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Samizdata quote of the day – NewSpeak edition

Antiracism means dividing people by race.
Equity means segregation and racial preferences.
Man means woman.

Wanjiru Njoya

13 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – NewSpeak edition

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    That is so true. And it’s in the modern style of poetry, with no rhythm.

  • Paul Marks

    The lady is correct.

    The “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (originally Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – the left changed it when they realised that this spelt out “DIE”) agenda, is not about opposing hate and promoting unity, it is about promoting hate and opposing unity.

    Sadly many people (even self described Conservatives) do not understand the Frankfurt School Marxist “Critical Theory – Woke” thinking behind this agenda and, unwittingly, do the work of the left for them.

  • Jacob

    War means peace

  • Deep Lurker

    Nineteen Eighty-Four is a how-to guide, rather than a cautionary tale.

  • Steven R

    not for nothing, but racism doesn’t mean dividing people by race. (I get what the poet is going for, but that isn’t the point.) It does mean thinking one race is better than another or treating people differently based on race, but simply saying “I don’t want to live with others unlike me” or “I live here, you live there” isn’t necessarily racism so much as the ingrained tribalism that all humans have.

    Of course, the definition has been pulled like taffy to mean anything and everything, so who knows these days.

  • Paul Marks

    I know this lady via Twitter – and it looks like I will be spending more time there.

    Facebook claim they can not read my passport, as it has glossy paper. And they do not recognise my Councillor I.D. card – even though it is photo I.D. and they could check with my local authority. Or just telephone me on my landline – or send me an e.mail I can actually reply to (if a local authority sent people “no reply” e.mails that authority would likely be in serious trouble).

    If this was a local or national government department I could, with great effort, find someone to physically talk to – but that is impossible with a corporation such as Meta (Facebook), such corporations are actually more bureaucratic (and certainly harder to talk to) than government departments.

    But then Elon Musk understands that – which is why he has a taken an axe to the bureaucracy over at Twitter.

    The double speak is also a feature of Corporations – “you have asked us to send you a six digit code when….” means “you never asked us to do any such thing – but we are just going to torment you anyway”.

    The rule of international “Woke” corporations is to be avoided. Agenda 2030 and the whole “Stakeholder Capitalism”, “Public-Private” partnership, Corporate State, is a bad thing – it is certainly a rip off of the taxpayers (both locally and nationally).

    For example, I have worked in elections (unpaid) since 1979, and been the Election Agent for Parliamentary elections. And if “charitable groups” (known to support a political party – in the case of the United States, the Democratic Party) funded by Mr Mark Zuckerberg (he spent almost half a billion Dollars on this in the United States in 2020) turned up to “help” with the voting process – I would have them, and Mr Zuckerberg, arrested.

    As for election machines – there is no, honest, need for election machines. Such machines serve no, honest, purpose – I have been involved in many elections (and one national referendum – the East Midlands vote for the 2016 Independence Referendum was counted in Kettering) in which there were a vast number of votes, there has never been a need for election machines.

    Mass mail-in ballots?

    If someone told me “we do not have time to check the signatures – there are too many postal votes to do that” or “it does not matter that the signatures do not match” – again I would have them arrested.

    Right there – on the spot.

    Perhaps I am not a very nice person.

  • Steven R

    I broke my hand and wrist years ago and my current signature doesn’t match the one I was able to write when I first registered to vote where I live. I would be less than pleased to be arrested, have my liberty ended, and possibly sit in jail indefinitely while it all gets sorted out.

  • Steven R (December 14, 2022 at 6:30 pm), I’m not quite sure what point you are making.

    – Obviously, you know the situation, so I conjecture you vote in person, not postally (at least now, and may or may not have plans to update your signature on file).

    – If you have voted by mail with your new non-matching signature and it was counted, that is an interesting datum. It would also suggest that anyone who wanted could vote in your place if they were prompt, and if you tried to vote later then you could maybe sit in jail while that was sorted out.

    – If you intentionally voted in a way that saw you providing a signature that you knew did not match, then sitting in jail might be tedious but I suggest that election results where you live would be more credible if you could expect that consequence than if you could rely on there being no consequences.

    Just my 0.02p.

  • Steven R

    Sorry. I was referring to Paul Marks

    “If someone told me “we do not have time to check the signatures – there are too many postal votes to do that” or “it does not matter that the signatures do not match” – again I would have them arrested.

    Right there – on the spot.”

    Where I vote (West Virginia), you register at the county courthouse, fill in a form with your signature (amongst other things). You;ll get a voter card in the mail. On Elevtion Day, you go to your precinct to vote. They take your ID (generally Driver’s License) and check your name against their precinct rolls to make sure you’re in the right place, and make you sign the book. Your name, address, and the signature you registered with are all there.

    As I stated above, my signature has radically changed. If some poll worker has me arrested because my signature doesn’t match, despite having the correct ID, and my liberty is curtailed while it all gets sorted out, I am going to be livid. Being detained by a cop is a little more than sheer inconvenience after all.

    That said, I do understand mail in balloting is a pathway to fraud and all that and we should be stamping down hard on it.

  • Patrick Crozier

    Wanjiru Njoya is a treasure.

  • Paul Marks

    Steven R.

    Then turn up to vote in person – with visual I.D.

    Or update your signature.

    Otherwise YES – I would toss your vote in the bin.

    As for Facebook – yet again they did not like my passport, so yet again I showed their automated system my councillor I.D. card.

    In two days time I will receive another “no reply” e.mail telling me that my I.D. is unacceptable to them.

    Such is life.

  • Paul Marks

    Facebook (Meta) has behaved as predicted.

    By the way – Mark Zuckerberg is one of the people who uses the language in the way that the lady, rightly, condemns.

    He would hold that “one can not be racist against white people” and that there should be “racial justice” and so on.

    He reminds me of those rich whites (many of them from Jewish families – I can say that) in the 1960s who gave money to the “Black Panthers” – and then were surprised when the Black Panthers attacked them anyway.

    David Horowitz even got a friend to do the accounts of the Black Panthers for them.

    They murdered the lady – when she uncovered the fact that some of the Comrades had sticky fingers (much like “Black Lives Matter” today) – none of his “liberal” friends gave a damn that the Black Panthers had murdered the lady doing their accounts for them, it did not matter to the “liberals” as it did not fit “the narrative” they, the “liberals”, wished to push.

    Mark Zuckerberg is still stuck in that false “narrative” – so perhaps I am best off his platform.

    I hope that, like David Horowitz, Mark Zuckerberg wakes up – but I fear that he will only wake up when someone he cares about (really cares about) is murdered by the “activists” he pushes.

    Some say that it was not the banning the Babylon Bee that woke up Elon Musk – that it was when his son was corrupted that Mr Musk woke up.