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Samizdata quote of the day – the EU’s selective affinity to the rule of law

Donald Tusk sends riot police to purge media of critical journalists – and suddenly the EU has nothing to say about the ‘Rule of Law’

Will Jones

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – the EU’s selective affinity to the rule of law

  • bobby b

    I remember when the political continuum was set out thusly:


    Now, by acclamation, it seems to be set out differently:


    And, as every good wokist will now tell us, extremism in the quashing of Hate is no vice.

    (You can justify almost any action if you can convince yourself to think this way. Just ask Tusk.*)

    * Whenever I see Tusk’s name, I’m horrified to be reminded of one of the weirdest movies of all time.

  • Paul Marks

    The European Union is now delivering tens of Billions of Euros – to the loyal servant of the International Community Mr Donald Tusk (with the support of, of course, Anne Applebaum).

    It is not that the European Union does not care about the censorship and political persecution – they actively WANT (demand) the censorship and political persecution. And so do the vast international Corporations – created by the endless flow of Credit Money directed to them (who cares about customers when you have Credit Money – and are the “partners” of government).

    Both international governance and the international banks and other vast Corporations (very much part of international governance) are dedicated to censorship and political and cultural persecution.

    Remember dissent is “Hate Speech” – because it might lead to “nationalism” i.e. political and cultural independence.

    The first act of the new Speaker of the Polish Parliament was to celebrate with illegal immigrants (from Africa and elsewhere) – it turns out that the promises in the election of now Prime Minister Donald Tusk, to not allow this immigration, were lies (no shock there), and his promises to NOT make Polish energy more expensive (Year Zero or “Net Zero”) to destroy the farmers, and others, will also turn out to be lies.

    No more nations, and no more independent small business and family farms – everything under international governance and “partner” corporations (grinding your face under their boot). That is the agenda.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    Poland was clearly an argumentative satrapy of the EU Empire, and so the EU sent in Donald Tusk as a new Satrap to bring the satrapy to heel. Bugger the law, the Empire was at risk.

    All those people who voted ‘Leave’ were right to do so. The UK economy hasn’t suffered, we have not been obliged to hand over our forces to the EU Army, and the EU is becoming more and more a coercive empire.

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