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“To tackle big problems, we need more freedom, not less. Only world-leading entrepreneurs and businesses can stimulate the new discoveries and technologies that will enable us to deal with super-castropic risks. It is not collective sacrifice but a new wave of radical individualism that fuses classical ideals of liberty with a renewed sense of personal responsibility (not least when it comes to health) that will make our country more resilient.”

Sherelle Jacobs, Daily Telegraph (£)

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  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    This was also good from the same article:

    And yet the Tories are surrendering without a fight. It is considered sacrilege to suggest that public sector reform could help to remedy this issue. In many countries, patients make co-payments for services, in an effort to create a fairer system in which people contribute more to what they use – and yet no politician dares to suggest that British patients might fork out for anything other than prescription drugs. All talk of raising the retirement age has gone suspiciously quiet.

    Many people are dimly aware that things cannot go on as they are. But as Ms Jacobs said, it is heresy to raise the alarm.

    In an ideal world I would prefer not to have a public sector to reform and not to have a state-mandated retirement age at all. But I would strongly prefer to get my wish by other means than the collapse of the present system, with all the misery for poor people and old people that would entail.

    How ironic that the blind allegiance of many people to the exact current model, allowing for no adjustment to changed circumstances, is the most likely thing to destroy it.