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Shields up…

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8 comments to Shields up…

  • Johnathan Pearceskki

    I love Vlad!


  • Lee Moore

    Since Perry’s post is mostly about nothing, and so cannot be said to have a topic, I will take the opportunity to pose what would otherwise be an off topic question to the assembled throng of armed insurrectionists.


    This story seems to have a very thin connection to sport, and also seems to be a retread from a story reported elsewhere a couple of years ago. That’s not to say that the story is uninteresting, merely that it seems to be more evidence that the Beeb has nothing but politics to sell, even in its sports pages.

    Anyway, what interests me is the family relationships disclosed. What’s going on ?

    We have a chap (Sonny) whose Jewish Dad skives off, leaving his Jewish Mum holding the baby. Mum marries gentile stepdad, who seems to be an all round good egg. After a while Sonny and Mum get marked up as Jewish, and Sonny gets carted off to a Jewish “orphanage”, where he is supplied with books by his …. elder “half-sister” Lilo. Who has not been carted off into custody.

    And the question for today is how does Lilo come to be his elder half-sister ?

    So which half is Lilo ? It would seem to me that either half (ie either of Sonny’s real parents) would make Lilo just as half-Jewish as Sonny, and so just a liable to be carted off to the Jewish orphanage. But if she’s the natural daughter of new, gentile, stepdad (and some previous gentile wife / non wife of his) then she isn’t a half -sister, she’s a step sister. Or is “half sister” some new BBC woke version of step-sister ? And if so, what is the wokery thinking behind this ?

    So who is Lilo, how is she related to Sonny and what am I missing ?

    PS whoever her parents really are – kudos for the name.

  • Lee Moore

    would make Lilo just as half-Jewish as Sonny

    Whoops, messed up my fractions. Sonny is of course 100% Jewish. If Lilo was a real half sister with either of Sonny’s real Jewish parents, then if her other parent was gentile, then she’d be half Jewish, and that might be good enough to escape being sent to the Jewish orphanage. (She would be a mischling on which the rules changed from time to time IIRC.)

    However, that still leaves the puzzle as to how she is an elder half-sister. A younger half sister would work fine – eg a natural child of Jewish Mom and new gentile stepdad. But she’s elder not younger. I remain puzzled.

  • bobby b

    Jewish dad’s daughter from a previous marriage?

    (This is like one of those “how can he be his brother’s dad’s grandfather” riddles.)

  • Lee Moore (April 8, 2022 at 6:44 pm), given that the family told Sonny he was his gentile step-dad’s son till he was seven years old, the family would necessarily refer to an elder step-sister of said gentile (step-)dad as his half-sister before then. It would be natural for him to go on calling his step-father his father and his step-sister his half-sister afterwards (especially in the circumstances, where any clarification would also clarify that he was 100% Jewish – something to avoid when possible). I expect the BBC reporter (or whoever they got the story from) was clear about the father/step-father bit (it is central to the story) but did not reflect on the half-sister reference.

    It is, as you say, possible that Lilo was a mischling of Sonny’s mother (or father) with a gentile, and protected by that, especially as her step-father would try to keep her free, as he tried with Sonny. But my guess is that Sonny habitually referred to them as he was taught when young, and the reporter did not pick up on it with the less-central-to-story Lilo.

    My 0.02p FWIW.

  • Lee Moore

    And well worth the 0.02p. Good answer.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I have just figured out why the Russians want to label the Ukrainians as Nazies. In their school days, they would have heard about The Great Patriotic War, with the Nazies correctly cast as bad guys. Maybe the best motivation the commanders can give the Russian soldiers is to invoke the fear of the Nazies, and how the Russians of today can emulate their ancestors in beating back a horrible evil.