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“Say what you will, but Joe Biden’s first year in office has one crowning achievement to its name. It has provided a real-time, data-rich, high-intensity and ultimately devastating case study in the defining conceit of progressive politics: the idea that government is the solution.”

Gerard Baker

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Shlomo Maistre

    For TPTB, all is going very much according to plan.

  • John B

    But still better than Trump… he was a joke, embarrassment to the US.

    Yes? No? Oh.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Both of them were/are disasters! What a shame that there is nothing like the Westminster system of a cabinet, where you can change the leader without needing a new election.

  • John


    They are reaping the rewards of a carefully manufactured system whereby the leader was changed despite the election.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Baker is correct – and this goes back to Mr Biden himself.

    Today Mr Biden is a senile puppet – but it must not be supposed that if his mind was restored he would be against what is happening. On the contrary, everything in his past voting record (in the United States Senate) suggests that Mr Biden himself sees government (government spending and government regulations) as central to improving the situation of humanity. This is actually the THEOLOGY of Mr Biden (the only bit of theology he was ever really interested in is the “Social Teaching” of “Social Justice”). Yes Mr Biden has always been personally corrupt (the “Big Guy” taking endless bribes), but at-the-same-time he sincerely believed he was “helping the people” by pushing more government spending and more regulations.

    That is how Big Governments types live with themselves – and justify their personal corruption of bribe taking, rigging elections (Election Fraud) and all the rest of it. “I am helping the people” is what they tell themselves – helping the people via more government spending and more regulations.

    The truth is that, over time, more government spending and more regulations HURT the population – they make the lives of the people WORSE than they otherwise would be. But to accept the truth would destroy the entire Progressive project – the education system, the bureaucracy, the “Woke” Corporations, all of of them. Not just Mr Biden.

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  • Rob

    The single aim of progressive politics is “getting into government is the solution”.

  • Paul Marks

    Not always Rob – some of the Collectivists are sincere in their belief in bigger government and have no objective of corrupt personal gain. They do not even want to be in government – as long government controls every aspect of human life, from the cradle to the grave.

    These, the Collectivists who are NOT motivated by corrupt personal gain, are the WORST Collectivists.