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Quite possibly the greatest political broadcast ever

Mesmerising 😀

My fav bit was “I do not have a single constructive proposal!”

9 comments to Quite possibly the greatest political broadcast ever

  • Hazer

    Damn, there is a shit tonne of epic lines there! 😀 😀 😉

  • bobby b

    So, the Biden Plan is spreading.

  • Steven R

    I wonder if he has a newsletter I can subscribe to…

  • Phil B

    It is a pity that the Conservatives didn’t select him as the next PM. His speech aligns with and summarises their policies and intentions. At least he is passionate about what he believes in, unlike the Conservative Party.

    What a missed opportunity, eh?

  • Paul from Canada

    …paging Mr. Yukio Mishima, please pick up the white courtesy phone….

  • Paul Marks

    And if the Gentleman was elected Governor of Tokyo what would be different?

    “Nothing, because elections change nothing!” would be his reply, I wish I could disagree with him as much as I once did.

    Getting “Black Pilled” in a system where officials and “experts” seem to have all the power, is hard to avoid.

    Still in the United States people can still point to a few State Governors (all Republicans) who did not “lockdown” as evidence that elections still matter.

  • Mr Ed

    That was fantastic. My only complaint is that I laughed so much that I had an asthmatic episode. I do wonder if he has been reading rather too eagerly the downbeat posts and predictions of my good friend the Sage of Kettering here, and made a slightly inaccurate extrapolation from them.

    And to return the (imagined) favour, I suggest that the Sage address his next council meeting in similar terms, ideally verbatim in (memorised by rote) Japanese and in this proiclamative style, but that is a big ask in many ways. The Chairman of the Planning Committee will say something like ‘I’m not sure how that relates to Mr Ashton’s extension, but there we are.‘.

  • Mr Ed

    I have watched it again, and I realise now what it is. It is how Oxford, Cambridge, Hackney, Brighton, Islington, the BBC, Sky and ITV see Nigel Farage giving a speech.

  • Steven R

    I had no idea he ran for president of the United States in 2008.


    I should have done more research instead of assuming my only choices were Obama and McCain.