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Reade #MeToo

Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden of having sexually assaulted her when she worked for him as a Congressional aide, has “defected” to Russia.

I first noticed her direction of travel when I saw a tweet by her in praise of Vladlen Tatarsky. Plenty of people had concerns about his killing without gushing over him in the way she did. I cannot find that tweet now. It was there. Perhaps she deleted it when she read the replies. At any rate, she has now gone fully Putinite.

And her accusation against Joe Biden should still be taken seriously by the authorities. Note that “taken seriously” does not mean “automatically believed”. #BelieveWomen is a literally prejudiced sentiment on a moral par with #BelieveWhitePeople. Nor does it mean “automatically disbelieved”. As a woman and a Putinite, Tara Reade’s report of a crime being committed against her should be taken seriously, because as an anything whatsoever anyone whatsoever should have their report of a crime taken seriously.

The gross disproportion between the way the media lined up not merely to cover but to profess their unquestioning belief in Christine Blasey Ford’s unevidenced accusation of sexual assault against Justice Brett Kavanaugh yet refused to even look at Reade’s considerably more detailed accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden will never be anything other than a disgrace.

18 comments to Reade #MeToo

  • rhoda klapp

    I don’t like historical sexual assault complaints. If you didn’t complain at the time it ain’t right to remember years or decades later with no exact idea of date and place so the alleged offender has no chance of a defence or an alibi. Such historical complaints should be dismissed unless there is something like evidence and a real reason for not involving the police at the time. And I mean the real police, not campus police or capital police whose sole interest is covering up, unless it gives a chance to smear a political enemy.

  • John

    Very convenient for the regime in that she will now be re-classified from being a potential distraction to Biden’s re-election into a self-evident Russian misinformation asset.

  • Martin

    I have no idea if this woman’s complaints about Biden had any sound grounds whatsoever. But I have complete certainty that had Biden stood in the way of a more favoured candidate in 2020 (for example had Hillary ran again or Michelle Obama done so) Biden would have been destroyed by the media for the allegations. I wouldn’t put it past them doing it if Biden becomes too much of an inconvenience in the future.

  • Ferox

    These days, it’s not unreasonable for anyone making a personal accusation against a prominent democrat to fear that perhaps their suicide note is being written.

    Perhaps she thought that Russia was the only place beyond the reach of the Biden famiglia.

  • Fraser Orr

    This is one of these news stories that you know there is a LOT more going on that what you can see.

    Why would somebody defect to Russia? Because they like the terrible food, terrible weather, terrible vodka and impossible work opportunities? In the past ideological communists like Burgess and Maclean spied and defected because they believed in the ideas of communism. But today? I am sure nobody believes in the ideas of Putinism, since Putinism is essentially Kleptocracy, and to some extent White Supremacy. So why would she defect? I think you don’t understand this story until you can answer this question, and no doubt nobody is looking into it since the “Joe Biden’s fake accuser is a commie” is way too easy a line. She says she feels “safe” there. What prompted that to make her not feel safe? And why Russia? There are a hundred other countries she could go to where she could feel “safe”. Why not Germany or Norway or Canada? It is all very odd.

    But FWIW, I don’t agree with some of the comments that delayed reporting of sexual assault should be dismissed. I think the psychological impacts of such a crime are extremely complicated and idiopathic, and so, perhaps of all crimes, this is one that we could easily see not being reported till long after the crime.

    However, it is also a difficult crime on both sides. The accusation is almost as damaging as the crime: guilt by accusation to use Dershowitz’s excellent phrase. I often wonder if there should be a rape accused shield law the same way we have a rape shield law for victims or putative victims. And to say “believe all women” (or at least the ones that are making accusations that help our political cause) is one of the most misogynistic, patronizing neotenizing things one could say about women — as if all women are indistinguishable and so weak that they need the fainting couch and the smelling salts.

    But just because late accusations are perfectly reasonable I think it is also reasonable to demand a high standard of evidence. The case with Trump recently (which admittedly had a lower evidentiary standard) was a scandal. A woman makes a vague accusation about something that happened 30 years ago (but she can’t remember exactly when) backed up only by one of her friends. And where both friends are in a position to make millions of dollars from the accusation, and where there is no corroboration, and no possible way (because of age of the case) that there can be any exculpatory evidence? That along with a deeply personal animus of both the accuser and her one supporting witness? Tried in a court where the jury is deeply, deeply biased against the accused? It is simply a scandal, and a disgrace to the justice system that such a trial even survived summary judgement.

  • JJM

    Why would somebody defect to Russia? Because they like the terrible food, terrible weather, terrible vodka and impossible work opportunities?

    Speaking of this sort of thing, a friend of mine once quipped:

    Think of all the taxpayer money the US Treasury is saving by letting Snowden serve his prison sentence in Russia.

  • bobby b

    I can understand the psychology of the delayed accusation completely.

    Someone does something bad to you. You have a weak case, you’re traumatized, and it just becomes easier and a more healing thing to simply walk away and go on with your life.

    And then your demon becomes important and wealthy and well-respected, and the unfairness and frustration drives you to do something about it. If everyone could only see what that demon really is – he’s not the good person they believe!

    That’s the justifiable side. On the other hand, now your demon has money, and a reputation he might not want to risk (which could cause a nice quiet $$ settlement.)

    Those are the motivations. But, this is why we have always had statutes of time limitation for criminal accusations and charges. It’s too difficult to both prove charges and defend against them once time has passed. In the US, in many jurisdictions, we keep seeing these open-ended extensions of time for bringing such charges. These are nothing more than the purchase of another voting cohort. “See, I value women!” No, if you do this, you really don’t value anyone beyond grift material.

  • Kevin Jaeger

    While I have doubts about Tara Reade in general and I kind of doubt she’s in any real danger because the establishment has simply chosen to ignore her. There’s no indication she can reveal anything more damaging than she’s already said and with the Hunter Biden laptop case we can see that they are prepared to simply ignore a lot of Biden wrongdoing, indeed.

    But we have entered an era where some western dissidents are probably well-advised to seek asylum in non-western countries, though there are probably better options than Russia. Certainly Julian Assange should have done so, and even if you don’t get the full Assange treatment they now have ways of making like very unpleasant for vocal dissidents. You can ask journalists like Kit Klarenberg or maybe Lauren Southern if they think they still live in free countries. If you hold unapproved opinions or produce videos with disapproved messaging you are subject to detention and interrogation, being barred from entering countries like the UK, being deplatformed and denied use of many basic services like AirBnB or subject to having your accounts frozen.

    In the last three years I’ve had many conversations with people seriously seriously considering exit plans, mostly to Latin American countries. Certainly people who participated in the Canadian truckers’ protests have learned a lot about who is allowed to protest in Canada and what happens when the government has decided that we don’t tolerate your types around here.

    Again, I doubt Tara Reade is in any imminent danger but we should get used to the idea of people seeking asylum from western countries. We aren’t the free countries we used to be.

  • Paul Marks.

    Few people are harsher critics of what nations such as the United States have become than myself – the decline of the West horrifies me. However, defecting to Russia under Mr Putin is very much jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Kirk

    The current world situation and everything in it is a circus funhouse, filled with distorted mirrors and running some sort of demented soundtrack designed to distract and dismay anyone with the misfortune to try retaining sanity.

    No ‘effing idea what’s going on in this woman’s head. I’ll simply note that if I had dirt on anyone surrounding the Biden, Obama, or Clinton criminal conspiracy, I’d seriously consider defecting to someone. The number of “coincidental” dead bodies out there is staggering, going back to their early days in Arkansas. No idea what’s the actual truth behind all the allegations, but… Jeez, if there ain’t some fire to go with that smoke, I’d be surprised.

    If anyone ever traces out all of this, it’s going to be mind-boggling. I have to wonder if there’s an American Mitrokhin out there, who’s archived all the evidence and who knows where all the skeletons are buried, going back to FDR. He’d have material for a dozen different books…

  • Paul Marks.

    As for charges against Mr Joseph Biden – what is the point?

    As juries, in New York, Washington D.C., and so on, have made clear – they do not give a damn about the facts of the case, they judge things POLITICALLY – hence, for example, the attack on President Trump over charges that the jury in New York knew (yes they knew) were not just false, but were indeed utterly absurd. The jury (like other juries in other American cities) was acting out of their political stance – justice, as such, is treated with amused by contempt by such juries.

    So, for example, if Mr Joseph Biden publicly stabbed a child to death (I am NOT saying he has) – a D.C. (or northern Virginian) jury would be guided by what was in the interests of the leftist cause at that moment – the murder of the child would mean nothing to them.

    It is not just the elite that has corrupted – many ordinary people have been corrupted as well, corrupted by many decades of “Progressive” education, the media (including the entertainment media) and-so-on.

    Not all of those “81 million votes” were fake – millions of people voted for Biden/Harris, sexual mutilation for children and all (remember Mr Biden was quite clear in his support for “Trans Rights” for children as young as eight – 8). One can not expect justice from such people.

  • Fraser Orr

    The other question I’d ask about this: irrespective of Ms. Reede’s motivations for going to Russia. What exactly are Russia’s reasons for accepting her? Surely it would very much be in Russia’s interest to leave her in the USA to embarrass Biden? Or is he taking a bit of an opportunity to take some heat off Biden because he prefers him to Trump? Was Putin consulted on this, or is it too penny ante for him, or is there some other dynamic? I’m afraid I have no knowledge of Russian immigration law.

    The whole thing has a “you don’t know the whole story” feel to it.

  • What exactly are Russia’s reasons for accepting her?

    So they can say “See? We have political refugees fleeing wicked USA for the safe haven of Russia, so all those nasty things the West says about is are untrue.”

    That’s why it was unfortunate Snowdon ended up in Russia & was unable to stay in his preferred destination (Hong Kong).

  • Ferox

    Not all of those “81 million votes” were fake – millions of people voted for Biden/Harris, sexual mutilation for children and all (remember Mr Biden was quite clear in his support for “Trans Rights” for children as young as eight – 8). One can not expect justice from such people.

    I know a couple of Biden supporters who watched the entire compilation video of Biden sniffing kids (clips which are weird, taken individually, but when taken as a group are astonishing – how can anyone support Biden as a person after seeing them ?!?) and their response was, “well, but Trump said he likes to grab women by the p***y …”.

    Policy really does trump personality after all for the left … when it comes to their policies and their personalities.

    Now, if a prominent Republican or Libertarian were on camera nuzzling a dozen preteen girls his political career would be finished.

  • Steven R

    None of the Biden supporters I know were able to articulate why they were going to vote for him beyond “Orange Man Bad.”

  • Kirk

    @Steven R,

    Well, to be fair… That’s pretty much the same articulation you get from a lot of Trump supporters, those who didn’t say “Not Hillary”, at least…

    In 2016, I didn’t vote for Trump so much as I voted against Hillary. 2020 was a little different, but I had few illusions about Trump’s issues even then.

    I still wonder if he wasn’t a stalking horse that turned on his masters, and that’s why they went after him so hard. That explanation would account for a lot of the vitriol and insane hatred, instead of them trying to work with him as a cat’s paw.

  • Fraser Orr

    So here is what Ms. Reade herself says about the whole thing — she had information that she was in immindent danger of arrest by international and US jurisdictions. Here is an interview with the wonderful Megyn Kelly.
    And more…. apparently congress is trying to put together an investigation into her original allegations against Biden. More of the interview above discussing this.

  • Paul Marks.

    Yes Perry – quite a few people have gone to Russia.

    They have ended up surrounded by people whose language they can not speak, and with a government more (not less – more) oppressive than the governments they have fled from.

    If someone wants to opt out of the “international community” (which, I agree, is horrible) then learn Spanish and go to Paraguay (not very expensive – and only 10% Income Tax, it was Zero Income Tax before 2012) – although the Constitution of 1992, which accepts international “treaties”, is worrying. International agreements is how the totalitarians push their agenda.