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The police have put up a crime scene tent in Nicola Sturgeon’s garden

I thought they only did that when they were literally digging for dead bodies. Come now, Police Scotland, just because you have arrested the husband of the recently resigned First Minister of Scotland, no need for all the drama. It’s only a few hundred thousand quid.

That link goes to the Wings Over Scotland blog. Stuart Campbell owns this story and has every right to say, “I told you so” to every professional journalist in Scotland, whether Nationalist or Unionist.

By the way, when commenting on this story, remember that “arrested” does not mean “charged” and “charged” does not mean “guilty”. The presumption of innocence is never more important than when a public figure you do not like has his collar felt. A lot of people in the States could do with that reminder following the arrest of Donald Trump.

25 comments to The police have put up a crime scene tent in Nicola Sturgeon’s garden

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Maybe she has just bought a tent because it looks nice! Or the Police are helping her to choose some camping equipment.

  • Paul Marks

    All political parties have corrupt people in them – what is more important is that the SNP is utterly irrational in its core principles.

    The SNP claims to support Scottish Independence (an “Independent Scotland”) – but it really supports the European Union, and that is in total contraction to Scotland being an “independent country”. Brussels, where the E.U. government is based, and Frankfurt, where the E.U. Central Bank is, are not even in Scotland.

    Then there is the Frankfurt School (“Woke”) Marxism that saturates the SNP – leaving aside the fact (and it is a fact) that Frankfurt School “Woke” doctrines (on sexuality and so on) are totally incompatible with the Muslim faith of the leader of the SNP (one can not be a faithful follower of Islam and a “Woke” Marxist at the same time) – Frankfurt School Marxism is itself a total mess.

    Classical Marxism is wrong, it is wrong because it is based on the Labour Theory of Value and other false principles – but at least it is a rational (rational but wrong) theory. But “Woke”, Frankfurt School, Marxism is not a rational theory at all – it is a collection of insane ravings (from which derive DIE or DEI or EDI – which ever way round you want to put these doctrines of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”) which are not based on the Labour Theory of Value – because they are not really based on anything. The Marxist themes of “exploitation and oppression” and “power structures, and power relations” remain present – but without any economic theory to justify them (not even a false economic theory).

    The hatred of the SNP for such things as Freedom of Speech (even in one’s own home) has little connection with the economic theories of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels – and has a lot in common with the ravings of “Repressive Tolerance” Herbert Marcuse and other weirdos of the 1960s.

    As for the cultural agenda of the left having an economic effect – for years American (and other) Corporations have supported the “Woke” (Frankfurt School Marxist) cultural agenda of the left (“Equity” “Diversity and Inclusion” and all the rest of it) – now they are complaining about the high tax and general collectivist policies of the newly elected Mayor of Chicago (just one of a Legion of such figures) – but if business enterprises owned or run by white-straight-men are inherently evil, then why should they not be destroyed or taken over?

    The Corporations are complaining about the very forces they have been subsidising and pushing for years – so it is hard to have any sympathy for the Corporations.

    I am told it is much the same in Scotland – where “capitalist corporations” have been backing the SNP.

    If the SNP then turns round and decides to destroy the Corporate manager class, the Corporate managers have no one to blame other than themselves.

  • Wings over Scotland are a bit too rude and shouty for my liking, but they got the scoop on this and bashed it out when no-one else in the mainstream press gave a flying phuq about it.

    So, well done Wings over Scotland.

    Hopefully the dreadful Nicola will get dragged into this as well, because I doubt (but I do not know) that her husband did this without her knowledge, despite what they have both said previously.

    One thing that I am deeply offended by is that Police Scotland appears to have been distinctly tardy at getting involved with this whole affair and there is the appearance that Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell have been deliberately avoiding police interviews in a way that others (those not being First Minister and SNP Leader / SNP CEO) would not have gotten away with.

    The fact that the person responsible for Scottish prosecutions sat in Ms. Sturgeon’s cabinet may have had something to do with that tardiness by Police Scotland, in which case that needs to be addressed as well and right quick, because I suspect Humza Useless has a few ideas of his own that the Scottish electorate (myself included) have a right to be protected from.

  • Steven R

    Don’t worry. He’ll either have a “heart attack” while in the clink when the cameras have a malfunction or get hold of an unlicensed gun while on bail and commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head three times.

  • Maybe, accidentally “fall” out of the 23rd floor window of some hotel he wasn’t staying at?

    All these, of course, being more Mr. Putin’s style rather than Ms. Sturgeon’s.

    You never know though. I can see Nicola as the new Tsar of all the Russias…or would that be Tsarina?

    Maybe she could frame Vladimir Putin for sexual assault on his staff? Seems more her style.

  • The tent is because the corpse of Scottish nationalism might be buried under the property 😉

  • The tent is because the corpse of Scottish nationalism might be buried under the property 😉

    Nice idea, but I suspect that Wee Eck and the rest of the demented porridge wogs of the SNP would simply resurrect it under the banner of Alba.

    That’s the problem with cockroaches. They are a bugger to get rid of.

  • Steven R

    John Galt wrote:

    Maybe, accidentally “fall” out of the 23rd floor window of some hotel he wasn’t staying at?

    Oooh, the Forrestal option. I see you’re a fan of the classics.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

  • JJM

    Paul Marks: “The SNP claims to support Scottish Independence (an ‘Independent Scotland’) – but it really supports the European Union, and that is in total contraction to Scotland being an ‘independent country’. Brussels, where the E.U. government is based, and Frankfurt, where the E.U. Central Bank is, are not even in Scotland.”

    I always thought it made little sense to “free” yourself from the cursed Sassenachs only to become a minor, peripheral entity in the EU (think of the ROI!).

    Also, EU membership is not guaranteed. Certain EU members don’t like the precedence set by encouraging membership from breakaway separatist states (I’m particularly thinking of Spain here but there are other EU states who have similar concerns).

  • @JJM – Don’t be misled by the likes of Sturgeon et al. About half the SNP membership couldn’t give a shite about the EU.

    The “Oot Ooters” wanted out of the union with the UK AND out of the EU. Indeed I worked with some moonlighting SNP “Oot Ooters” on the BRExit referendum doing mundane things like leafleting.

    Don’t forget, 40% of the Scottish Electorate vote FOR BRExit in 2016. I should know, I live in Perth, Scotland and campaigned as part of Vote Leave.

  • Tim Worstall

    One thing I love is that Wings Over Scotland is written from Bath. Nowt that Bathonians can’t do…..

  • One thing I love is that Wings Over Scotland is written from Bath. Nowt that Bathonians can’t do…..

    Only way to avoid Scottish Courts when reporting on Scotland is to stay in Englandshire.

    Bath, notwithstanding.

  • Fraser Orr

    I’ll tell you my reaction to that video, as a native Scotsman living in the USA. It was “the former political leader of the whole country lives in that pokey wee house?” She must be doing something wrong. Politicians in the United States, especially high level politicians, live in vast mansions. Obviously Ms. Sturgeon isn’t getting the corruption angle quite right.

    But she did always strike me as dumb as a haggis drunk on cheap whisky.

  • Snorri Godhi

    What this event means to me, is that the Scottish (and by extension British) Establishment is not above the law, as is the case in the US and has long been the case in France and Italy. Although France and Italy have definitely become more like the Nordics in this respect, even as the US has moved in the opposite direction — or at least, it appears to have done so, possibly because of the internet.

    Initially, I wrote ‘ruling class’ rather than ‘Establishment’ in the above paragraph, then corrected it specifically because of Trump’s arrest. Trump is obviously a member of the ruling class, but not of the Establishment; indeed, he is a serious threat to the latter.

    All of the above does NOT imply that Murrell and/or Sturgeon must be presumed guilty.
    All what i am saying is that, in the absence of an obvious (or even just plausible) political motivation, it seems reasonable to presume that there are sound reasons to arrest Murrell.
    Which does not mean that he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Schrödinger's Dog

    Off topic, but watching that video, with the wet ground, grey skies and bare trees – even in April – makes me shiver. I can just feel the cold and the damp – as can the two coppers, judging from the look of them.

  • Yeah. Scotland is not for the feint hearted.

    When you’re on top of the mountains and the sun’s shining it’s God’s Own Country, but much of the time it’s a bleak and inhospitable place.

    SNP nutters aside, it’s the people who make it a nice place to live as much as anything else. The Scots certainly don’t deserve the political pygmies foisted on them by Tony B. Liar’s devolution disaster. Labour, SNP, Greens and Tories alike.

    Time they were all shown the door, devolution nullified and the Scottish Parliament building demolished and ground into the dirt from where it should never have arisen.

    Perhaps “salt the earth” like ancient Carthage.

  • Penseivat

    Scottish law and Police procedures are slightly different to England and Wales, but being released without charge may merely mean he is on bail pending further enquiries. I haven’t seen any reports of comments from Jimmy Krankies evil twin, though.

  • Not necessarily. The police have been conducting an investigation, they will have had a long list of questions to ask Peter Murrell and if he’s got any sense he will have followed his solicitors advice.

    The only thing that “being released without charge” means is that Peter Murrell hasn’t said “It was me Gov.”.

    Fraud is not a black-and-white crime and Peter Murrell may deny any knowledge, say that he was reliant upon the advice of others (especially accountants) or simply say that “X was the person responsible, nor me”.

    All of which takes time to sort out, requiring additional interviews with him and others. Indeed suspects will be interviewed several times without being charged, with Police Scotland trying to iron out inconsistencies in their statements.

    I do believe that he will eventually be charged, simply because he was the Chief Executive of the SNP and the money is clearly missing in the accounts (presumably spent on other SNP expenses like election campaigns).

    Ultimately, the buck stops with Peter Murrell and there ain’t no avoiding that.

  • Slartibartfarst

    I used to love going camping when I was in the Police – you could pitch your tent wherever you chose and didn’t have to pay any campground facilities fees.

    Scotland would be lovely at this time of year too. No noisy or annoying neighbours. All the plusses and none of the negatives.
    Happy campers all.

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt.

    You may be correct that many ordinary SNP people may not strongly support the European Union and the rest of the international Corporate State agenda – but, I strongly suspect, that those are the SNP members who just LOST the E.U. leadership campaign.

    The present leadership team (not just the leader – but those around him) of the SNP is fanatically in support of the international Corporate State agenda (including the European Union) and really could not give a damn about Scotland – not Scottish history, Scottish culture, Scots Law, Scottish education, or anything.

    Those ordinary people in the SNP who do care about Scotland now have no influence over the SNP at all – it is totally in the grip of the international “governance” crowd, Agenda 2030, the European Union and all the rest of it, including the “cultural aspect” (crushing Freedom of Speech, undermining Christianity and all the rest of it).

  • @Paul – Yes. I expect that is why many of them quit the SNP, although whether they have gone to Alba, another party or the political wilderness is unclear.

    Genuine “Oot Ooters” who want out of the UK union AND out of the EU don’t exactly have a political home anymore, since nobody is prepared to take up their agenda.

    Maybe they should start a Campaign for Real Scottish Independence? Then again, that just further splits an already well diluted vote.

    Personally, I suspect Humza Useless’ reign will be the end for the SNP. With no prospect of either Independence or even a referendum in sight for decades and little chance of winning even then, what’s the point of the SNP?

  • James Hargrave

    Perhaps the Oot Ooters could go on a great trek to somewhere in the West Highlands and set up a MacBantustan.

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt – good points.

    By the way the Auditors of the SNP have now resigned.

    There is a problem with Auditors just accepting numbers of official documents at face value (much as the “liberal” historian E.H. Carr accepted the official social and economic statistics of 1930s Germany and the Soviet Union at face value – which made his modern history works absurd).

    We all remember Arthur Anderson (one of the largest accounting firms in the world) which was brought down by accepting the financial documents of Enron at face value.

    There is a danger of Auditors just becoming bureaucratic “box tickers” – and not really physically (physically) checking claims about money and stocks of goods.

    Or, in the case of the United States government and allied Corporations, whether they really have all the physical gold they claim to have.

  • The problem with external audit is that you’re auditing a business which isn’t yours and you don’t really understand, trying to understand it enough to complete the external audit certification for peanuts, just so the company will grant you more lucrative consultancy work.

    It’s a shit sandwich.