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Samizdata quote of the day – pharma bombs

Now, remember. This study — and all the news reports about it — constantly reassures pharma bigwigs and depressed jab-takers that there’s no evidence of adverse effects from the random ‘nonsense proteins,’ the randomized proteins that 25% of their transfected cells are now making. Nothing to worry about!

But check out this very telling quote from one of the study authors, Anne Willis, who is a very upbeat kind of lady. She found that the problem just creates a very exciting opportunity for jab makers to fix it:

(Professor Anne Willis, Director of the MRC Toxicology Unit) adds it is very exciting that there is a way to fix the issue, which “massively de-risks this platform going forward”.

Screech! Hold on, wait just a minute! Slam on the brakes for a second. If fixing the issue “massively de-risks the (mRNA) platform” … that means … there are massive risks to be fixed. And that quote, ladies and gentlemen, gave away the entire game, right there, and showed us what the study authors are really thinking.

Jeff Childers

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – pharma bombs

  • Y. Knott

    Like the great U.S. Vax-The-Kids push: “We’re never going to learn how safe this vaccine is until you start giving it.” With all due respect Ma’am ( – by which I mean, “none” – ), isn’t why those things are usually tested first?

    But of course it’s been proven that for our political Parties involved, the REAL issue here is not the vax’s safety – it’s the revenue stream.

  • Paul Marks

    By the traditional definition of the word “vaccine” these Covid injections were not vaccines – as they neither prevented the contraction or the transmission (so much for “saving Grannie”) of the disease.

    The injections caused many injuries and deaths – but no one has been punished.

    Well perhaps not no-one – there are rumours that the head of the Russian Covid injection program has been arrested, perhaps (so the rumour goes) because the one person, in all the world, that Mr Putin cares about (Mr Putin himself) was harmed by Covid “vaccine” injections. Perhaps this man died quickly – but Mr Putin and his associates can be quite inventive in keeping their victims alive for a prolonged period of time.

    True the Russian stuff was similar to the British AstraZeneca stuff (which – oddly enough, even the British government is not pushing any more – the number of dead and injured people was a bit too large to cover up), but the American Covid “vaccines” – were MRNA and so, if anything, WORSE.

    By the way…..

    All this shows that “we are locking down till the vaccines arrive” or “we are cutting off the country till the vaccines arrive” (Australia and New Zealand did the latter) was not a good policy.

  • Jim

    One wonders what it would actually take for those in the positions of power over such matters to withdraw the mRNA vaccines. How bad would the death rate have to get before they were forced to pull the plug?

    My guess would be that the plug would only be pulled when the plug puller could argue ‘It wasn’t me, it was those people over there’ when the mob comes looking for scapegoats. While the people who made the decision to greenlight (and indeed promote) mRNA vaccines are the same people who would have to make a withdrawal decision, and would immediately put themselves in the crosshairs, then there will be no withdrawal decision. I reckon we could be suffering 10-20% excess deaths per year and the line would still be held. Because the things people will die of as a result of vaccine injury are exactly the things people die of anyway, so there’s no smoking gun. And the deaths will be random enough that most people won’t notice that much (indeed it could easily become the new normal very easily – ‘Going to a funeral? I had one to attend just last week myself’) And they can always point to ‘the long term effects of covid infections’ as a alibi.

    Short of a massive and sustained increase in overall deaths of 25% or more, and/or a publicly noticeable increase in deaths in younger people, I can see the whole thing sliding into history with not a rope around a single neck. Most probably the fate of the AZ vaccine awaits – quietly withdrawn with no fanfare when the those responsible have retired, and strangely the technology never gets used again, and no-one will ever ask why.

  • Kirk

    Anyone following the literature on mRNA could have told you that the “vaccines” were going to be a massive, massive risk.

    The technology was first being written about in the press and other sources back in the late 1990s. At the time, they made great claims for it, saying that they were going to have vaccines for the common cold, all of that. Didn’t ever eventuate, because they kept having problems with the animal testing. Spent billions on it, weren’t ever able to make it safe enough.

    Then came COVID and Operation Warp Speed. Suddenly, they managed to get this crap approved, and the reason it was approved for human use were all those “experimental treatment” waivers. The ones still in force.

    Trust me on this: If this crap were actually safe? The pharma companies would be fighting tooth-and-nail to get those waivers lifted, and legitimize the product. As is? You can hear the grinding teeth of their lawyer-herds as they contemplate the probable liability for all of this, if and when it comes out. Which I’m pretty sure it will, because there will likely be someone in the hierarchy who is either suffering from the side-effects or who knows someone close to them who is. I speculate that the dam is going to burst about the time some woman has her third or fourth vaccine-related miscarriage, and she loses her sh*t over the issue and then does a document dump for the ages.

    The things they never fixed while animal testing? Cancers, reproductive issues, and cardiac issues. Odd, that, don’t you think?

    Anyone who was forced to take this crap has a case for suing the absolute snot out of the pharma companies and the government. Anyone who was dumb enough to take it willingly, when they didn’t have to? They can only look in the mirror and blame themselves; going along with the herd when it comes to experimental treatments is never, ever a good idea.

    Watch what happens, for example, with all of these new miracle weight-loss drugs. That crap is going to turn out to have some truly nasty side-effects, and I wager that the lawsuits are going to be epic. Not as epic as the ones over mRNA, if they’re ever allowed to proceed, but… Epic, nonetheless. As in, waaaaaay worse than the ones over tobacco.

    I can’t think of a more heinous thing than what these assholes did, and it sure looks like they’re going to get away with it.

  • Exasperated

    The most compelling description of the “mRNA” technology was by Dr Urso on Dr Drew’s podcast. He is an ophthalmic (sic) surgeon. He was experimenting with mRNA as a means of delivering chemo to cancers of the optic nerve, very, very, difficult. After a decade or more of failure, he gave up. He claims, that prior to 2020, the biggest batches of mRNA vaccines were made in blenders. That’s how much they had to scale up.

  • Exasperated

    Re: the miracle wight loss drugs. For the sake of diabetics, who rely on them, lets hope that they do prove safe and effective, long term.

  • tfourier

    You know all that stuff that the pro SARs CoV 2 “vax” pushers said was not true about risks, problems and low / no efficacy about the “vax” ? Well the latest Springer mRNA vaccines research academic book – well its a doozy.


    Basically all the stuff those who read the literature in 2020 said would happen with any human corona-virus mRNA vaccine has come pass. A public health disaster at all levels. These kind of academic books usually completely downplay risks and play up benefits but some of the stuff in this book is uncharacteristically blunt. If you have any familiarity with this literature there are more than a few – “Did they just write that sentence / paragraph” moments. Many.

    Greatest public heath catastrophe of the modern era does not come even close. Unlike SARs CoV 2 this actually will end up causing the premature deaths of millions. SARs Cov2 was just a typical very low mortality novel corona-virus. Just like the ones each of us got literally dozens of infections from. Mostly as kids. What you saw was the classic case-demic bases on an mathematically invalid clinical test.

    The Springer volume from 2017 is a good backgrounder before the subject was totally politized in 2020. So all subsequent research on the subject is worthless as research science. It was always just hand waving. They still do not even have a basic idea of how fundamental parts of the mRNA / human body interactions works. And anyone with a good basic knowledge of stats will just shake their heads at the many statements made based on statically meaningless data. Which is almost all of it when it comes to efficacy and safety.


  • Kirk

    tfourier said:

    You know all that stuff that the pro SARs CoV 2 “vax” pushers said was not true about risks, problems and low / no efficacy about the “vax” ? Well the latest Springer mRNA vaccines research academic book – well its a doozy.

    As you so rightfully point out, the information was out there in 2017. Anyone claiming to be shocked or surprised that nothing changed is either unread on the issue, complicit, or dumb as a post.

    I’d consider myself a (somewhat…) well-read and informed layperson when it comes to these things. I knew there were risks with mRNA that hadn’t been overcome, and I refused to take part in the experiments. I’ve had COVID twice that I know of, once before there were even tests, back before COVID was even a thing. The other time was just recently, and it took me out for about a day for high fever and lethargy, then ten days to wait until I wasn’t positive on the tests. Felt fine most of the time I was positive for it…

    Relatives of mine who got the full range of shots and boosters? They’ve all had it, confirmed by tests, about three-four times. They’re constantly coming down with crap that my immune system shrugs off, and I really don’t like watching it or contemplating what other joys await them in regards to health. I don’t know what the hell is going on with this situation, but any purported “vaccine” that doesn’t actually prevent the disease? It ain’t a “vaccine”. I should note that the same wave of COVID that I got this last time put me down for a day or so, but was putting the vaccinated down for a week or more with high fevers, chills, and a range of other crap that I didn’t experience from it.

    Anecdotal? Yeah, but when your lived experience doesn’t match what the experts claim, it’s time to ask questions.

  • GregWA

    Jim, re pulling the plug on vaccines, here’s a thought: didn’t The Donald green light all this? Didn’t he brag about fast tracking it all. He had all the machinery in place and even running (IIRC) before he left office. It was right before but still in a timeframe that those in power can blame him.

    If that isn’t the perfect scapegoat for all this, I don’t know what is. It would also keep Trump from winning in 2024…maybe.

    Trump can say he was lied to by all the experts, and he’d be absolutely right on that, but that just means the plug pullers add Fauci, Walensky (sp?), et al. to the list of scapegoats. But as long as The Donald leads that list, they likely wouldn’t care how many others are on it.