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Samizdata quote of the day – they made a desolation and called it Net Zero

I predict in 5-10 years corporations will scrub any reference to Net Zero from their corporate website and LinkedIn archives following widespread recognition of the damage this aim has wrought on the poorest in society. Everyone of them promoting it now will deny they ever did.

Tim Newman

16 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – they made a desolation and called it Net Zero

  • Yet Another Chris

    I think it will happen sooner than that. We live in a village where electricity blackouts happen quite often. Last year we had three, one of which lasted 48 hours. We’re prepared with a generator, woodburner, camping stoves, and plenty of candles. But it’s far from fun or romantic. So when the rest of the population endures blackouts, the brown stuff will hit the fan and everything will change.

    Besides, it’s all nonsense. Can four molecules of carbon dioxide in every 10,000 molecules of air really have any effect? My sceptical engineer’s brain says ‘no’ – it’s a scam.

  • Paul Marks

    I do not know what will happen in five to ten years time.

    Remember both government and private organisations in the United States (and other Western nations follow the American lead on this theory – and have done since James Hanson started pushing it in 1988) “adjust” past temperature figures to fit the theory (that is opposite of the method of natural science – where theories are supposed to be changed to fit the evidence, not the evidence changed to fit the theory).

    The international establishment, both government and corporate, are committed to the theory – and they will not allow evidence (objective reality) to get in their way. They are committed to the theory because it gives them the excuse for the unlimited power, control over ordinary people, that the crave. That was clear as far back as the early 1990s with Agenda 21 (“legally nonbinding” – till it is made binding by the governments and allied corporations that back it), which is now Agenda 2030 (or “United Nations Sustainable Development Gaols”) which includes a “Cultural Aspect” – i.e. indoctrination, censorship and persecution.

    The international establishment lie about many things – even such basic things as whether rigged elections were rigged (most recently Arizona in 2022 – look how the Controlled Opposition, such as the Wall Street Journal, mocked the people who witnessed the election being rigged in front of their eyes), why should they not continue to lie about historic temperatures (“Hockey Stick”), the amount of rain and snow (pretending that there is less than there is), forest fires, and-so-on, and just continue to persecute anyone who dares tell the truth?

    Why not? Who is going to stop them?

    The education system, the media, governments and vast international corporations (which are funded by the fiat money and credit bubble banking system – and so can have hatred and contempt for ordinary customers – who they plan to control, rather than do business with), are all compromised, and all committed to an agenda of ever more power and control over ordinary people – in a sort of Saint-Simonist (rather than Marxist – although the USE Marxist thugs) Collectivism – in the name (as with Saint-Simon or Francis Bacon long before him) of “the science” – “the science” just so happening to mean that a small elite must have total control over the lives of everyone else.

    Objective reality? Francis Bacon (for example) did not care that the Earth went round the Sun, indeed he wanted to persecute anyone who told the truth about this. “The Science” has got nothing to do with the objective laws of the universe – nothing to do with science as an ordinary person understands the term.

    When someone like Saint-Simon talked of “science” he did not mean the science of objective reality – he meant power-and-control (by an elite of everyone else), just as when he talked of banking he did not mean Real Savings (the sacrifice of consumption) of commodity money, he meant creating “money” from nothing and using it to control society.

    Such bodies as the United Nations and its various agencies are not interested in objective reality – see, for example, how the World Health Organisation lied (shamelessly lied) about Covid – its origins, its treatment, everything. And the governments and corporations who meet at such gatherings as the “World Economic Forum” are not interested in economics, their publications violate every law of economics – but they do not care, because their publications are just an excuse for power and control. None of this is hidden, none of it is a “conspiracy”, it is all out in the open. After all Dr Klaus Schwab (who is supported by international governance – both government and corporate) laid out his Mussolini style Corporate State Fascism “Stakeholder Capitalism” as long ago as 1971 (before the C02 is evil theory was fashionable – the book contains nothing about the theory, it advocates the same politics of power and control using other excuses).

    “Stakeholder Capitalism”, “Public Private Partnership”, “Great Reset” (another of Dr Schwab’s books), “Build Back Better”, “Sustainable Development Goals” – none of these things are conspiracy theories, they are official projects, supported by international governments and corporations.

    If they ever drop the C02 is evil theory, what is to stop them using some other excuse for totalitarian control?

    And why should they drop the C02 is evil theory anyway? Who is going to make them do that? Considering that both the universities and the media are compromised.

  • Paul Marks

    Yet Another Chris.

    Why should the national and international elite care that your village is having blackouts?

    The blackouts have already been common in, for example, California – and the “Green” Governor was just overwhelmingly re elected (they did not even have to rig the election – as the population are so indoctrinated by the education system and the media).

    People like Governor Newsom or William “Bill” Gates will continue to have comfortable lives – so why should they care what happens to other people? Especially as the general population is being systematically indoctrinated – so that they will blame any poverty and hardship on “too much C02” or “white supremacists” or “Christian Nationalists” or “toxic masculinity” – but never on the policies of government and the corporations (corporations that are NOT ordinary business enterprises – the vast corporations get the funny money – money created from nothing – a specially low interest rates, an ordinary businessman does not).

    Remember anyone who tries to get the truth to the public will be ruthlessly persecuted – as a “denier” and so on, not just by “Activists” (such as “Extinction Rebellion”), but also by their employer (they will find themselves unemployed and unable to pay their mortgage) and by their political party – if they are involved in politics.

    Already it is very hard (very hard indeed) to not speak in support of this, and other policies, that one may not believe in (silence is still allowed – but only just) – to actually speak AGAINST Net Zero and so on, invites persecution.

    “But when people become very poor….” – why should they not blame their poverty and suffering on “Deniers” and so on? After all that is what the education system and the media will them.

    Still, to end on a positive note, if a political leader had the courage to denounce all this and managed (in spite of election rigging and indoctrination) to win office – everything might (might) change. Other people (lower down) would have some “cover” to voice their own dissent.

    That is difficult in a Parliamentary system where a Prime Minister can be removed if they do not follow “the line” of the “international community” (remember what happened to Prime Minister Liz Truss for the “crime” of wanting to have lower tax rates) – but with the American system of elected Governors and Presidents (who are hard to remove) it is possible.

  • Paul Marks

    The California case was deeply depressing – this is a State of tens of millions of people, being systematically ruined by insane policies (on “Net Zero” and other matters) and the people voted, overwhelmingly, to re elect those responsible for their suffering.

    At a certain level of indoctrination (what is vulgarly known as “brain washing” – or “Nudging”) election rigging is no longer necessary – as the people are so conditioned they will continue to support policies even if these policies are leading to their own deaths (say by starvation).

    Take the example of next door Arizona – where did election rigging NOT take place? In the universities – the students overwhelming voted for the Democrat candidate for Governor (Katie Hobbs) – they really did.

    Look into the eyes of those students (supposedly the best-and-brightest) – the lights are on, but no one is at home. They can no longer think independently, they have no independent ideas of their own (they follow every fashion) and they can not critically examine any doctrine – they can only blindly support it or blindly oppose it (depending on what their “education” tells them to do), they are filled with Frankfurt School “Critical Theory”, but they are no longer capable of Critical Thinking.

    The students could be up to their knees in snow, but if you expressed doubt about the C02 is evil theory, the students would scream “Denier!” and try and rip out your throat – with their teeth.

    That is the future that the international community has in mind for us.

  • JohnK


    Sadly, I fear you are right. It is March, and snowing outside as I write. Global warming?

    So-called “climate change” is just a scam to divert wealth and power from the ordinary people to the new masters, the Davos elite. It could just as easily be global cooling as global warming, as you say, the facts do not matter.

    The move to CBDC and digital identity shows us what they plan for the future. The fact that Tony Blair is shilling for digital ID, including a global vaccination ID, tells us all we need to know.

    Maybe it will all collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. I hope so. But the USSR lasted for 70 years despite denying all economic rationality. The powers that be got rid of Trump and Truss, and now we have our unelected technocrat as PM. Keir Starmer (the next PM? Oh God) has actually said he prefers Davos to Westminster. I am not looking forward to any of this.

  • FrankS

    The climate panic promoters have been giving CO2 an importance in the climate system which it has never had in the past, nor is it showing any signs of having in the present. The feeble foundation of the panic needs to be far more widely appreciated, and then we may see a whole wave of ‘panic promotion deniers’ emerge.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    In case anyone gets tired of mouthing net zero platitudes, this week we have had lots of assertions about gender inequality and the rest during International Women’s Day. Funnily enough I haven’t read much about the issues that women have with Shariah Law.

  • Fred Z

    Humans love to be religious and that’s why they loved Christianity.

    Religions last a long time, but eventually die and Christianity seems to be dead in the western world, having committed moral suicide and lost its credibility.

    Climatology is a religion, complete with its prophets (Al Gore, Greta Thunberg), sacred texts, rituals, rites, mysteries, priestly vestments and sumptuary laws.

    It will last a lot longer than Mr. Newman thinks. I can hardly wait for the inevitable Inquisition. I hope the Spaniards do it again, they had style.

  • FrankS


    The above is a recent and accessible paper by two of the best atmospheric physicists in the world, and includes some support of the assertion in my previous comment. (I thought belatedly that it would be helpful to provide some such support).

  • Aetius

    A simple question to ask to any idiot who believes this man-made climate catastrophe fantasy is: “What is the third most common molecule in air?”

    I haven’t had one person who I have asked come out with the right answer yet. Even science students at supposedly good universities frequently come out with nonsense, such as, “Hydrogen.”

    The correct answer is Argon.

    Yet Another Chris makes a good point that there are about four molecules of carbon dioxide in every 10,000 molecules of air. Put another way, there are nearly 2,000 molecules of Nitrogen, over 500 of Oxygen and about 23 of Argon for each molecule of carbon dioxide.

    Furthermore, water molecules have a greater thermal effect than carbon dioxide molecules, and, there are more of them in air than there are of carbon dioxide in air.

  • bobby b

    “Funnily enough I haven’t read much about the issues that women have with Shariah Law.”

    Some intersections are more dangerous than others.

  • David Roberts

    Yet Another Chris, I think “Net Zero” applies only to the anthropogenic CO2 and would require a reduction of about 19 molecules of atmospheric CO2 in a million molecules of air.

    , my answer to your question would be Water Vapour which I understand varies between 2,000 to 40,000 molecules per million molecules of air. So perhaps the average would be greater than the 10,000 molecules of Argon.

  • JohnK


    The problem is that “the science” doesn’t matter. “Climate change” is a way for the likes of Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street (and the politicians they buy) to enrich themselves vastly at the expense of everyone else. They are like the “hard faced men who did well out of the war”, except this war is based on an illusion, and never needs to end. Much better than the old fashioned wars.

    So it just doesn’t matter: global warming, global cooling, climate change, it’s all the same. The biggest scam in history. Quite impressive, except we are the marks.

  • Paul Marks


    Vanguard is making noises about backing away from totalitarian ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) – but it is hard to see how they can, as the banking system (including the government backed Federal Reserve system) is committed to this agenda – and Vanguard (like the openly pro totalitarian BlackRock) depends on the flow of Credit Money.

    As for California – the snow and rain is being blamed on “Climate Change” just as the heat and drought were blamed on “Climate Change” – X is the fault of C02 and the opposite of X is also the fault of C02. Sir Karl Popper must be spinning in his grave – real science is dead, instead we have “The Science” – which is about totalitarian power and control.

  • djm

    I predict in 5 years governments will have scrubbed any reference to Covid/Lockdowns(*)/Vaccines from their manifestos, following widespread recognition of the damage this has wrought upon those least able to defend themselves from governmental over-reach. All of those involved in promoting the scam will deny they ever did.

    (*) AKA House Arrests

  • Paul Marks

    JohnK – I have looked more at your comment and the comments of the others.

    Yes – you and the others have said what needed to be said and said it well. I have nothing to add.