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Things you can not say at Davos

…are said at Davos.

This is an AI translated version of Milei’s speech, in which he uses words like “parasites”.

13 comments to Things you can not say at Davos

  • Peter MacFarlane

    I wonder how long he’ll be allowed to stay in office?

  • Roué le Jour

    Strictly speaking, a parasite has an interest in the continued survival of its host, a tumour on the other hand…

  • bobby b

    What’s Spanish for “stupid parasite”?

  • Paul Marks

    Peter Macfarlane – I do not know, we shall have to see.

    The speech started with the correct argument that the free market Industrial Revolution (as opposed to statist efforts to create an artificial industrial revolution – as various collectivist regimes have tried to) has massively improved standards of life – specifically the President mentioned Argentina in the 30 years after 1860.

    All this, as the President knows very well, is in flat contradiction to the claims made in the once famous Papal Encyclical of 1891 (by Pope Leo XIII but greatly influenced by Cardinal Manning) that “Capitalism” had led to an increase in poverty and immorality – claims that were not only baseless, but which were the opposite of the truth, consequentially the President rejects interventionist policies based on these false claims – whether the relatively moderate interventionism of Pope Leo XIII and others, or the much more radical “Neo Marxism” of certain modern authorities (any Argentine would know that this includes Pope Francis, who is more Hegelian than Marxist in his philosophy, but, like so many Jesuits, assumes Marxist economics to be true).

    The President made the point (very clearly) that “Social Justice” is evil – both because it increases (rather than reduces) poverty – but also at its core as “Social Justice” is based on force and fear and is, therefore, the opposite of justice – “Social Justice” is INjustice.

    The President also made the point that it even if a system does not involve the state ownership of the means of production it is still socialistic if the state controls MONEY – if MONEY is just the whims of the state (fiat money) then the state really distorts everything and wealth does not depend on making better products at less expensive prices – but on who the state (and its partners the banks) give this fiat “money” first to – hello BlackRock and other institutionally corrupt “Cantillon Effect” entities.

    I would make the point that the President did NOT make – that it does not matter if this evil fiat money is called the “Peso” or the “Dollar” – the evil is not in the name, but in the concept itself. And, again, no country can be called free market capitalist if it has a fiat (whim – order) monetary and (credit bubble) financial system – consequently “boom-bust” is NOT the fault of Capitalism at all.

    Henri Saint-Simon (who seems to be the patron saint of our modern monetary and financial system) was certainly not a pro free enterprise capitalist person.

    The President denounced Neo Classical economic theory (the stuff that is taught in the schools and universities) – pointing out that when they see that their models do not actually reflect the reality of voluntary exchange (which is based on free will human beings) the Neo Classicals reject reality – when they should reject their models. They claim “market failure” because they do not understand what a market is – a market is NOT mathematical curves drawn on a graph, a market is the voluntary interactions (choices) of free will human beings.

    Lastly the President pointed out that “Neo Marxists” use sex and the environment as weapons against human freedom – pointing out how the Neo Marxists (and the Fellow Travelers who seek wealth and power by going along with the Neo Marxists) seek to turn women against men (via Third Wave feminism) and seek to pretend that human flourishing destroys the environment – which when PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS are respected and upheld, it does not.

    The President did not mention how the Neo Marxists also use RACE for the same purposes – most likely because race is not a big issue in Argentina (almost everyone in Argentina is of European ancestry).

  • Windy Pants

    I like Milei. He talks the talk. But can he walk the walk (or will he be allowed to)?

  • John

    He’d be a strong candidate for my 2024 deadpool entry.

  • Ferox

    So I wonder if that means that Argentina will be moving to a hard currency soon?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I hope he succeeds. The world needs positive examples to break the false choice of Left statism vs Right statism.

  • Mr Ed

    I have listened to the speech in his palabras proprias (his own words), (i.e. in Spanish) it is unlike any speech I have ever heard from any politician, anywhere, ever. It is magnificent. No one can say that the truth has not been spoken. It is a Misesian discourse of the highest merit. He’s even implicitly kicked Malthus in the balls. ¡Viva la libertad, carajo!.

    The Scum of the Earth shall curse his name forever.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Ed – quite correct.

    By the way – I should have noted that politicians such as Disraeli and Bismarck had started the West on the road of (at first mild) interventionism, years before Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical – in a sense he was playing “catch up” with the fashions of the world.

    Sadly the establishment, secular as well as religious, has never really been comfortable with allowing people to voluntarily interact – there is a great desire in the establishment to order people about.

    Goes back, at least, to Plato.

  • Steven R

    He has to know he’s a dead man walking.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Sadly the establishment, secular as well as religious, has never really been comfortable with allowing people to voluntarily interact

    It’s the bizarre contradiction that if people are bad why put other people in charge of them?

    You can only square that circle by saying some people are better than others, the dissonance when you also claim everyone is equal.

    The world is not short of wise children stating the naked fact, like Milei, it’s reassuring to see that modern technology is starting to exploit this rather than being used to silence.

  • DP

    Dear Mr Fisher

    “The Milei speech in English, rendered using HeyGen”

    I am correct in thinking that HeyGen has “rendered” the speaker’s lips to match the English words spoken?

    Happy New Year.


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