, then they’d attract the sort of men and women who’d be most likely to join the faith and then do their utmost to make it successful in taking over whatever society it infected. Once you start making sex slaves and screwing little girls, there’s really no going back to a decent society for you.

    You can see this in every situation where Islam moves in… It is, so far as I can tell, about the only “faith” in the world’s history that positively encourages evil in its adherents. No other faith says that lying is OK, so long as you’re doing it for reasons of “spreading the faith”. No other religion does the things they do… If there’s slavery and sex crimes present in a society, damn few religions out there bother to try and legitimize such things. Usually, they’re at least decried and discouraged.

    You marry a nine-year-old in Islam? You’re emulating their prophet. Yay, you… You’re a good Muslim.

    If you’re attracted to the Islamic faith, there’s usually something deeply wrong with your outlook over your fellow humans. The converts I’ve known were universally those types that thought they were superior to everyone else, and wanted to justify it. Usually without any real evidence for their “superiority” until they found Islam, and then… They saw themselves as joining and being validated by a religious/spiritual system that justified all their desire to dominate and rule others.

    The really neat thing about it is, when you join Islam, it is a lot like getting “jumped in” to a gang or other such organization; once you’re in, you can’t get out. And, you do things that reinforce your need to self-justify your acts, reinforcing them.

    You sit down and analyze a lot of it, and its a perfect religion for sociopaths and sociopath-adjacent codependent enablers. Just as Christianity is often a religion for self-destructive flagellant types who want to punish themselves for their human failings, each faith has its attractions for particular sorts of low-level mental illness.

    Still, I’d rather live next door to the average Christian than I would the random Islamic. Statistically, I’m less likely to get involved in something really stupid…

  • APL

    Most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA ( “five eyes”, – what’s the difference ? ).

    Just as ‘Insulate Britain’, or ‘Extinction Rebellion’, are run by their intelligence handlers.

    How was it that when the government wanted everyone off the streets during COVID, Islamic terrorism evaporated ? Likewise no IB or ER demonstrations.

    Don’t even get me started about the time I was walking the short walk home from work, to find the main road blocked by idiots lying in the road. But the singular thing was, the police refused to allow pedestrians to walk along the pavement at the side of the road. The so called police officers were strutting around and clapping along with the chants of the demonstrators. To all intents and purposes the police were part of the demonstration.

    Now, not only that, but thirty seconds ( 30 seconds ) from where the MI5 plants were obstructing the road, there was a public square where there was enough room to accommodate all the demonstration and them some.

    No, the Pigs wanted the demonstration in the main city thoroughfare.

  • Paul Marks

    People in politics do not denounce Islam, or other things, because they fear being punished if they do.

    It is really that simple.

    And no amount of atrocities (murders, rapes, whatever) is going to change this – if you can get punished for your words, and in the modern set-up we are often are punished for our words, people are not going to say the things that may well get them punished. “Islamophobe”, “Racist” (and so on) – everyone in public life fears being called an “ist” or a “phobe”.

    A few heroes will speak the truth (heroes such as Mark Steyn – and he is heroic, although he would deny that), but there are not many heroes, most people will not risk punishment.

    Far safer to denounce social media (demand more censorship) or to say we should all be nicer to each other in public life.

  • Paul Marks

    Two examples show the modern attitude – and at least one of them does not involve Islam at all.

    The daughter of a German politician was raped and murdered by an immigrant – his response was to make a great show of giving money to a “charity” (one of these evil “NGOs” which are really joined at the hip with international governance) that brings in more “refugees”.

    And in the United States the daughter of a man was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant (NOT a Muslim – one of the millions of “Social Justice” loving illegals who are brought in from Latin America) – his response was to say how much he loved “tacos” and Hispanic people.

    Your child is tortured and murdered – and your first thought is “what should I say so that people do not think I am a RACIST – I do not want to lose my job and have lots of people say nasty things to me”.

    That sums up the modern West perfectly.

  • Kirk

    Christianity and its ethos drives that train, Paul. It’s the religion of “turn the other cheek”, and basically teaches its adherents to be good slaves.

    Or, so the Islamics interpret it. I’ve heard that from them, by the way, discussing why Islam will triumph with some of their converts.

    The difference in mentality was best summed up, oddly enough, in a little-known science fiction book entitled “Half Past Human” by one T.J. Bass. In it, he describes the attitude of the victim class perfectly, as they are enjoined to go through life “a little bit edible”, in case they meet someone hungry. Idea being, of course, that they themselves would serve as food. The contrarian approach was typified by some vestigial types who phrased their approach as it being best to go through life “a little hungry…”, in case they met someone edible.

    Today’s West is all too full of the edible.

  • APL

    “Most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA ( “five eyes”, – what’s the difference ? ).”

    A bit like Ray Epps ( curiously, not prosecuted ) playing a key role in ‘stirring up’ the Jan 6th demonstrators, to allow the Democrat party to conduct its own coup d’etat. Or the Gretchen Whitmer farce of a kidnapping, where the underachieving co conspirators were cultivated and egged on and outnumbered by FBI agents.

    We’re at the stage where any ostensibly anti establishment assembly, will be overwhelmingly attended by ‘Glowies’.

  • David Levi

    Most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA (what’s the difference). Just as ‘Insulate Britain’, or ‘Extinction Rebellion’, are run by their intelligence handlers.

    Oh gawd. And you know this how? The voices?

  • APL

    Oh gawd. And you know this how?

    Observation. I recommend the practice.

    The voices?

    You’re a funny man, David.

  • Patrick Brady

    Soon the righteous rage of Christian English Yeomen will whip thru Britain like a whirlwind. A 100% Judeo-Christian Britain (pop. reduced by 10-15 million) will be a safer, more productive homeland.

    The Whitehall Administrative State will plot and battle the good Christian men but they’ll ultimately be defeated and decorate lightpoles. The new and rightful King of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will rapidly restore the power and glory of the Royal Navy. He will lead Britain to victory in space and well as the seas. Britons will once again be a proud, confident nation and enjoy the material blessings of God.

    Only question is which Royal will lead the righteous yeomen of Britain to expel the invaders and usurpers. One will rise up, but its still unclear who…

  • Patrick Brady

    Islam is a religion of oppression, violence and subjugation.
    Islam enslaves.

  • Paul Marks

    Kirk – you may have an argument, certainly some Christians interpret the religion that way.

    Dr Martin Luther famously (or rather infamously) said that people should submit to even Ottoman tyranny, although he later changed his position.

    The present Pope is rather selective – he urges a peaceful (submissive) stance towards foes of Christianity (such as Islamic groups or the Communist Party dictatorship in China) – but he shows no such tolerance towards conservative Christians – treating people such as Father Frank Pavone, Bishop Strickland, and Cardinal Burke in a cruel way. Meanwhile Father Rubnik, the producer of various creepy “art” that is admired by Progressives, is not really punished for his sexual abuse of nuns.

    Jesus Christ was not submissive – as his behaviour towards the money changers in the Temple shows.

  • Paul Marks

    Patrick Brady – it is more complicated than that.

    Islam does NOT enslave everyone – for those who embrace it, who are prepared to fight for it (which is a duty for those who embrace it), it offers the position of master (with all that means – in terms of women, material goods taken from the enemies of Islam, and so on), this is one of the reasons that Islam quickly became popular with young men in Arabia in the time of Muhammed.

    As for your claims about the United Kingdom – to me these claims seem like fantasy, total fantasy.

    Do you live in the United Kingdom?

  • APL

    David Levi: The voices?

    Yes, suddenly the ‘state’ isn’t an advocate of free speech anymore.

  • David Levi

    Tell me, APL, when Tucker Carlson was criticised for interviewing Putin (but not by me, always happy to see kooks out themselves publicly), how did this enlightens you with the knowledge that:

    Most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA (what’s the difference). Just as ‘Insulate Britain’, or ‘Extinction Rebellion’, are run by their intelligence handlers.

    So when ‘the voices’ told you about this, in your mind did they sound like Tucker Carlson? 😀

  • APL

    So when ‘the voices’ told you about this, in your mind did they sound like Tucker Carlson?

    You should be in the Vaudaville, Dave. You’d bring the house down.

    @44:35 Benz: “Now, they did this seven months before the election”

    Carlson: “Wait, wait, may I ask you to pause there? So what you are saying is, what you’re suggesting is, they knew the outcome of the US presidential election, seven months before it was held ?”.

    Benz: “It looks very bad”.

  • David Levi

    You’re still not explaining how election rigging in USA (likely true as there really is evidence) leads to the shekinah of light from heaven enlightening you about:

    Most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA (what’s the difference). Just as ‘Insulate Britain’, or ‘Extinction Rebellion’, are run by their intelligence handlers.

    I’m not seeing it 😉

  • APL

    I’m not seeing it

    Are well, Dave. There is none so blind that will not see.

  • David Levi

    There is none so blind that will not see.

    I am not seeing evidence “most of the Islamic terrorists have been cultivated by MI5 or MI6 or the CIA (what’s the difference)”.

    Or maybe it was Mossad? I mean seriously, how can this not be the Jooos? 😀

    If not Tucker’s voice telling you these dark secrets, maybe the suitably Bond-villain sounding Klaus Schwab’s voice?

  • APL

    Or maybe it was Mossad?

    Don’t be ridiculous, Dave. We know Mossad can barely organise a ‘piss up in a brewery’. After all, according to the official narrative, they knew nothing about the October 7 Hamas attack. It’s the one thing you’d hope your intelligence service would be able to do, but Mossad? Nah!

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