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Let’s make all crimes legal over Christmas

Remember this movie?

The Purge. Survive the Night.

One night a year, all crime is legal.
Survive the night.

According to Wikipedia, The Purge posits that ‘In 2014, a political party called the “New Founding Fathers of America” are voted into office following an economic collapse, and pass a law sanctioning the “Purge”, an annual event wherein all crime is legal and emergency services are temporarily suspended. By 2022, the United States is said to have become virtually crime-free, with legal unemployment rates having dropped to 1%.’

Virtually crime-free and unemployment at 1%? That compares favourably with our timeline’s 2022, but nonetheless, this is not the the sort of policy proposal I usually associate with the Liberal Democrats – but it seems Ed Davey is ready to rock: “No one should lose their home this Christmas”, says the Lib Dem website. It continues:

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey, has called for an emergency ban on repossessions and evictions this Winter. This comes after the Conservative Government’s mismanagement of the economy caused spiralling mortgage and rental prices.

These measures would stop banks from repossessing people’s homes who have been hit the hardest by soaring mortgage prices as well as bringing forward the promised ban on no-fault evictions, alongside a ban on evictions for arrears over the winter.

We are deeply concerned that both renters and homeowners could face homelessness during one of the most difficult Winters in living memory.

We are making these urgent calls on the Conservative Government as only days of Parliament remain before Christmas for the Prime Minister to take responsibility for the mess his Government has caused.

The Conservatives have failed time and time again to bring forward the ban on no-fault evictions they promised and have made no attempt to stop repossessions caused by their disastrous mini-Budget. They must act now before it is too late.

No-one should face losing their home this Christmas because the Conservative Government crashed the economy.

Why so tame, Ed? If it is a good thing that one group of people should be allowed to take what they have not paid for without punishment over the Christmas period, why not others? Discriminatory, I call it. Let us throw away the shackles of enforcement of property rights for everyone this Christmas!

It’s Christmas time
There’s no need to be afraid
At Christmas time
We let in light and we banish shade
And in our world of plenty
We can spread a smile of joy
Throw your arms around the world
At Christmas time

10 comments to Let’s make all crimes legal over Christmas

  • GregWA

    I wonder what the no-fault eviction policy will be when all those (upper?) middle class people who own rental properties have been dispossessed of said property, it having been acquired by large corporations or the government?

    I’m guessing the tragic injustice of no-fault eviction, i.e., the right to sell your property or do whatever you want with it, will be flushed down the memory hole.

  • William O. B'Livion

    These measures would stop banks from repossessing people’s homes who have been hit the hardest by soaring mortgage prices

    I was going to comment on this person being too stupid be be let out without a minder.

    Then I remembered that y’all either don’t have, or don’t commonly get “fixed interest” loans.

    In Oct/Nov of last year I re-financed my house from 3 something percent interest rate down to 2.25.

    And it’s still at 2.25 and will be until I pay it off or sell the house.

    That your banks don’t do this is…insensible.

    What Mr. Marx’s idiot progeny OUGHT to be doing is introducing legislation that makes fixed rates, with the option to refinance, more attractive for banks to offer.

    And yeah, I don’t much care for the “more legislation” part, but given how much legislation/regulation banks already have I suspect this is a case of *better* legislation rather than more. Maybe even better but LESS regulation.

  • monoi

    The sad thing is that this policy is in force in a nearby country. It is called France.

    Has he tried renting a property there? It is incredibly difficult and expensive. The obvious result of this policy.

    Ed Davey is a twat.

  • Paul Marks

    A few days ago I watched the 1982 “Conan the Barbarian” – it was a useful reminder that whilst Hollywood may not have actually believed in good values in 1982, it at least pretended to believe in them.

    In modern times we have films like “The Purge” – which invert reality, in reality it is not conservatives (not the “New Founders of America” who are presented as conservatives) who legalise looting and murder – it is the left, such as Biden and Harris who both supported the Marxist BLM looting, burning and murders. Just as Mr Biden supports, as he reminded us only a couple of days ago, the sexual mutilation of children – which is worse than anything in “The Purge”. Not all of the “81 million votes” were fake – and the people who really did vote for Mr Biden and K. Harris were supporting the sexual mutilation of children, this was made clear again and again.

    As for Ed Davey – he is a typical FAKE liberal, a real liberal (a free market – roll-back the size and scope of the state person) would understand that bans on evictions for people not paying their mortgage or their rent make problems WORSE – just as the insane policies that made up the Covid lockdowns made the problems WORSE.

    When a debt is small, say a couple of weeks rent or a month mortgage payments, then one can deal with the problem – and “deal with it or get out” is an incentive to pay up whilst people still-can-pay-up.

    But if you leave the problem to grow for months, more and more debt piles up – and then it is not possible for the family to pay their rent debt or their mortgage debt. In short in trying to “prevent evictions” you have made eventual evictions inevitable.

    As for “the government created the problem” – well, Mr Davey, in a sense it did.

    The fiat money of the Western world is as sound as American elections – it is a vast Credit Bubble which supports wild government spending and wild corporate spending

    The endless housing estates and “distribution centres” (for imported goods – sucked in by Credit Bubble finance) are created by the funny money – and eventually this whole stinking system (which is NOT capitalism) is going to fall apart – indeed that is already starting to happen.

    If you think the Credit Bubble economy (with its inflated costs of housing) is sound – you must likely think that Disney and the other “Woke” corporations are well run business enterprises.

  • george m weinberg

    Oddly enough, I had never heard that Christmas song before, maybe it’s less popular this side of the pond.
    But upon seeing them I recognize them as the source for the exile song send them crack.
    I had thought of it as a parody of we are the world, but I had no idea where the tune came from.
    Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy it.

  • Fraser Orr

    I’m concerned that no child should be without a Christmas gift this Christmas, so surely we should suspend the laws of theft so that parents can get the toys their kids want at the local store. And surely everybody deserves a turkey at Christmas? So why should Tescos have the audacity to charge people for it?
    I see these commercials on TV where some person goes outside on Christmas to find a new car with a big bow on it. Nobody ever gave me a car for Christmas. But
    i didn’t realize that I should have just gone out and nicked one.
    Of course I am being facetious. But it is probably necessary for me to say so, because some people actually think these arguments are reasonable. The problem with reductio ad absurdum today is that a lot of people that that your most absurd idea is a pretty good plan.

  • Fred the Fourth

    A different solution is being argued now in front of a California agency. Give $300,000 to people. Oh, there’s catch – you have to be a black descendant of a slave. Or something like that, anyway. Problem solved!
    Also, I’m sure the good folks employed with my tax dollars to figure that out over the next decade will all be honest, stand-up workers, and not at all like pigs At The public trough.

  • Paul Marks

    Fraser Orr and Fred the Fourth.

    Yes indeed – it is not the right that believes in suspending the laws it is the left, it is the left (those bastard children of Rousseau) who believe there private property is just a fiction – that it has no basis in natural law, natural justice.

    It is the left (not the right) who wants to allow people to loot stores, and also wants to take resources from individuals in one racial group and give them to individuals in another racial group – the classic definition of racism.

    They deny it is racism – because they hide behind a lie, behind the Frankfurt School redefinition of the word racism, to pretend that “one can not be racist against white people” and other utter absurdities.

    Like Hobbes and Rousseau before them – they redefine words (emptying them of their traditional content) and then justify themselves by using their new, false, definitions of words.

  • SteveD

    What’s the difference? The ‘criminals’ would just get shot anyway.

  • Stonyground

    It would be an interesting social experiment though. At whatever stage of life I was at $300,000 dollars would have given me a good leg up and an excellent foundation to build the rest of my life upon. I’m sure that many here would feel the same. So we could track what these lucky recipients did with their lives and see how many succeeded and how many failed.