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The work of construction

As the author says, this is a long thread, but in these days of uncertainty when so many yearn for examples of selfless effort for the common cause, well worth your time.

I found #15… disturbing.

Edit: Hat-tip to Duncan S in the comments – the original creators of this inspiring drama were Phil Shearrer and his son Kyle Shearrer back in 2015.

5 comments to The work of construction

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – “19 days” says the figure in red.

    What is supposed to happen in 19 days after December 25th?

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    I think that might mean 19 days until the launch of Star Wars: The High Republic which Wikipedia describes thus:

    Star Wars: The High Republic, initially promoted as Project Luminous, is a multimedia project consisting of various stories from the Star Wars franchise set during the “High Republic” sub-era of the Age of Republic, roughly 200 years before the Star Wars films and 800 years after the fall of the “Old Republic”.

    Wikipedia says that the series was originally intended to launch in August 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic until January 2021.

  • APL

    Wikipedia: “but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic until January 2021.”

    Wonder why? All the storm troopers seemed to be fully masked!

  • Duncan S


    Looks like the “author” isn’t.

    Kyle Shearrer and his dad took the pics in 2015 in anticipation of the launch of rogue one.

  • Duncan S

    According to Kyle Shearrer and his dad Phil, who are the actual authors, it was 19 days to the launch of The Force Awakens, back in 2015.