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Beyond the fact that the vaccines are utterly ineffective, the mechanisms by which they are harming people is not a complicated as we think. The Danes have apparently reduced the risk 60% by enforcing the aspiration technique. One wonders what the other public health agencies have been doing since! Another CDC alert highlighted leaky blood vessels were a problem. Again admitting the risk caused by these product going intravenous. One wonders how anyone knowing that would continue to vaccinate billions? How can any of the authorities be certain these products won’t leak? They can’t. They never could. It was excusable to not understand the implication of transfection. It is not excusable to avoid looking at the reality in the face for over a year. And they will soon stand trial for that. I wouldn’t want to be their lawyers…

Marc Girardot

I am not as convinced as Marc Girardot that people will stand trial for this, given the widespread overlapping institutional self-interest in handwaving the reality away. My guess is all baleful ‘vaccine’ side effects will be blamed on the mythical long Covid or global warming or Trump or…

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  • Exasperated

    Funny, Dr. Campbell was vilified for even brining this to public attention. If memory serves, at the time this was revealed by Dr. Campbell, he referred to the language in the inserts. That verbiage specified that the injection must be intramuscular. I am guessing that, if a vaccine included such a disclaimer, it would let the manufacturer off the hook.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Re the aspiration technique:
    I refer my honorable colleagues to some excellent videos from Dr. John Campbell

    Giving injections wrongly

    Need for vaccine aspiration confirmed, why is this not being done

    Inadvertant intravenous injections

    Aspiration, more information

    More here:

  • Paul Marks

    The argument, at least in the United Kingdom, was that the injections reduced the severity of the disease – not that they prevented people getting or passing on the disease.

    Also, in the United Kingdom, it was never denied that the injections had risks – I watched deaths from the injections being openly discussed in the House of Commons (and no one jumped in to deny the deaths were caused by the injections), the argument was that for some people the risk from the injections was less than risks of the disease.

    A friend who lives only a couple of minutes walk from me was told, by his NHS doctor, that the risk from the injections was (in his case) greater than the risk of the disease – so he did not have the injections in the summer of 2021.

    I was told the opposite by my doctor in 2021 (i.e. that I should have the injections) – as I have compromised lungs (I am also old and fat), so I had the two AZ injections in the summer of 2021.

    I have heard nothing at all from my local medical practice since then – just letters from the national NHS (yes I just said national twice – grammar is not my strong point) i.e. from people who know nothing about my medical condition.

    Therefore I have NOT had the booster – which, by the way, is normally one of the American medications (and I have strong reservations about the American pharma companies).

  • Sigivald

    … really, Samizdata?

    THIS is what we’ve come to?

    “Flu shots neveer work and neither do COVID vaccines, because there are still infections!”

    Yeah, no. Not sure even a government ever claimed they prevent all infections – and a desperate problem with the “intramuscular can do nothing at all!” thesis is that <to the best of my knowledge, vaccines reducing severity by such a degree as to be absolutely certain to be effective, is essentially impossible to deny at this point*.

    (* I mean, without just saying “all those numbers are made up and they’re faking it”, but at that point we’re in “9/11 was an inside job!!!!” territory; absolute bollocks.

    If they could fake that, they’d fake case counts. If the government could dp 9/11 in secret it would fake WMDs in Iraq. Tht neither of the latter happened tells me neither of the former did.)

    Look, I understand how pathetic and terrible and authoritarian all the government responses and messaging were/are, especially in the UK and AU, but … no. This is untenable nonsense.

    It would be terrible if the ship of Samizdata foundered, on all things, on this particular shoal of credulous nonsense.

  • Sigivald, I have no problem with the post here or the article. We were told the ‘vaccinations’ would prevent infection, prevent you passing it on. When that proved not to be the case, it was revised to “ah, but it makes cases less severe”, except the current variants are less severe even for the unvaccinated, so what is the point of a ‘vaccination’ for most people who are not at serious risk from the damn disease anyway?

    And the 9/11 conspiracy analogy is meaningless. This is not a conspiracy at work, it is a confluence of interests; the risk of reputational damage tends to make people double down on fallacies rather than reject them.

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    I am curious how they–our medical services, the ever-wise MSM and their lifelong friends, the politicians–knew that being jabbed (and jabbed again) reduced the severity of the Rona disease, if contracted. The theory may be right, but how can one measure this? It seems unlikely one can test this fully because people who have been jabbed have apparently died. By any reckoning then, the severity ended up exactly the same no matter how many times a needle had been stuck in the patient. Odd business, hey?

    As for ‘flu shot, I was told years ago it was a lottery in that the medical people can only make a guess at what strain emerges in the months ahead. They plan as carefully as they can and examine trends, but the outcome tends to be right about 40 per cent of the time.

  • Exasperated

    Uh,oh. I guess I misunderstood. I thought the problem with the injection missing the muscle tissue, was the massive, sudden dose of spike proteins entering into the blood stream and circulating to other organs, triggering the adverse events, we hear about. Did anyone claim that the vaccine would be ineffective if not delivered into the muscle?

  • Rudolph Hucker

    the vaccines are utterly ineffective

    If I had had the wits (or insider trading, or greed) to have bought shares in any of Pfizer–BioNTech, Oxford–AstraZeneca, Sinopharm BIBP, Moderna, Janssen, CoronaVac, Covaxin and Novavax, I’d be cracking open the champagne and saying they were very effective.

    In boosting the value of my shares. As it happens, happily, my moral compass didn’t point in that direction.

    That reminds me, I still reckon there’s a good book waiting to be written on who in SAGE had pecuniary interests in any of the above. If anyone is interested, a joint venture perhaps? …

  • Jim

    ” Not sure even a government ever claimed they prevent all infections ”

    Fauci, Biden and Walensky all claimed that getting vaccinated meant you would not catch covid and definitely couldn’t pass it on.


    But hey, the President, his Chief Medical Advisor and the head of the Public Health Agency of a country probably don’t count as ‘government’ so you must be right……..

  • Jim

    “As for ‘flu shot, I was told years ago it was a lottery in that the medical people can only make a guess at what strain emerges in the months ahead. They plan as carefully as they can and examine trends, but the outcome tends to be right about 40 per cent of the time.”

    Also analysis of all cause deaths in countries that introduce flu shots shows that they have no overall benefit. Its possible that they prevent some deaths in some years but cause/allow other deaths to happen instead. In public health terms they are useless, there is no overall benefit to society.


  • Snorri Godhi

    Very well written article at the link. It is persuasive, but i cannot claim expertise in this area.

    Thank you for bringing it up.

  • Phil B

    No one will be held accountable for any bad effects of the “vaccine” or the other damage (economic, mental health, societal breakdown etc.). I say this with complete confidence because in the past, the ONLY times that such crimes have been effectively punished occurred when the country was invaded by other, foreign government forces.

    I can only think of two in the last century:

    1) Nazi Germany – the allies invaded, captured the capital and turned over every stone to examine the evil. That resulted in the Nuremberg trials and SOME, not all, of the leading Nazis were put on trial and executed.

    2) The Balkans – again, foreign troops occupied the country, uncovered the wrongdoing and put the perpetrators on trial – such as Serbia’s Slobodan Milosovich – at the Hague.

    Unless and until an outside power imprisons the politicians and investigates the whole situation, those in power will simply hide it (in the UK, put it under a 100 year restriction – like the Dunblane atrocity, Himmlers “suicide”, The Profumo affair etc. and so forth) and no one will be accountable except for some minor, low grade civil servants.

    If anyone thinks otherwise, I have a bridge for sale …

  • Roué le Jour

    Actually I was hoping for a COVID “Truth and reconciliation”.

  • Flubber

    I cant believe there is a debate about the efficacy of the vaccine. Any inspections of Israel’s case, hospitalisation and death numbers show that the vaccine is only effective in making people sicker and die in higher numbers.

    And Sigivald, I’ll bet you a tenner we haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Flubber

    And just for reference Sigivald, for how many years did you claim that Trump’s accusations of Hillary & co spying on him were unfounded lunacy?

  • TwentyFourthDay of the EleventhMonth

    if any of you did your homework, you would see that first of all the vaccine is not meant to mess with you… “next generation”… Think about every time that has been applied towards anything. It does not speak to future style in regards to material items, it speaks to how it will scientifically effect the next generation that will be conceived and born into this world after the fact. Now there are other variables that come in to play. Remember this is not some stupid predictable bully prank, you have to take everything you ever known/experience/heard/seen/learned/studied/ingested/etc…. all of those you take in to consideration, because everything has been presented in half-truths, not lies. Lies are hard to remember and drive a person mad and always always always is admitted. Guilt always conquers. The reason why the elitists/the heirarchies/politicians/religious and royal families dont live with guilt is because they speak in half truths. They tell you exactly what they mean but you fell into the habit of changing the definition of words to the point that people use sarcasm/slang/jargon as their regular language and have no clue what they are actually projecting. and you listen with passive ears and support their actions by staying submissive and supporting their infrastructure. Taking into consideration things we have encountered, no matter how small or big, theyre all relevant; lets reflect back on something…..

    How many of you have seen Batman? Tim burton/Michael Keaton Batman?? This has been the only example that I have ever, ever, ever, EVER came across that spoke on exactly what the fuck is being done and how it applies to covid, vaccines, and ALL illnesses of the world as of today……

    In Batman do you remember the scene when he explains to Vicky Vale about how the chemistry works?? In case you forgot or haven’t seen it highlight the site address below, copy, paste to go and watch it; and then come back to this…


    After watching, for pretty much all of us it comes across as various chemicals mixed together randomly will be volatile and as Batman says “…untraceable”

    The chemical mixing stems from human conditioning based on the following of trends in society, having the same common educational background, being of a certain descent, race, and a whole collection of demographics to come up with a common data/statistical structure to be able to predict who most likely will eat this, wear that, vote for this, watch that… Making us predictable.. We do not question, let alone hold accountable the people we so blindly accept our food from at the very source of it all….. Too many people do not check the PH levels and monitor the chemicals in their water either…. Nitrogen is majority of our food, not just processed either, but our “produce” as well. It used for the soil for vegetable farmind, along with sulfur. 20%nitrogen and 24%sulfur makes up the soil where produce is grown by farmers…. Nitrogen gives off the feeling of “energy” when it really is just that… A rush of blood to the head, hence why food is referred as “fuel”…. Nitrogen is also used as a numbing agent, a pain killer. If you want to know how I know, I had a heart attack and it wasn’t until it was 16 hours in that they gave me something to help me endure it. That something was nitroglycerin…. Are you or any doctor going to tell me that I do not know my own body and what I experienced? no!!! Doctor told me it was specifically for pain relief and hyper flow of oxygen which I believe to be inaccurate. It felt more like a rush of blood, but since oxygen is found in blood it technically was correct (the perfect example of “half-truth”)

    Constipation and diarhea are a result of chemistry being performed in our stomach without us knowing, it involves the nitrogen in warm milk, mixed with vinegar (which separates milk into a clunk of what will become plastic after a couple days and a liquid substence) the process being called “curdle”, and so when its hot like it will be in our stomach with our bial, plus water; it can potentially create various types of acids in your body including hydrochloric acid and hydro-sulfuric acid. and we’ll never know it, feel it because we are numb from all of the nitrogen in our food. Then there is the fluoride (Fluorine) and chlorine hazards we “wash” ourselves with. ChloroTrifluorine is one of the most dangerous chemical compounds on earth and it was discovered by Nazi Germany in 1939. There are plenty other ways that this stuff is enduced upon us. FDA being a part of that process of what is allowed and not allowed to be “consumed”.. Watch these next links… copy paste and watch.



    By no means do I have all of the answers, nor am i saying this is all exactly what is the reason/cause for what is going on today. But what I am able to establish, and I have plenty more factual information that can not be denied that proves that things are not right. That there is a methodical long term, calculated, with a manipulative narrative to allow the idea of “free will” to take place and in turn we do it to ourselves and can’t point to who is directly responsible…. And why can we not direct the attention to a single source? because of a fuckin system that has been put in place. a system that is a phantom and is only manifested and reinforced by our own selves… our own gullible, dependent (NOT independent) need to let someone else make life choices for us. This system, the idea of a nation, government body, and citizens is not natural to our own very existence; it does not fit with life itself on this earth… a colonizers mentality, especially one that has rooted itself in is like what??? give you a hint, its like the little creepy crawler almost all humans freak out from….. ROACHES!!! Colonizers and the belief in sustaining its system and give up your own self power is exactly how a colony of bugs exist…. How ironic when considering that the source of human beings, going back to the bery beginning of life, originate from arthropods…. Arthropods are exoskeleton creatures like lobsters, clams, bugs, spiders in todays world…. ultimately almost creatures stem from that….. So in essence, a bug is your ancestor, and you kill/stomp/poison them and treat them as gross when in actuality they are the ones that clean up our mess. they are the result of our own filthiness that has been neglected, which ultimately means you are the filthy creature and bugs have to clean up your mess…

    Back to vaccines. I’ll close with this….. Look at “american” history and world history during the same timeline up to present day… you’ll see that for every vaccine discovered and given to people after an epidemic, 3-4 new sicknesses come to existence. Small pox vaccine was followed by chicken pox, rabbies, mumps…. Polio vaccine back in the late 60’s going in to early 70’s, what has been big in our society since? Autism has become a huge thing, Alzheimers skyrocketed, ADHD, ADD…. Various forms of Mental Health Disorders. Lowered IQ’s, low emotional intelligence, and Intellectual Developmental Disorder…. Keeping us stupid, irrational, gullible, dependents, and submissive to the wrong things and aggressive towards each other.

    Food for Thought as I close:
    Isn’t it ironic that in the 1920’s when Belgium removed itself the Republic of Congo, no longer colonizing it and all bodies were ordered to return to its mother country by their king Leopold; just so happened to be the very same land, and timeframe when HIV/AIDS was first discovered and documented in human history! Belgium I acknowledge as Germanys first cousin who grew up next door. Theyre of the same body, background and belief in domination and practices of all sciences. Yet while technically the first person was a person of african descent, but when looking at the picture in its entirety……

    We then can see it was another “half-truth”

    “A snake moving, crossing my path, I leave it be and keep on moving…. But a snake coiled up on my path, I will NOT allow live and must kill and not let escape. Thats an act in defense of ones self. You can not let live because it will return to its group, claiming it to be a victim saying you attacked it.”


    it takes courage and much more intelligence and discipline AKA be your greatest self possible, to stand your ground without pursuing the opportunity to create violence…. Defending self is called intelligence…. Attacking is Violence. Violence is not the answer, and following and believing in a phantom are not the answer…. Half-truths mean to not take anything for granted, both good and bad… Don’t take love for granted, don’t take your child for granted…. Don’t take the next man/woman for granted either, because you do not know what they are capable of and if you are not an attacker, you will leave people alone and never be messed with and that is the beginning of coexistence and to be left to be you how you must. Be different….. I believe in all of your greatness. If we all come from the same source, doesn’t matter what you believe, its about what is; and if it is us all coming from a particular “divine” source….. And if i told you “I am God” then what does that say about you and who you are??? (if we all come from the same source) Be your greatest self

  • Shlomo Maistre


    Yeah, no. Not sure even a government ever claimed they prevent all infections

    Who the fuck said that any vaccine failed because it did not “prevent all infections”? Oh, ya, nobody.

    Take your weak strawman argument and shove it.

    The COVID vaccine is an unmitigated disaster not because it does not prevent all infections but because it does not, Sigivald, prevent even a majority of infections.

    The COVID pandemic is over. Do you understand? It’s over.

    Not because the vaccine works (it is neither safe nor effective) but because 1. COVID, which was a rather weak virus in the first place, is now profoundly weak and nearly harmless to all but the most vulnerable 2. Herd immunity has been achieved (largely via natural immunity).

    The. Pandemic. Is. Over.

  • Sailing Ape

    I wish that it was over but unfortunately it just keeps going…

    Resisted the vaccine for as long as I could but was eventually talked into it by family and lured by the prospect of hassle-free travel if got my dose(s).

    I managed one trip out of that and now I am being pestered by the NHS and my local GPs practice because apparently I am overdue a booster.

    I have to re-start travel for work and for family commitments and when checking EU requirements found that “Fully vaccinated” no longer means the two original doses – it has now been changed to having had at least two and another within then last 270 days – so it could be a third or even a fourth dose for early adopters.

    Only option seems to be to take early retirement and tell my family that I will not be seeing them any time soon unless they wish to visit me or to keep getting dosed…

  • Pat

    The normal rules will apply.
    Any blame will be attached to elected politicians.
    The civil servants who advised them will advise their successors.

  • Paul Marks

    Sigivald’s contribution was not good – I could have understood someone writing like that a couple of years ago, but not now.

    And I do not mean just “political people” – I interact with quite ordinary people every day and they all know that what he calls “conspiracy theories” (that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute and was the result of research, that the lockdowns did NOT save lives, and that the injections do NOT prevent people getting or passing on the virus) are just basic facts.

    I did not tell any of these ordinary people these things – they already know, because they have not been asleep for the last two years.

    Ordinary people also know that the injections sometimes (not always – sometimes) do harm, indeed KILL, some people – again not a “conspiracy theory”, just a basic fact that the average person in the park (or down at the supermarket) knows – and which has been discussed in the House of Commons and most other places. It is has always been a balance of risk – I knew that the injections I had in the summer of 2021 might kill me (after all even a young BBC journalist was killed by them), but in my personal case I was convinced that the benefit was worth the risk. In the case of other people it clearly was not – EVEN THEN (summer of 2021).

    Yet Sigivald appears to be totally unaware of the basic facts – indeed seems to think they are “conspiracy theories”. Has the Gentleman being living on the Moon for the last two years?

  • Paul Marks

    I make no apology for pointing out (yet again) that a real-and-horrific scandal of the last two years has been the neglect (indeed denial) of Early Treatment.

    Early Treatment of Covid 19 could have saved most of the people who died in so many countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom (as it did save so many lives in the countries that went down the Early Treatment road). Yet Early Treatment was denied and systematically smeared – especially in the United States (by the American bureaucracy and Corporate media).

    And if Sigivald thinks these basic facts are a “conspiracy theory” he is an arse.

  • Quentin

    I think you need to be very careful and not read the wrong thing from articles like that. I do know that people I know now have only mild cases of Covid. Whereas last year people were being hospitalised. I am not a medical expert so I talk to those who are. Doctors who I know and trust advise me that the vaccines are worth taking, so I take them. I recognise the risk of taking them (and have had mild side-effects); I also recognise the risk of not taking them.

  • I recognise the risk of taking them (and have had mild side-effects); I also recognise the risk of not taking them.

    Unless you have certain now well known cofactors, the risk of not taking them is very small indeed. However, it is far from clear if taking them grants any benefit whatsoever, other than political ones.

  • Flubber

    Again I would ask – how can you ignore the numbers coming out of Israel?

    The country with the highest % of vaxxed citizens is currently setting records for hospitalisations and deaths.

  • Steve D

    ‘The. Pandemic. Is. Over.’

    Nothing is over until we decide it is.

  • Sigivald

    Flubber asked: xAnd just for reference Sigivald, for how many years did you claim that Trump’s accusations of Hillary & co spying on him were unfounded lunacy?

    Zero. I mostly didn’t care, and beyond that thought it perfectly plausible, in line with the hijinks President Obama got up to.

    I am not, as you seem to infer, some sort of progressive or other Left partisan.

    I’m a longtime Samizdata reader and lifelong little-l libertarian.

    (And I agree with Perry that claims about the vaccines entirely stopping INFECTION were bullshit, as was almost all of government response to Covid.

    My problem with the linked post is its claim that an intramuscular vaccination for Covid literally does nothing at all, when data seems to show a very, very strong reduction in severity, and thus hospitalization and deaths.

    Thus my 9/11 analogy – if the article is right and it does nothing, then there’s a massive conspiracy to lie about death rates and hospitalization rates in vax vs. unvax.

    I submit that the article is simply wrong and that there is no such enormous conspiracy.

    Perry is right that prospiracy [to use ESR’s term for natural confluence of interests] easily explains the bullshit messaging and enormously stupid government responses.)

  • Snorri Godhi


    My problem with the linked post is its claim that an intramuscular vaccination for Covid literally does nothing at all, when data seems to show a very, very strong reduction in severity, and thus hospitalization and deaths.

    Leaving aside that “very, very strong” seems an exaggeration;
    Leaving aside that the main point of the article at the link is the risk from the vaccines;
    The fact remains that, unless the vaccines prevent, or significantly reduce, either getting infected or passing on the infection, then the government has no business mandating them even if they were perfectly safe.

  • Shlomo Maistre


    My problem with the linked post is its claim that an intramuscular vaccination for Covid literally does nothing at all, when data seems to show a very, very strong reduction in severity, and thus hospitalization and deaths.

    Are there data that show this? Yes. But there are also data showing that the reduction in severity and hospitalizations and deaths is really very minor and in some cases even negligible.

    Furthermore, the data that show a strong reduction in severity and thus hospitalizations and deaths do not account for confounding variables and other manipulations of the data. For example, in the USA one is considered unvaccinated until 2 weeks after the second shot of the primary series. How many of the unvaccinated hospitalizations or unvaccinated deaths are from that two week period? That’s just one of a thousand problems with the data. Another problem is that the unvaccinated and vaccinated, even within comparable age cohorts, are not demographically similar. There are many more such problems that prevent one from drawing much of any scientifically sound conclusion from the data.

  • Exasperated

    Uh,oh. I guess I misunderstood. I thought the problem with the injection missing the muscle tissue, was the massive, sudden dose of spike proteins entering into the blood stream and circulating to other organs, triggering the adverse events, we hear about. Did anyone claim that the vaccine would be ineffective if not delivered into the muscle

    The price of not proof reading. I botched this comment. I meant to say “mRNA” not “spike protein”.