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Samizdata quote of the day – if brains were dynamite…

Nadine Dorries is right in regard to Rishi Sunak: he is an unelected nonentity who is leading his government to annihilation at the next election.

She is wrong about almost everything else. She is behind the disastrous Online Harms Bill, and she seems to have a strange crush on Boris Johnson, the liar and failed prime minister. I confess I have not followed her career closely enough to know she was a net zero fanatic, but if Boris was in favour of it, it is no surprise she was.

In sum, if brains were dynamite, she couldn’t blow out a candle. And she’s probably not the thickest MP out there.

– Commenter JohnK

5 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – if brains were dynamite…

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Rishi Sunak is the elected member for Richmond. And he was elected to be PM by the Conservative Party. So in what way is he ‘unelected’? Maybe she meant that the public has not voted for him as PM. But you vote for the party, and the party chooses the PM. Britain has never had a Presidential system. I do not know if it would be better- I suspect not, seeing some of the Presidents that have presided for fixed terms in the USA. Still, Sunak has been elected, so the writer is twice wrong.

  • Paul Marks.

    The resignation letter was a strange mixture.

    Complaining about personal abuse – but then indulging in personal abuse (about the Prime Minister’s shoes, suits, even his smile). The On Line Safety Bill has been, supposedly, “watered down” by the Prime Minister – if so, GOOD (but it would be better to scrap it – and the despicable “Ofcom” with it).

    The part of the resignation letter about taxes being too high was true – but utterly ruined by the lady demanding more (not less – more) government spending – on “Net Zero” (oh dear), “Leveling Up”, defence,…. well just about everything.

    As for the bit about “anti democratic conspiracies”.

    Well NO Nicholas Grey – Mr Sunak, although a charming and well meaning Gentleman, was NOT “elected by the Conservative Party” – although I am rather old (I have been an active Party Member for some 44 years) I can remember the Leadership Election very well – we voted AGAINST Mr Sunak and for “Liz Truss” (Mary Elizabeth O’Leary).

    Prime Minister May was not elected by the Conservative Party either.

    Sometimes Prime Ministers just appear – that does not mean they are bad Prime Ministers, although Mrs May was dreadful, but let us not pretend that all Prime Ministers are elected.

  • JohnK


    As Paul has said, Sunak was indeed elected as an MP, but he was not elected as prime minister by anyone, not the Conservative Party members, nor Conservative Party MPs. The defenestration of Liz Truss was the nearest thing to a coup I have ever seen in Britain. Perhaps one day we will learn the full story.

  • Paul Marks.


    The banks, led by the government owned Bank of England, and the international Corporations ordered the removal of Prime Minister Truss.

    Partly this was to hide their own incompetence – “the markets”, who these days (thanks to endless Credit Money – the Cantillon Effect) are dominated by a handful of Corporate players, had invested very heavily in worthless junk (as they usually do) and needed yet another bailout – lying, blaming “the Liz Truss tax cuts”, rather than their own dodgy investments, suited “The City” very well.

    But it was also ideology – yes these international Corporate types do have beliefs. Namely their horror that Prime Minister Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng wanted a SMALLER government (even if they were unsure how to get there) and for Britain to chart a different cause from the “international community”.

    The international Corporate types would never accept such things – they would rather the world burn than have smaller government and less “international cooperation in the rules based order”.

    Pope Benedict XVI also went against the “international community” and its “rules based order” – NOT on economic policy, but on social policy – abortion, “Gay Marriage”, and so on. So the banks and other vast corporations removed Pope Benedict, some years ago now, – it was made very clear to him that unless he resigned the Catholic Church would be crushed financially.

    Sadly this is the way the modern, Cantillon Effect, world works – if you step out of line (politically or culturally), the banks and other vast Corporations crush you.

  • JohnK


    You may well be right, but I wish Miss Truss had showed a bit more spunk. The moment she sacked Kwasi Kwarteng she was as good as gone herself.

    The fact that some hitherto unknown dodgy financial instruments used by insurance companies ran aground was hardly her fault, yet we still hear rubbish that she “crashed the economy”. It still seemed to be there the last time I looked.

    If Conservative MPs had been staunch she may well have been all right, but the spineless wimps wanted Rishi Sunak for some reason. I hope they are very happy when they lose their seats next year.