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Free market squirrel

Buitengebieden tweets, “This squirrel always brings dried seed to trade for some nuts..”

I have put this under the category of “Twitter nonsense” because we have no category for “Twitter video that is so adorable that gratitude for it almost makes me hope that Jack Dorsey succeeds in his attempt to escape the righteous vengeance of the populace.”

11 comments to Free market squirrel

  • John

    I would imagine this reply gave Seth Dillon, CEO of the Bee in case anyone was unaware, considerable pleasure.

    “Seth, Why do you retweet this made-up crap from Babylonbee? It’s just made up Lies”

    (Of course it’s always possible that the writer was Seth or one of his colleagues)

  • staghounds

    The more I learn about animals the less comfortable I am with killing or enslaving them.

  • bobby b

    Someone tried to tell me that Bored of the Rings was just lies. I’m still aghast. No Dildo Bugger? No Tom Benzedrine? No Goddam? The foundations are crumbling. What’s next? No real Gilligan or Skipper?

  • Paul Marks

    I think we will miss Jack Dorsey.

    Before everyone dies of shock – please allow me to explain.

    Jack Dorsey sometimes had doubts about the censorship road that Twitter and the rest of the “mainstream” were on – the CEO who has replaced him has no doubts, the new CEO is a Tech Collectivist (someone who would nod with approval at ideas of World “Governance” and would think the ideas of Saint-Simon and Klaus Schwab were wonderful).

    There are worse people than Jack Dorsey – and we are about to meet them.

  • Paul Marks (November 30, 2021 at 8:59 pm), there was no danger whatever of my dying of shock. 🙂

    Jack Dorsey has only been gone for one day, and already Twitter has announced a change to its policies that may significantly impair the site’s news value. Twitter has expanded its “private information policy” to ban publication of “media of private individuals without the permission of the person(s) depicted.” (from powerline, h/t instapundit)

    It is expected there will be much banning of media of mostly-peaceful rioters, unmasked-against-their-rules Karens and suchlike who prefer that the public appreciate their narratives undisturbed by evidence of their actual behaviour.

    However I think there will be less banning of others. The new CEO’s tweet

    “If they are not gonna make a distinction between muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists” (Parag Agrawal, new Twitter CEO, tweet of Oct 26th, 2010)

    suggests that some people may be more banned than others.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Niall – Mr Agrawal is despicable, and he is just the tip of the iceberg.

    People on the “right” will continue to be attacked (viciously attacked) on Twitter – but exposing the wrong doing of people on the left will be forbidden.

    As for “Muslims and extremists” – Islam is a system of ideas created by Muhammed. A Muslim is someone who supports these ideas – how can Mr Agrawal pretend not to understand that?

    As for his attack on “white people” – it is blatant anti white racism (and far more white people are killed every year in the United States by non white people – than white people in the United States kill non white people). But verbally attacking “white people” or even MURDERING “white people” is not racist according to Mr Agrawal.

    Frankfurt School Marxism teaches that “racism” is about “power structures” (not individual human moral choice – FREE WILL), and these “Power Structures” mean, supposedly, that only white people can be racist – indeed are racists by-definition. And to target white people to be robbed and murdered is in no way racist.

    Many District Attorneys and the Federal “Justice” Department is now influenced by these doctrines.

    For some reason, neither the Woke (Frankfurt School) Corporations (media and other Corporations) or local, State and Federal Government are part of the “Power Structure”.

  • The more I learn about animals the less comfortable I am with killing or enslaving them.

    The more I learn about animals, the more I realise that our relative place in the food chain makes such qualms pointless. I do not think any less of a cat for torturing & killing a mouse (it is just being a cat) & I would not hold it against a shark if it ate me next time I go for a swim (that said, I am unlikely to encounter a shark in the Serpentine & face-offs with bad tempered swans rarely prove fatal).

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Staghounds and Perry de Havilland,

    I’ve sometimes leaned your way, Staghounds, and sometimes yours, Perry. The place where it gets really difficult is when considering animals of near-human intelligence. Some chimpanzees are more intelligent than some humans. If and when that fact is incorporated into legislation and human mores, I hope to God that it means additional protections for chimps and not treating mentally disabled humans like we treat chimps now.

    I would really like to know how the squirrel in the video got into the habit of bringing the dried seed. Does it perceive itself as bringing dried seeds to exchange for nuts? Or is the bringing of the seed merely the result of training in the same way as permitting itself to be stroked and coming to the window at all is? That is, the human rewards doing X so the squirrel repeats X, which is well short of trade, though of course it is a related idea.

    Monkeys groom each other to get rid of lice. They remember other individual monkeys who groomed them in the past with gratitude and return the favour. Do squirrels engage in any similar behaviour?

  • bobby b

    “If they are not gonna make a distinction between muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists”

    If you only review the second part of his statement, it comes off badly, but if you look at the entire statement, it is logical, and I can’t fault him for having said it.

    Its major problem is that “they” subsumes everyone, of course. He needs to add ” . . . in my dealings with “they” . . . ” at the end to fix that flaw.

    (P.S.: What morality makes a smart life more sacred than a dumb one? “I won’t eat cows that can play chess”? Broccoli is as much a living thing as was Einstein, yet I see no one fighting for broccoli. It all sounds like utility instead of morality – we shouldn’t eat things smart enough to help us.)

  • Mr Ed

    A squirrel (and a red one to boot, in its winter coat methinks) has an intrinsic understanding and appreciation of peaceful exchange and comparative advantage that is greater than that found most of the Conservative Party’s MPs, never mind the UK’s judiciary and bureaucracy, and the entire EU apparatus.

    The West is SO screwed!

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Ed – I wish I could argue with you, but I think I can not think of much counter evidence.

    On the weird definition of racism as being NOT individual human choices, but being about “power structures” or “systems” (hence “systemic racism” or “institutional racism”) it is even getting into dictionaries now.

    Someone raping and torturing a white girl because she is white (making a choice, exercising their free will, to do this) is NOT “racist”, but one group of people have lower average incomes than another group is “racist”.

    It is Frankfurt School Marxism (“Critical Theory”) – and it is being pushed by the “Capitalist” Corporations, not just by government bureaucracy.