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I think that the people who operate Facebook and other social media are concerned about facts. That’s why they go out of their way to disappear them

Shlomo Maistre

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  • Paul Marks


    The Social Media company types (and the Corporate types generally – from Google to the banks) are not making innocent errors – whether it is about the corruption of the Biden family, or Early Treatment for Covid 19, or anything else. They know the truth – and they are deliberately trying to hide the truth.

    It is not a knowledge problem – they know, and they are making a choice to stand with evil (knowing full well that they are doing so).

    Do they justify it to themselves by saying that temporary evils are needed for the long term greater good? Perhaps they do. But the fact remains that they cover up the truth and push lies – knowing full well what they are doing.

  • pete

    No different to the media which existed pre-internet.

    They bury facts which are off message, or simply ignores them.

    The Mail and the Guardian treat the news very differently.

    The BBC knows it has a duty to report impartially, so it often places inconvenient facts on regional pages or under some obscure classification – well away from readers who go to its home page.

  • Stonyground

    I’ve known a few liars in my time. The thing is, everyone who knows them knows that they are liars and so don’t believe anything that they say. Surely the same principle applies to purveyors of news? Anything that I hear from the BBC, my first thought is that it is either not true or that there is an important piece of information being deliberately omitted.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes pete – but the Mail and the Guardian do not claim to be “platforms not publishers” and do not claim protection under Section 230 of the United States Communications Decency Act.

    As for the BBC – its coverage has been filled with mocking hatred for Conservatives since such programmes as “That Was The Week That Was” in the early 1960s.

    News coverage? I can remember every day after May 3rd 1979 the BBC reporting “cuts” in government spending – as government spending went UP (it was not “cut” – it was INCREASED).

    I learned when I was only 13 (being born on July 7th 1965) that the BBC were LIARS – and I also learned that the Conservatives would huff and puff and then do NOTHING about BBC lies – still demanding that people pay the BBC tax (“License Fee”). I joined the Conservative Party with my eyes open.

  • Lee Moore

    This seems somewhat to the point :


    1. The BBC eagerly applauds censorship
    2. Wikipedia editors say the quiet part about Wikipedia out loud

  • Lee Moore

    As for the BBC – its coverage has been filled with mocking hatred for Conservatives since such programmes as “That Was The Week That Was” in the early 1960s.

    Churchill complained that the BBC had kept hm off the air throughout the 1930s :

    I am against the monopoly employed by the BBC. For eleven years they kept me off the air. They prevented me from expressing views which have proved to be right. Their behavior has been tyrannical. They are honeycombed with socialists—probably with communists

    Plus ca change – except that there s now little honeycomb holding the agitprop holes in place.

  • Paul Marks

    Lee Moore – Churchill lived to see the BBC monopoly broken by a Conservative Party government.

    However, till the creation of GB News, the commercial stations had much the same “liberal” (i.e. not liberal – statist) left view as the BBC. And the BBC TAX (the “license fee”) continues.

    I do know why the Collectivists of “Ofcom” have not yet destroyed GB News – if Conservative Party government ministers have (somehow) prevented GB News being destroyed, then I thank them. A rare achievement – especially as GB News regularly condemns the Big Government policies of the current government.

  • Paul Marks

    Lee Moore – yes the BBC, and the left generally, support censorship (indeed celebrate it). Not just censorship of any doubts about the “Climate Change Emergency” – but censorship of dissent concerning many other subjects as well.

    Partly I actually welcome how consistent the left have become – they used to say “we do not support your so called economic freedom, because we support more government spending and regulations to help the people, but we support basic Civil Liberties, such as Freedom of Speech!” – they did not really support Civil Liberties (such as Freedom of Speech), but they pretended to do so and the pretence is over now. Now the left openly stands for tyranny – not “just” economic tyranny (contrary to, even, J.S. Mill economic freedom is NOT a “different principle” from such things as Freedom of Speech – it is the SAME principle), but the left now also OPENLY hates Freedom of Speech and all other basic Civil Liberties.

    They no longer wear a false mask of good – they openly show their commitment to evil. Thus the war, the sides, are plain.

  • Shlomo Maistre


    Look at this horrific pandemic we’re in.

  • Paul Marks

    Shlomo Maistre.

    Yes this is why YouTube hides “dislikes” – the liars of Google YouTube pretend it is to “protect small content creates” (the people the Corporation itself has been ATTACKING for years now) – but actually it is to protect establishment “creators”, like the Biden/Harris Administration and their mask wearers.