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Samizdata quote of the day – US political dumpster fire edition

As he announces his candidacy once again, Trump can boast of the impressive feat of being just as unpopular as the dreadful Joe Biden. A recent poll suggests that 65 per cent of Americans do not want Trump to run again; the exact same number do not want Biden to run again.

Tom Slater

32 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – US political dumpster fire edition

  • Steven R

    His rerunning is just for his ego and all it will do is galvanize the Dems to get out and vote to defeat Bad Orange Man.

  • blowby

    That is a very harsh set of exclusion criteria!

    No politicians driven by ego, and none who will scare the opposition so much that they may be galvanized.

  • bobby b

    At this point, Trump – who I will always consider to be the best US Prez – would serve his base best by becoming the behind-the-scenes kingmaker, critique-er, Grand Old Man of the party.

    He went out and drew the fire from the orcs and rallied the troops for the fight. He can continue in that role without being elected President.

    If he runs, he loses. I guess we’ll find out what he truly serves.

  • Fraser Orr

    @bobby b
    If he runs, he loses. I guess we’ll find out what he truly serves.

    It is pretty simple. This campaign is “Make Trump Great Again”. When MTGA aligned with MAGA then he was a huge asset and a great President. However, they don’t align any more. It is hard to imagine a greater disaster short of war to the USA, and consequently the world, than the results of this last election. However, Trump running again may be worse. It excludes someone who could win from winning. Without Trump there is a possibility of some recovery in 2024 with Desantis and the fact that senatorial elections in that year strongly favor Republicans. But with Trump it’ll be a disaster. He’d rather burn the place down than sit on the sidelines. Desantis is smart. I suspect he’ll sit this one out and try again in 2028. But I could be wrong. But 2028? It’ll be too late to recover from the disaster by then. In fact, it might already be too late.

    But my broader feeling is that it doesn’t really matter. The problem is this: our population fairly elected a layabout grifter, with insane policies, sophomoric campaigning on the rare occasions when he actually talked in public, and an unfortunate disability that made it impossible for him to do the one thing in a senator’s job description — debate. And they did so instead of one of the most accomplished capable men in America, who spent his life saving people’s lives and inventing devices that save people’s lives. Who is extraordinarily articulate, extremely moderate and willing to talk to anyone who had a microphone about his policies. To me, this is a red line. If the people of, famously moderate, Pennsylvania are willing to make this choice it tells us more about them than it does the candidates. The problem is not the politicians, it is the American people who are, apparently, too stupid to vote in their own self interests.

    It is one thing to be deluded by Biden’s highfalutin’ campaign promises, but to live with them for two years and see their utterly disastrous results and still vote for them? That isn’t being deceived, it is being stupid. You can change your politicians, but you can’t change out all the stupid people.

    And the final nail in the coffin? The Republican party has just squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity to pull the country back from the brink, and NOBODY from the leadership of that effort got fired. Not a single person. Instead they tried to pin it on Trump. When the only opposition to the Crazy is utterly corrupt, self serving and feckless, it does not give you hope for a positive way forward.

    So I’m afraid we will all just have to try to carve out a bubble in the insanity and ride it out for as long as possible.

  • Kirk

    He’s useful as a stalking horse, if nothing else.

    So long as he’s out there for the Democrats to focus on, the rest of the Republicans get a free ride, because they could never, ever possibly be as bad as Trump.

    If he’s smart, he’ll wait right up until the last minute, and then withdraw, having played the media and the Democrats like Lucy with the football, holding it for Charlie Brown. Imagine the vast media and political machinery, having been focused on Trump for years and months… Only to find out he’s played them, yet again.

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he was doing something like that. Trump is a lot smarter than people give him credit for (as well as being a lot more trusting/dumb when it comes to government), and I wouldn’t be at all shocked if he were playing a game on all of us.

  • Tim

    So I’m afraid we will all just have to try to carve out a bubble in the insanity and ride it out for as long as possible.

    Trump deservedly or not is probably toxic now; unfortunately, he will likely win the primaries ahead of say DeSantis and yes crash and burn in the general election. Second factor is the Republicans seem to win at the polls but lose at the ballots; they need a counterstrategy to the Dem’s ballot harvesting. Something like this:

    Proven Ballot Harvesting Strategy That Will CRUSH The Dems in 2024!!!

    Dr. Steve Turley


    I realize he (Turley) tends to be overly optimistic at times but he may have something here; wonder it is too late to implement it in next month’s Georgia Senatorial run-off election?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Given that competent governors who ran on issues and did effective jobs – DeSantis and Youngkins, for example – did well politically, you would think that Trump would reach out to such “winners”. Youngkins did well by focusing on the rights of parents to have a say in what their children are taught – a hot-button issue. DeSantis was broadly liberal on the lockdowns and has been disciplined, while taking popular (if potentially troubling) stances on things like Disney’ Corp. Trump claims to like winners in politics and business, so why is he slagging them off? Answer: because he sees life as zero-sum. If others do well, even if they are conservative politicians, then he loses out. That is a very poor message to send out at a time like this, because it feeds into a culture of bitterness.

    Trump, assuming he got elected (he won’t) would only be eligible for a single term. Much of it would be spent litigating 2020, going after his enemies, all the while further poisoning the Republican brand. Yes I get some of the positive things he presided over in his term (judges, corp tax cuts, some deregulation, energy policy, Abraham Accords) but the flipside around his chaos over Covid, continued massive growth of public spending, tariffs, chaotic management of the presidency and incendiary rhetoric that inflamed the culture, were not good. And I haven’t even mentioned Jan 6, even though lots of people with whom I normally agree are making excuses for that episode.

    Trump is not the future of the centre-right in US politics.

  • bobby b

    “To me, this is a red line. If the people of, famously moderate, Pennsylvania are willing to make this choice it tells us more about them than it does the candidates. The problem is not the politicians, it is the American people who are, apparently, too stupid to vote in their own self interests.”

    To me, this was the perfect instance of people voting for party over person. They didn’t elect an idiot. They didn’t beat a credentialed doc. They instead worked to keep out of power the party they have been induced to actually fear and despise.

    It was entirely rational, if you can credit the reasons for their hatred of Trump and thus of Republicans. Many millions of dollars have been spent specifically to stoke those public fears about Trump, to great effect. (Those dollars continue working for the Dems so long as Trump is running, BTW. If he drops out, those dollars have no continuing value. They were anti-Trump spends, specifically.)

    Trump, just because he’s crazy Trump, has made it easier for the Dems to convince much of the electorate that he is an actual out-of-control danger to the republic. I think this is stupid. He governed, when he did govern, as a moderate. But his personality is the perfect lightning rod for tribal hate and fear. He’s now a liability for us.

    He did his part, and more, and I’m glad he did it. But his part is over. Now, he can fade out, taking much of that irrational hatred from his detractors with him – sacrificial anode? – and we can go back to pure non-personality tribal political stuff, where we can start off closer to 50/50. And, to be fair, we should recognize that the things about him that make it so easy to disapprove of him are the exact traits that made him effective in his term. It ought not be, now we don’t like him – it should be, he did his part and thank you and now it’s someone else’s turn.

  • JohnK


    You seem to be under the impression that the people of Pennsylvania fairly elected Fetterman over Oz. You seem to be forgetting the famously corrupt voting machine of Philadelphia. This was one of the five or so counties in the country which cost Trump the 2020 election. All it took was the mail in votes of the dead, the gone away and the never were. It happened in 2020, 2022, why will 2024 be any different? The Democrats have found a good way of “winning” elections, which will serve them well as they destroy the republic.

  • Exasperated

    Granted there is cheating, but bottom line there are millions of voters who would kill America to get at Trump.
    I’m with Kirk. Despite the announcement, I’m not convinced Trump is running. I don’t know what he is playing at: does it handicap the prosecutions, enable him to collect a war chest and be kingmaker, is he running cover for someone, is he negotiating…….?

  • Fraser Orr

    If he’s smart, he’ll wait right up until the last minute, and then withdraw, having played the media and the Democrats like Lucy with the football, holding it for Charlie Brown.

    I’ve always found your comments useful and insightful Kirk, but TBH I think what you say here encapsulates the problem with the Republican party and the future of the US and consequently the world. This believe that Trump is this person seeking America’s best, playing 4D chess, and failing to recognize that he is a man with a massive ego. I think he was a great President, but if you think he is going to pull out at the last minute you are indulging in wishful thinking. The evidence is clearly in front of our eyes. Anyone trying to do that would not be, for example, trashing the other viable candidates for office. People who do that are doing it so that they can beat these candidates, not step aside for them. BobbyB is right. Trump could be the kingmaker. But it is not in his personality. He would be the king, and if he can’t be, he’ll burn it down trying.

    BTW, I was talking to a leftie friend of mine about all this and he told me I didn’t sound very optimistic about the future. So I reminded him, and remind all who care to listen, that I am a libertarian. I don’t look to the government for my succour, my support or my daily bread, I rely on myself and my own choices and my own industry. Government is, and always has been, a hinderance to that and this situation exacerbates that hinderance considerably, but we can still “carve out a bubble” to survive in. Even if America, the American Century, and Western democracy are largely over, it doesn’t mean that you or I individually have to be over. We have to prepare and adapt for that future. It might, for example, be wise to take a few Mandarin lessons, consider living in a different country, start your own business, aggressively, though legally, manage your taxes, and consider your other options.

  • Fraser Orr

    Granted there is cheating, but bottom line there are millions of voters who would kill America to get at Trump.

    You need to look at both sides. There are millions of voters who would kill America to try to get Trump back too.

  • Kirk

    Regardless of what happens with Trump, the facts are that the Democrats and the left in general are dysfunctional to the extreme. Look at Biden and his policies: He took over a country that was a net energy exporter, and because of ideology, he changed that with his very first orders as President. He pulled us out of Afghanistan unilaterally, without any real plan. I could go on for several pages with the things that he and whatever cabal there is running him or working with him which have not worked.

    You can steal all the elections you like, so long as what you are doing is working. Your BS stops working, and it’s noticeable? You’re done with; that’s exactly what happened to Ceaucescu. It will happen to the Democrats and the left wing of US politics, because they follow ideology rather than pragmatism. If you go back and look at the successful “machine politics” instances in the US, those only lasted so long as they delivered.

    The Democrats ain’t delivering. The rest of the oligarchy ain’t delivering, either, right along with them. That does not bode well for any of them, or us.

    It won’t result in a totalitarian state; it’ll result in a period of chaos while something that works takes its place. What that will look like? No flippin’ idea, but I’ll tell you this much: The Dutch solution ain’t out of the question.

    I honestly don’t know what to think of Trump. He did a lot better as President than I ever expected him to, but that ain’t saying much. I basically voted for and advocated for him because “not Hillary”, and was more-or-less pleasantly surprised by his actual performance and actions. What I still don’t get is the reaction to him. The Democrats see him as the anti-Christ, literally. They made no attempt to work with him, and with his ego, he should have been easily rolled by the establishment. They made no attempt to do so; it was “Destroy Trump” from day one, which leads to the question “Why?”. Was what was going on so dangerous that they did not dare let an outsider in? Why could they not have controlled him, instead of what they did? Was it pure ego, demonstrated by spoiled children?

    Whatever it was that drove them to do what they did, there’s something going on in the deep background that the rest of us can only guess at. Biden’s presidency shows just how deeply incompetent these people are, and it’s going to wind up crashing the current system. Hard.

  • bobby b

    “What I still don’t get is the reaction to him. The Democrats see him as the anti-Christ, literally.”

    Look at it from their perspective.

    Their goddess, Hilary, was charging ahead to the presidency, following eight years of O. They were on top, 10 and 0, their ideas were running the world, everything was going their way, they even convinced the rubes to run Trump – Trump! – against Hilary, so she was a sure thing! How could she lose? It was going to be their version of true communism in our lifetime!

    And then he beat her.

    Rage. Panting, teeth-gnashing rage. How could all those rubes vote so drastically against their own interests? They must be evil. How could they deny H her rightful ascension? “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned” applied not just to H but to all her followers. Not enough to just beat him next time, he must be destroyed as an example to all.

    They think it’s all attributable to Trump, that it has nothing to do with the actual desires and aspirations of millions of Americans. Trump is the source, the center, of hate and pain. He must be publicly castrated and his followers must prostrate themselves in apology.

    And so here we are.

  • Kirk

    @bobby b,

    That’s an answer, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a good one.

    Rational actors would have looked at Trump and said “Yeah, he’s an outsider… We can roll him…”

    Which they did, but not in a productive or even smart way. Sixty years ago, and Trump would have been a Democrat by his policies and programs. Today? LOL… “Right Wing Extremist”.

    The least-cost and most effective way for them to have dealt with a Trump victory would have been to go along with him on the surface, and then do as they wished underneath. There was zero need to do what they did. I mean, look how thoroughly they rolled Flynn, who I used to think was a relatively smart guy. If they’d put half the effort they put into “destroy all Trump”, they’d have spent four very successful years getting their things done.

    Why didn’t they?

    I’d like to blame ego and magnificent stupidity, but I’ve found that’s sometimes not all there is to it. I think that in this case, there’s more. Like, what they’re afraid of is exactly what is starting to happen with Ukraine, with this latest FTX deal. That’s going to be huge, I suspect. We’ll see, however… I could be wrong, and it’s just that these people really are that stupid and petty.

    I still think there’s a logical reason for it that we might learn, were we to pay attention. Hell, it may be so huge and blatant that it sits there slapping our faces as it waves its member in them.

  • Myno

    …and Covid taught them that the masses could be controlled by fear…

  • Kirk

    I don’t think COVID taught anyone much of anything, at all.

    The next time they try this crap, it’s going to get a much different response from the public. COVID was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and until everyone who went through it or remembers it dies, they’re going to have a very hard time regaining public trust and confidence again.

    Just wait until all the side-effects from those wunnerful mRNA vaccines start getting really noticed, and the chicanery behind it all gets publicized. It won’t be going the way that the bright lights think it will.

    It’s a lot like the transgender movement; you can get away with a lot, in between the initial actions, but eventually…? You’re gonna have to be answering to that middle-aged woman you talked into top and bottom surgery in her youth, and she’s not going to be a happy camper about the whole thing. Same with the COVID BS; the bills for that haven’t even begun coming in. They blithely did all that they did, without heed to the long-term consequences. Which are going to recoil on all concerned, badly.

  • Paul Marks

    The polls may or may not be accurate – however, given the intense conditioning (“brain washing”) that Americans are subjected to against President Trump, by both the education system and the media (including the entertainment media) it is not surprising that many hate him.

    But it should be remembered that the Corporate lie machine can be turned against anyone – so, for example, if Governor DeSantis was the candidate for 2024 – the full force of the lie machine (of both the corporations and the government – the vermin, and they are vermin, who make up such organisations as the FBI and the “Justice” Department – would be directed against Governor DeSantis.

    Remember the Corporations are not part of some “free market” – their money comes, indirectly, from the Federal Reserve and the Credit Bubble Banks (who create it from nothing), and the goal of the Corporations is not to make high quality products and competitive prices – their goals are the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Agenda under the international Environmental and Social Governance Agenda. And if any Corporate managers stepped out of line (decided that they were there to make high quality products at competitive prices – not to follow various international “agendas”) BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard (who largely control the market – if one adds in the banks as well) would soon correct them.

    The concentration of control of capital is partly due to tax policy (which helps corporate shareholding against individual shareholding or family owned business enterprises) and partly the “Cantillon Effect” of endless Credit Money.

    As F.A. Hayek used to say (for example in his 1978 book of essays “New Studies”) increasing the money supply is not like gushing water (as Milton Friedman incorrectly believed) it is more like “treacle” than water – the money piles up with certain individuals and groups (the connected people with the sticky fingers). A “10$ increase in the money supply” does not mean that everyone has 10% more money – some people have nothing and some people have 100% or 200% more money than they had before – and they will use this money to be buy real assets (hello Cantillon effect) before the value of the money drops.

    Hence, we have a situation where, in the United States, BlackRock (whose board is made of demented weirdos) controls funds worth about ten Trillion (“Trillion with a T”) Dollars.

    This is not going to end well – indeed the economic collapse by 2024 is going to change everything, so much that not even massive election fraud will help the Democrats.

    As for election fraud – those “clever” people who said after the blatant rigging of the 2020 Presidential election “it is just Trump – it is an exceptional case, we have got to get rid of him, then we can go back to honest elections” should examine what happened in Pennsylvania, where someone who was not only a far-left extremist “won” the election – but the person also has severe brain damage. He could have been dead – it would not have mattered with unlimited “mail-in ballots” it does not matter who the candidate is.

    In Arizona they went one better – many Republicans were not even allowed to vote “the machines are not working”.

    So those “clever” people who said that election fraud was “just about removing Trump” and that it would not hit other people, now have to eat their words.

    If you wink at the creation of a corrupt society, and America is now a corrupt society – rotten to the core, this corruption does not just hit people you dislike.

  • Kirk

    Like I said… They’ve stolen their election. Now they have to actually produce, and that’s going to be a hell of a lot harder.

    The thing I find tragically humorous about the whole thing is the realization that these idiots are essentially like dogs that have finally caught the car they were chasing every day, for years. Now that they’ve caught it, they have no idea what to do with it or what it’s for.

    I’m struck with the similarity between the idiots and charge, and some of the guys I’ve known who were driven to “achieve” all through life, without any real idea why or what they really wanted. Once they’ve achieved, it’s all “Now what…?”

    They have no idea how to make it all work, and that’s going to kill them. They’re the parasite that’s taken over the organism, and which has no idea how to do all the things the organism used to do so easily…

  • The Wobbly Guy

    I remember a comment here that it’s harder to steal more local elections, and being very skeptical of that claim.

    Glad to see I was right. The dems csn and will steal it right in front of your eyes, and dare you to do something about it, backed by their goons in the IRS, FBI etc.

    I did a google search on mail-in ballot fraud, and a lot of the returns were news and opinion articles from the US media and academia insisting there was nothing wrong with it.

    Yet in the rest of the free world, many of the features of the US voting system are recognised as obviously fraudulant.

    It’s been one gigantic gaslighting operation.

  • Paul Marks

    Kirk and The Wobbly Guy.


  • Alsadius

    Too many people here are acting like Trump will suddenly start doing what’s best for America at the cost of his own ego. Now, he’ll sometimes do what’s best for America in order to stroke his own ego – Operation Warp Speed is the classic example here. But his ego is above all, and he will never sacrifice it for anything else, no matter how much we might want him to.

    The only way he withdraws from the 2024 primaries is if he can somehow convince himself that it makes him look bigger and more powerful. And no matter how badly he gets crushed by DeSantis (or whoever), the only way he’d ever admit to losing honestly is with a gun to his head. He’s a twelve year old boy, and a pretty obnoxious one at that. He does not have the emotional maturity to put his party or his country ahead of his own short-term wishes.

    Realistically, there’s only three choices – he wins the nomination again (and god help us all), he drops dead between now and then, or he spends the rest of his life whining about how it was all so very unfair. And I’m like 80% sure it’ll be that third one.

  • Fraser Orr

    Realistically, there’s only three choices – he wins the nomination again (and god help us all), he drops dead between now and then, or he spends the rest of his life whining about how it was all so very unfair. And I’m like 80% sure it’ll be that third one.

    There is another possibility, namely that he is convicted of a felony, something the dems have been trying to do for a while. I don’t know if a felon can run for President, but I think that even if he were sitting in jail and not on the ballot at least 30 million people would vote for him as a write in. It is possible that “he’d make a deal” with another candidate in exchange for a pardon if it were a federal conviction but I doubt he’d reach out to DeSantis, and I doubt DeSantis would agree. I wonder if all the prosecutions being pursued against him will be backed off just because of that to try to stoke a Republican civil war — will their hatred overwhelm their best interests? Hard to say.I think either way it’ll be a disaster.

    And to be clear I think the prosecutions are all ridiculous, unfair and political. I laughed derisively when Biden complained that the House investigation of his son was “playing politics”, said the pot to the kettle.

  • Kirk

    Alsadius said:

    Now, he’ll sometimes do what’s best for America in order to stroke his own ego – Operation Warp Speed is the classic example here. But his ego is above all, and he will never sacrifice it for anything else, no matter how much we might want him to.

    My response to this is that you’re entirely delusional about the “benefit” of Operation Warp Speed.

    What actually happened there was that Trump got rolled by the Faucis and the Birxes, to do something they’ve wanted for years: Get approval for mRNA vaccines. If you read the literature, you’d see that they’ve been salivating for years about the potential for this technology, in that it is almost a license to print money–They foresee annual “common cold boosters” as a sinecure for the pharma industry.

    Small problem: The vaccines kept turning up all these nasty side-effects. Odds were very good that without COVID offering the opportunity, mRNA would have remained the nuclear fusion of the pharma industry, always receding into the future like Brazil’s “Great Power” status.

    I don’t see Operation Warp Speed as being anything other than a huge millstone around anyone’s neck. mRNA tech is not ready for prime time, and the huge increase in deaths out in the immunized population is a clear indicator that when the truth finally comes out, it ain’t gonna look good for the responsible parties.

    And, how will you know this is happening? They’ll start emphasizing how Operation Warp Speed was Trump’s initiative and responsibility…

    Trump got rolled by the CDC and other public health authorities. Which ain’t exactly unexpected; the man is a known germaphobe, and probably puts anyone in a doctor’s lab coat on an entirely undeserved pedestal.

    Raw fact is going to be that Operation Warp Speed is going to be remembered as an enormous mistake.

  • Kirk

    As to Trump’s political viability? Don’t underestimate him. Also, don’t do as he did, and underestimate his opposition in the Establishment, which is bipartisan.

    If Trump gets the nomination, the only way he wins the election is if there’s a groundswell of general support such that all the fraud is swept away or rendered irrelevant. That’s not entirely out of the question, should the Democrats and their minions manage to screw things up badly enough that they lose the “Mandate of Heaven” with the electorate.

    There’s only so many “True Believers” in any movement; enough of the rest of population ceases to acquiesce to their bullshit, and what happens next? They’re out of power.

    This is basically what happened to the Soviet Union, and with Ceaucescu. It happens everywhere, and there is probably an equation out there to be written, describing it. If you stop and analyze the “End of Empire” era for Britain’s Empire, you can see the same thing taking place: People ceased to believe, and despite the depth of belief in some hold outs, the whole thing simply evaporated, gradually at first, and then all at once.

    You’ll observe the same process in China, with the CCP. You’re seeing it right now, in real time, inside the Russian state built around Putin and his cronies.

    It’ll happen to the idiots running things here in the US, too. Whether or not that’s in 2024? No idea. But, I’ll give you this much: Their turning Trump into a martyr was not a good idea. At. All. They should have smiled, humored him, done as they always have been doing in DC, and then cooperatively slid him out the door, none the wiser. Then, they could have simply started ridiculing him the way they did with Ford…

    I don’t know why they did what they did, which strikes me as having been about the most stupid path they could have taken. Putting Biden in was doubling-down on the stupid, and when the final accounting is made? LOL… I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what must really be going on, for this to have been seen as a viable path to take for the minions of the deep state. What the hell are they concealing with all this?

    I watch the rancor against Trump from the sidelines, and it simply baffles me. The guy’s an egotist, I’ll grant, but he does not justify the sheer delusional insanity of his detractors. Why have they had this reaction to him? What does he threaten, in their minds?

    I suspect that at least part of the answer is simply that he’s not “One of Them”, and that his success at anything calls into question their own skills and qualifications, seemingly justifying their own instinctual imposter syndrome. At some level, these morons have to recognize their unfitness for the jobs they’re doing, and that probably rankles. Going after Trump assuages their fears, and papers over the cracks in their own facade.

    Which is what these people have been building for decades, now–A vast Potemkin village of competency and qualification, none of which is actually true in any way whatsoever. They’re not even really all that good at their impostures of competence and virtue; they’re all venal dumbasses whose collective IQ average has to be well below that of the bottom half of the population.

  • Paul Marks

    Alsadius is mislead.

    As Kirk has pointed out the injections are nothing to be happy about – they do not prevent people catching, passing on, or dying of Covid 19 – and the injections present the risk of injury or death themselves.

    It is hard to believe that someone could be around this site and not know the above – but Alsadius not to know.

    Indeed, it is a great fault of Donald John Trump that he refuses to admit that he was tricked – true he has always the injection “mandates”, but he refuses to accept that “Operation Warpspeed” itself wsa a terrible blunder – as Alsadius points out there is the Ego thing, but no one would want to admit that they were tricked on such a scale.

    Even State Governors who always rejected lockdowns (and that was not Ron Desantis – he accepted a lockdown at first) were eager for the injection stuff to be sent to their States, a lot of people suffered and died because of their eagerness.

    Aa for the Primaries – if President Trump runs he will win, and he has running.

    Can he win the election itself?

    The 2020 Presidential Election was blatantly rigged – at this point anyone who believes that elections in such States as Pennsylvania or Arizonia are honest, are incredibly badly informed. The evidence is so overwhelming that only judge chanting “you have no standing” (they even say that to candidates – a candidate has “no standing” in an election? what law is that, the law of Ming the Merciless of the Planet Mongo?) could hide from the evidence. However….

    However. there is a limit on what election rigging can do – remember the American economy, indeed the Western World in general, will be in a state of economic collapse by November 2024 – the sort of landslide vote against “President Harris” (and Mr “10% for the Big Gyy” Biden will be retired in February 2023) will be hard to defeat by election fraud.

    Will President Trump really clear out the corrupt scum (and they are scum) who make up the FBI, the “Justice” Department, and the rest of the Federal Government – the corrupt regulators who are paid by FTX or by the drug companies (such as Pfizer).

    Well President Trump did NOT clear out Washington last time – Alsadius may have a point there.

    But now President Trump is truly motivated – he is motivated by the desire for REVENGE.

    Revenge is a powerful motivator.

    State Governors could also have a role – if they have courage.

    The FBI and some other Federal government agencies operate via agreements with the States – if Governor DeSantis wishes to show that he is not an establishment person, he will say to the Federal Government “the FBI are political police, they are not welcome in Florida – remove them”.

    The FBI and the other Federal Police State agencies did not use to exist – and they should not exist.

  • I don’t know what Trump is doing, nor what he thinks he is doing. But one unintended consequence is that the wreckers are so focused on him that they don’t have the leftover energy to bring down Elon Musk. We need people willing to do Big Things.

  • Kirk

    Trump’s best purpose may be to serve as the toreador’s cape. He may or may not know that, but I think that’s going to be history’s verdict.

    That, and a massive Rorschach test for anyone alive today. “Tell me, what do you see in the orange inkblot, Mr. Smith…?” “SATAN!!!! HITLER!!!!” (cue frantic hand-signals to the orderlies, telling them to ready the Thorazine…)

  • The Wobbly Guy

    All this matters to me, although I’m not a US citizen.

    My mortgage interest is currently 1.5% for the next four years, after which it switches to a floating rate. And the current floating rate in my country Singapore is north of 3%!

    Thanks to the Fed raising interest rates to dampen inflation, which in turn is due to the Biden/Dems gross mishandling of the US/global energy industry and economy. Yeah yeah, Ukraine has something to do with it too, but the US matters for probably 60-80% of the situation.

    I’m pissed. The way I see it, the 2024 elections WILL be a Democrat presidential victory. They can run whoever they want and still win because of the rigged and absolutely fraudulent system. And the economy will keep on stuttering and wheezing, and the interest rates will remain high.

    Gah… I’m so angry. At 1.5%, I only needed 12 years to pay off my housing loan. With 3, or even 4%? I’d be paying it off til retirement.

    Fuck the Dems, seriously.

  • A Landmesser

    Anazingly bold and stupid assertion. Bien couldn’t hold a rally that filled two bridge tables. Trump holds rallies with tens of thousands. Just who is Trump unpopular with? The parasite class; academics; the uniparty’ wall street. Brandon is unpopular with everyone who hasn’t drunk the kool sid.

  • Anazingly bold and stupid assertion.

    Yet probably a correct assertion. I know lots of Republicans who like Trump & voted for him but don’t want him to run this time because they don’t think he is electable even if they personally will indeed vote for him again; I also know lots of Republicans who never liked Trump and still don’t. Lots of Democrats don’t want Biden to run again because they never liked him, they just didn’t want Trump, so (obviously) they would prefer someone they actually like.

    All your observation suggests is Biden & Trump’s negatives have different reasons underpinning them.

  • Rich Rostrom

    Fraser Orr – November 18, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    I don’t know if a felon can run for President…

    In 1920, Socialist Eugene Debs ran for President while in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, having been convicted of sedition in 1918 for advocating draft resistance. Debs got over 900,000 votes.