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What Trudeau and his kind have done to the west has much to do with Putin’s thinking it was safe for him to act. We will see whether the attack on the Ukraine’s freedom will have a similar effect of assisting Trudeau and allies to kill ours in the west or will be a welcome touchstone of reality.

Niall Kilmartin

5 comments to Samizdata quite of the day

  • Paul Marks

    Good post.

    The people screaming loudest about the, utterly vile, Mr Putin – were the people whose “Woke” weakness made him think he could attack without serious consequences.

    The Emperor Honorius spent more time with his pet chickens (literally – he kept pet chickens) than he did leading the army – indeed he had his best General murdered. The families of the German soldiers in the army were then massacred – not the soldiers, their wives and children who lived in the Roman cities. The soldiers (unsurprisingly) went over to the enemy – their commander had been murdered, and their wives and children had been murdered.

    The Goths noted the weakness – and sacked Rome.

  • Paul Marks

    Listen to Mr Trudeau or Mr Biden (or any of them).

    Do you, good reader, respect these men?

    Nor does the barbarian chief – Putin. And he has ordered his Goths to attack.

    Weakness invites attack.

    “That means you are on the side of Putin” – no I am NOT (in case some total idiot makes this mistake).

  • Paul Marks

    “I do not understand Paul – was the Emperor Honorius vicious or a weakling?”

    He was BOTH – vicious AND a weakling. As was Ethelred the Unready – King of England, who slaughtered the Danish settlers in England (the women and children), thus bringing down the wrath of the Northmen, who he had tried to pay off (in his terror) so many times.

    So is Mr Trudeau – he is vicious AND he is a weakling.

  • Paul Marks

    There is a time for ruthlessness.

    For example, the daughter of Alfred the Great was Aethelflaed – the “White Lady of the English” or “the White Death”.

    When told that Vikings were hiding in a forest – she had it, and them, burned. The whole wood.

    But Aethelflaed was ruthless with the ruthless – the same lady would show mercy to the weak.

    Aethelflaed was the foster mother of King Athelstan – and he learned how to rule from her.

    There was a great battle where the English met a great alliance of the Vikings, the Scots, the Irish and the Britons.

    That alliance was pledged to destroy the English – to wipe them from the island, so it would be as if the English had never existed.

    According to various records (such as the Annals of Ulster) few, if any, warriors came back from that battle.

    Athelstan deemed them too dangerous to his people to be allowed to live.

    How did Athelstan celebrate his victory?

    He had himself whipped (in penance) every year – on the anniversary.

    If one reads Anglo Saxon stories – even victory is to be met with grief. And even if savage deeds are necessary – they must still be punished.

    The blood must flow – one’s own blood.

    The Scots remember Robert the Bruce (centuries later) – but they do not often remember his end.

    Robert the Bruce died of a horrible illness – slowly and in torment.

    And he WELCOMED it – for he said “my hands are stained with the blood of many innocent men” and he welcomed what he regarded as just punishment.

    He especially remembered the man (a rival for the throne) who he had slain, so many years before, in Church. He believed the man would betray Scotland to the English – but he, Robert, had still committed a great crime (and he knew it – and welcomed just punishment).

  • Paul Marks

    As for Mr Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine helping the “Woke” forces in the West – such as the, vile, Mr Trudeau. OF COURSE IT DOES.

    Now the Davos crowd can say “if you are not on our side – you are on the side of PUTIN”.

    As Glenn Beck points out – now we have a “choice” between the National Fascism of Mr Putin and the international “soft” Fascism of the Great Reset Davos crowd.

    For people who support liberty “none of the above”, “reopen nominations” is what we call out – but our position had been made almost impossible.

    Even Switzerland and Liechtenstein have signed up to international control of finance and production.

    “We have to do it – to fight oligarchs”

    When the word “oligarch” is used please think “any businessman who does not go along with the Davos line”.

    And any opposition to international “soft” tyranny will not be met by the words “you are an agent of Putin”.

    We are caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. A “choice” between the frying pan and the fire.

    “Do you want National Fascism – or International Fascism?” – I want NEITHER, I do not want Fascism (the Corporate State) at all.