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Astroturf and manipulation of media messages

From 2015 but never more relevant.

Of course, the notion CBS are impartial paragons of truth seeking is laughable but nevertheless the points she making are very timely.

9 comments to Astroturf and manipulation of media messages

  • staghounds

    9:00, signs of astroturfing- compare to CBS editorials…

  • Paul Marks

    The date is important – 2015.

    The establishment left, the people control Wikipedia and just about everything else, did not abandon their belief in Freedom of Speech in response to the nomination of Donald John Trump (and, by the way, the left WANTED Donald John Trump to be the Republican candidate in 2016 – because they thought he was unelectable), the left establishment did not support Freedom of Speech even before 2016.

    As for “movements” such as Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter – of course they are “Astroturf” they even share the same FUNDING platforms as the Democrat Party. And funding comes from some of the largest banks and other corporations on the planet.

    Do the Corporations want Marxism? Actually NO they do not – but they believe that such fake “grass roots activist movements” can help them create what they do want. The top-down control of society in a “Build Back Better”, “Great Reset” system (Corporate State Fascism) in line with such things as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Certainly not a conspiracy theory – as the conferences and policy documents (and books – such as the Great Reset by Dr Klaus Schwab) are quite open.

    One can trace the intellectual heritage of all, all this “scientific” tyranny belief system, back to Saint-Simon in the early 19th century, or even to Sir Francis Bacon in his “New Atlantis” (I believe that was published in 1610).

    Technocracy (“scientific” tyranny) used to be a fringe belief system – but it has become mainstream. And its supporters grab hold of such things as the “Climate Change Emergency” and Covid 19 – to push their agenda.

    From their point of view it is quite natural to use such things for their agenda – why not do so?

  • Paul Marks

    As for whether drug companies would be backed by the media and by governments – in pushing risky products to people, such as healthy children, who do not need these products.

    Well yes – we have seen this for years with the pushing of mind hitting drugs for naughty children (being naughty now being repacked as a disease – and “treated” with powerful drugs that can have dreadful effects on the brain over the long term).

    Now vast numbers of healthy children are being given risky “vaccines” (for want of a better word) for a disease, Covid 19, which is of no real threat to healthy children. Rather than allowing NATURAL IMUNITY to build up in the population.

    Rather than supporting whistle blowers – the media (and “activists” such as the Twitter mob) savagely attack whistle blowers.

    It is called (for example in those conferences in 2019 – in preparation for what happened to came to pass in 2020) “Flood” – instead of formal censorship, dissenters (even academics from Oxford, Harvard, Yale and Stanford) are drowned out by a “Flood” of misinformation and agitation propaganda (agitprop) from the “mainstream media” and from governments.

    Yes that is it – the “Flood” is not countering misinformation, it is the misinformation.

  • lucklucky

    The Leftist Journalist dictionary of narrative manipulation:

    Activists – someone in left that may or not may make political violence
    Extremists – someone in right that may or not may make political violence

    Oppositors in exile, Political Refugees – refugees that escape from dictators that journalists do not like.
    Dissident – refugees that escape from dictators that journalists like: Cuban Dissident, Soviet Dissident

    Leader – Dictators that journalists legitimate, example: Cuban Leader, Syrian Leader, etc.
    Dictators – Dictators that journalists do not legitimate, example Chilean Dictator, Spanish Dictator, etc.

    Populist – things that the journalist do not like people like
    Democratic – things that the journalist like that people like

    Protests – Political violence that journalists support
    Attacks, Violence – Political violence that journalists do not support

    Died – people that die by actions of a group/country that journalists support. ex: “5 Israelis die in explosion”
    Killed – people that die by actions of a group/country that journalists do not support. ex: Israel kills 5 Palestinians in attack.

    Indignation – when the left manifests
    Rage – when the right manifests

    Coherence- the left is coherent
    Inflexibility – the right is inflexible

    Spending – If the journalists do not agree
    Investment – If the journalists agree

    Passionate – a progressive person is passionate
    Controversial – a conservative person is controversial

    Denounce, Exposes – a progressive denounces and exposes
    Exploits and Incites – a right person exploits and incites

    Firm oposition, resistence- A progressive opposes firmly
    Obstructs- the right obstructs

    Principles- A progressive has principles
    Ideologue- the right is ideological.

    A progressive government fails: The rights is taking advantage, the right exploits, republicans “pounces”…
    A conservative government fails: Government is in trouble, President losing people support, the last president debacle…

    Many many more in dictionary of leftist journalism narrative…

  • lucklucky

    Fidel Castro, Cuba’s fiery communist leader, dead at 90 – CBS News

    Death Of A Dictator – CBS News (Augusto Pinochet)

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Just your daily reminder that the Fake News Media is an enemy of the American People.


  • Paul Marks

    lucklucky – you forgot one.

    A socialist candidate is “left” – but a conservative candidate is “FAR right”.

    Adding the word “far” (implying extreme – unacceptable) is a standard agitprop method of the “mainstream” media – and the education system.

  • lucklucky

    Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut spoke at a Dec. 11 awards ceremony for the Connecticut affiliate of Communist Party USA.


    Did anyone see any scandal that an US Senator went to 100 million murder ideology event?

    I rest my case about journalism. The most dishonest profession.

  • Paul Marks

    lucklucky – the Senator has denied that he knew it was a Communist Party event, however its seems unlikely that the Democrats (including Senator Blumenthal) are unaware that they share the same funding platforms as Marxist Black Lives Matter and Marxist Antifa.

    The Democrats tend to deny that BLM is Marxist, and that Antifa even exists (it is an “idea not a movement” – and they then deny that the idea is Marxism).

    In short they deny obvious truths – as finding out that BLM and Antifa are Marxist takes very little time and effort. This shows all we need to know about such people as Senator Blumenthal.

    As for Connecticut in general.

    A friend of mine left the State when his neighbours objected to his 1791 flag celebrating the American Bill of Rights.

    They objected to the American Bill of Rights – and, from their point of view (Collectivism) quite logically so. As it is about INDIVIDUAL rights against the majority.

    In short – GET OUT of Connecticut, sell your business and home for whatever you can and GET OUT.