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British political tweeting

Y’know, for a minute I hesitated to post this when I am feeling such sadness over Niall’s death. Then I thought, don’t be daft, woman, he’d have enjoyed it. In particular, as a lover of Scottish, English and British history and the complicated interactions between the three categories, he would have liked Gawain Towler’s comment to Lawrence Whittaker’s tweet: “Enough time to get married I guess.”

19 comments to British political tweeting

  • Mark

    20-30 milk floats? That’s about a million quid. You could spend another million easily installing additional “fast” chargers. Fuck knows how many millions would need to be spent to provide adequate amperage to ensure that all these “fast” chargers could actually be “fast”.

    But even if they were on every street corner with Q providing the requisite magic, the software on said milk float would limit how often they could be used as advertised.

    How much does a garage with, say, ten pumps cost? How much juice does it need to process real cars at a rate and convenience that no combination of chargers/batteries could conceivably match? (and never will)

  • JohnK


    The other thing to consider is where is the electricity going to come from to power the things? Government policy seems to be to electrify transport and home heating, all powered by windmills. This isn’t going to end well.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Switzerland, or rather the Swiss government and media, follow the line of the European Union – that is not a reason that we should.

    I thought the left were against Imperialism and Colonialism – the European Union is following just such policies by pushing other countries (such as Switzerland) to give the E.U. special treatment.

  • Paul Marks

    The electrical grid could not deal with millions of electric cars – but then the real agenda is to end freedom of movement for ordinary people.

  • Chester Draws

    I used to live outside Geneva, so went through its airport many times. I have a UK passport, but my wife does not.

    Queues were minimal, and dealt with quickly.

    In any case, it has nothing to do with being in the EU. The passport control is whether you are in Schengen. Norway, not EU is Schengen, and Ireland is the reverse.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    It’s worth pointing out that even during the U.K.’s membership of the EU, the U.K. wasn’t in the passport-free Schengen zone so the tweeter misses the point.

  • X Trapnel

    If only my knuckle-dragging, Red-Wall neighbours had known how tough it was going to be for them in Geneva Airport in the days between Christmas 2022 and New Year, they’d surely have voted differently in 2016. May we endeavour to be forgiven in 2023, and Vive le cringe culturel.

    How nice of Mr Sopel to take a minute off from his well-earned break on the slopes at Chamonix to point out yet another of our errors. I look forward to his view of things in the airports at Zante, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife Sur in the coming weeks.

  • Mr Ed

    So the point is that the Swiss frontier police are making life difficult for British tourists coming from the UK by not properly resourcing the controls, but I found similar issues entering Italy at the fabulous Venice Marco Polo airport some years ago pre-the independence vote, when we were in the EU and outside Schengen. All it says to me is avoid Switzerland and try Bulgaria for skiing if that is your fancy. Andorra has no airport so no non-EU skiing destinations apart from Norway spring to mind and both are in Schengen. Iran is a bit of an outlier.

    As for electric cars, as Paul says, the plan is simply to curtail our lives. I don’t remember hearing this debated in any General Election or being in any manifesto (explicitly), but it appears to be coming unless people wake up.

  • Stonyground

    A filling station near me has decided to go down the route of undercutting the competition and being fairly consistently the cheapest in the area. There are always queues to fill up there, it can sometimes take ten minutes.

  • David

    Coming from a software world, I realised the other day just how easy it would be to enforce mileage limits on EVs. “Sorry, you have reached your 120 miles per week allowed usage”. This car will only be provided with enough charge for you to drive to your home address”.

  • Mark

    Anybody remember this multiverse spanning fuckwit?


    15 minute city? Just give everybody a milk float – job done!

  • Paul Marks

    In this new year let us hope that people, all people – from Scotland to the Ukraine, understand that independence means self government – independence does not mean a new master.

    Independence does not mean rejecting London and Moscow only to come under the rule of Brussels, New York (the United Nations and its endless agencies – such as the World Health Organisation), and Davos (the alliance of Woke governments and Woke Corporations). Rule by the “international community” is not independence.

  • @Mr Ed:

    I don’t remember hearing this debated in any General Election or being in any manifesto (explicitly), but it appears to be coming unless people wake up.

    …and there never will be an explicit vote. Any manifesto commitments to bring sanity to the madness of Net Zero will be either clarified (post-election, natch) to meaninglessness or simply and quietly repudiated.

    The only road away from Net Zero is outright civil war, but surely the plebs wouldn’t be so ungrateful as to do that again?

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt – not Civil War, economic collapse.

    Look how the IEA and Economist magazine (no wonder the magazine is in their reception area) savaged Liz Truss – savaged her (“took a hacksaw to the heads” of the British people said a certain person – not once, but several times) – no one, other than perhaps the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, wants to prevent economic collapse – even excluding “Net Zero”, the tax policy being followed is crushing. Yes government spending must be cut (not just taxation), but whilst government thinks it can fund any level of government spending (mostly on “services” and “benefits”) by pushing up taxation, it has no incentive (none) to cut government spending.

    Even now nothing has been learned – I just turned off GB News because some idiot was going on about how Liz Truss “cost us 30 billion Pounds” (piffle – it was the Bank of England, which-should-not-exit) – not the lockdowns, not Mr Sunak – who flung 400 Billion Pounds away, and Mr Hunt – who has never met a tax increase, or a regulation, that he did not like.

    My fear is that we will get a repeat of what happened after the economic collapse of Ireland in the late 1840s – people will be told to be blame “laissez faire” (“free market economic policies”) for the results of crushing taxation.

    No lessons were learned from the collapse of Ireland in the late 1840s – other than the WRONG lessons, the lesson learnt was that the government should done even more.

    After the economic collapse of the United Kingdom what will the history books say “it was those free market Tories with their laissez faire” – the opposite of the truth.

    It is bad enough facing the terrible suffering that economic collapse will bring – without the additional burden that nothing will be learned from it, that the collapse will be blamed on “Liz Truss and laissez faire types” over minor reductions in tax rates which DID NOT HAPPEN.

    The insane level of government spending, insane even before the 400 to 450 billion Pounds thrown away on lockdowns, ignored – and the crushing level of taxation (the highest in peacetime history) also ignored.

  • Paul Marks

    In case anyone does not know…

    Covid 19 was produced in the Wuhan lab – research funded by Tony Fauci (American government bureaucracy – although he also works for the Corporations) and Peter Daszak (Eco Health Alliance and World Health Organisation). It was then released – hopefully this was an accident. At first Tony Fauci denied it was a threat to America and the world – till it had been spread (travel from Wuhan to other parts of China was restricted – but the international airport remained open, in order to spread the virus to other countries).

    There was Early Treatment for Covid 19 (and still is) it was systematically smeared – most people who died of it could have been saved. If it has been admitted that there was Early Treatment for Covid – then the Emergency Authorisation for the experimental injections would not have been legal (see how things work in this lovely international Corporate State – and not just in the United States.

    The lockdowns were NOT abut “saving lives” and did not do so – as comparisons between areas that locked down and areas that did not, shows.

    As for the injections that are, against all sanity, still being pushed – they are neither “effective” nor “safe”, indeed they are killing people. In relation the past someone could say “I did not know” – no one can say that now.

    The British government knows this – as ministers have been told in the chamber of the House of Commons. And they continue to push the injections – even on children.

    Draw your own conclusions – I draw no conclusions here. Other than two points.

    People who have made false statements, repeatedly, over Covid are not trustworthy in relation to the C02 theory, or anything else.

    But it is also true that because people have lied over many things (and cost a lot of human lives because of their lies) it does NOT mean they are lying all the time over everything.

    This is the mistake that I believe that Neil Oliver, and many others, make – they assume that because the international establishment are lying over so many things, they must be lying about everything, including the Ukraine.

    Liars, even people prepared to cost lives with their lies, do NOT lie all the time, about everything.

    They are actually telling the truth about Ukraine, at least part of the truth – Mr Putin has indeed launched an unjust and vicious invasion.

    One can NOT find the truth about everything just by reversing everything governments (and the corporations) say.

  • not Civil War, economic collapse.

    Do you really imagine we would get one without the other? Things have gone too far Paul.

    Why should the young, who have neither secure employment, pensions, home ownership, life as part of a married couple or children pay the bill for those who have had all of the above and simply punted the cost to their own grandchildren and generations yet unborn?

  • bobby b

    “Why should the young, who have neither secure employment, pensions, home ownership, life as part of a married couple or children pay the bill for those who have had all of the above and simply punted the cost to their own grandchildren and generations yet unborn?”

    You think it will be generational conflict? I see more of a chance of class conflict. Lots of poor boomers out there, lots of well-off young.

  • Mark

    @John Galt

    There are plenty of people in heir 40s/50s/60s (not me I must add) who don’t have particularly secure employment, don’t own their own homes and don’t have much in the way of a pension (certain one eyed snot gobbler but he wasn’t the only one). A disproportionate amount of what they do earn gets spunked away on thing designed to boil the piss (despite being reasonably well off, the temperature of my piss is somewhat higher than it should be)

    You may well be right but I don’t think the divide will necessarily a generational one.

  • JohnK


    You are quite right about Fauci.

    I am now reading RFK Jr’s book about this evil man.

    As you say, early treatment with HCQ or IVM could have saved 80% of patients. But if effective early treatment had been available, then the vaccines could not have been licensed for emergency use, and Big Pharma would have lost out on tens of billions. So Fauci smeared and eventually outlawed early treatment. It is mindblowing. He has killed people on the scale of a Hitler or Stalin, and for what? Money. I think that makes him worse than either of them. At least they believed in something, however wrong they were. Fauci seems to believe in dollars and cents. Pablo Escobar was a saint in comparison.

    Kennedy points out that everything in his book is supported by documentary evidence. Fauci cannot sue, he dare not, as his crimes would be revealed. Kennedy’s book will be read by a small number of people, while, as you say, our government is still promoting “boosters” and even jabs for children. We are in a very dark place.