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The treason trials of 2021

The Mirror‘s columnist Susie Boniface*, who writes under the name “Fleet Street Fox”, would like to see them happen. She writes,

If you abandon your country to join ISIS, you can be stripped of citizenship. If you join a proscribed terror organisation, you face 10 years in jail. And if you talk about staging a coup, encourage birth defects, or lie about a lifesaving vaccine, you’re committing something terrifyingly close to murder, insurrection, and child abuse, yet go unpunished.

Spreading lies that damage the NHS, downgrade democracy, or cause child deformities is a crime against all that Britain is supposed to stand for, but it’s difficult to proscribe a loose affiliation of lunatics. Updating our laws to make the spreading of harmful conspiracy theories an act of treason, though, would mean that not only could the ringleaders be shut down, they also could be deradicalised, medicated and educated. They are terrorists, and should be treated as such.

Take out the co-ordinators, and their converts could be deprogrammed. Which would leave the rest of us able to continue the important business of moving as far away as possible from the 14th century, and all its terrifying ignorance.

*In the early days of her “Fleet Street Fox” identity, Ms Boniface wanted to write anonymously. If that were still the case, I would not have said her real name even if I knew it. But since she outed herself in the pages of the Times back in 2013 and is quite happy to identify herself as being “Fleet Street Fox” on her personal website, her pseudonym is clearly now part of her brand rather than actually intended to keep her name secret.

18 comments to The treason trials of 2021

  • jmc

    Well lets start with the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for SARs CoV 1 in 2003 as published by the WHO and all relevant public health agencies in the UK. The one used in March 2020 as the basic of the lockdowns. The published Infection Fatality Rate number that was the result of the Chinese government cover up of the 2003 outbreak and refusal to allow publication of any further studies which would have shown the true community spread IFR. About 15x / 20x less.

    Because of this coverup in 2003 and the cooperation of the worlds public health authorities in February 2020 when the early stage Case Fatality Rates for SARs CoV 2 was estimated about 2% the public health authorities used the IFR = CFR number from SARs CoV 1 to drive their decisions for lockdown and suspension of most basic human rights. Even though no previous viral respiratory infection had ever had a IFR = CFR. None.

    To explain the difference, an IFR of 2% and a typical pandemic initial attack rate of 40% would have meant a Spanish Flu style death toll. The actual IFR of 0.1% (same as other human corona viruses) and an attack rate of less than 20%, all older sick people, meant that the actual annual mortality was little changed in 2020. The low attack rate was already obvious in February 2020 and the very low IFR was already obvious from Taiwanese and South Korean clinical data published in the second week of March 2020.

    So if this Susie persons Health Fascism laws were ever passed the first people who could be prosecuted under them are the very same public health officials whose declarations she considers some kind of Absolute Truth that cannot ever be questioned. Because it would be very straight forward to show a conspiracy to mislead, misinform and subvert basic human rights by these public health officials.

    Not going to happen of course but in my neck of the woods its going to be fun hauling the local public health officials in front of a Civil Grand Jury to explain themselves. Real fun. Because both civil and criminal charges might be in the offing if they dont get their story straight before hand. Not the brightest of folk, public health officials, so the odds are good of a few scalps in the coming years.

  • Fred Z

    “Spreading lies”, “spreading of harmful conspiracy theories” as well as “Misinformation and Disinformation as used by the Media and the Left, but I repeat myself, still mean and will always mean “statements with which I disagree”.

    Scratch a Media creature, find a Fascist.

  • Ms Boniface clearly feels sure that “who whom” (“kto ktovo”, IIRC Lenin’s original Russian) will always be construed the right way round for her (unless, of course, the issue has smply not presented itself to her mind) – it will always be “they” who will

    be deradicalised, medicated and educated

    Ah, that wonderful passive tense of the activist (perhaps we should call it the passive-aggressive tense 🙂 ). I suspect her points of disagreement with Boris Johnson are both more numerous than mine and differently distributed. Loathe as I am in general to encourage La Boniface to greater activism, I think it would do her good to make more use of the active tense, e.g.

    Boris’ government could deradicalise, medicate and educate

    whomsoever it wished of those these laws allowed it to target.

  • Stonyground

    I was under the impression that free and open inquiry with everyone allowed to present their case was by far the best way to arrive at the truth. Presumably I have been mislead and the best way is for a bunch of people to declare that they are correct in all things and that anyone who disagrees with those correct people is simply wrong by definition and needs to be taught the truth. This has always worked so well in the past hasn’t it?

  • staghounds

    “encourage birth defects”- does that mean no more first cousin marriage?

  • APL

    Susie Boniface: “Spreading lies that damage the NHS, downgrade democracy, or cause child deformities is a crime against all that Britain is supposed to stand for,”

    It’s all projection.

    If Britain only stood to prop up an increasingly disfunctional, Kafkaesque so called National Health service, then this horrible individual might have a point.

    But fortunately, Britain does not exist any more. This is the new ‘British’ were you to believe Ms Boniface.

  • john in cheshire

    Miss Boniface is quite grotesque.
    There is a distinct lack of self awareness in her words as presented above.
    They show again the delusion of all commies etc that because they spout the doctrine of the day, they are a member of the club and thus a protected person. And perhaps they are. At least until they are not. Perhaps at that point, the veil will fall from her eyes.

  • TomJ

    I always thought treason laws should have been deployed against people joining ISIS – adhering to Her Majesties enemies at home or abroad…

  • Ferox

    When the vaccine turns out to have serious long-term consequences, let’s remember these arguments … and apply them with glee to the vax-fascists (to be clear, those are the ones who argue for the vaccine mandate, not the ones who merely argue for the vaccine).

    There is nothing quite so fraught with delicious justice as serving up a noxious dish to he who cooked it.

  • bobby b

    All over Europe, communists are reading this and rolling their eyes and yelling “don’t tell them this yet! Wait until we’re in charge!”

    “I was under the impression that free and open inquiry with everyone allowed to present their case was by far the best way to arrive at the truth.”

    Well, yeah, that’s why she wants it stopped!

  • Typical SJW, eco-fascist, poisoned jab fascist. Fascism is defined here as forcing people to embrace wrong by invoking govt coercion to commit grotesque things on those speaking truth.

  • Paul Marks

    I see – so not agreeing with the left is “lying” and should be punished as “treason”.

    Well at least the establishment left are open about their totalitarianism – their desire to exterminate all dissenters.

  • Stonyground

    “Well, yeah, that’s why she wants it stopped”

    But why? We all have to make decisions in life. In order not to make bad decisions we need to have the best available information. If you deliberately distort the truth you will constantly make wrong decisions that will have negative impacts on your life. Why would you want to do that?

  • The problem with making treason and the like illegal is that the definitions are all to easy to expand, contract, or move into another room. Who gets to decide?

  • John B

    She’s talking about people in Government and their supporters isn’t she?

    ‘ Which would leave the rest of us able to continue the important business of moving as far away as possible from the 14th century, and all its terrifying ignorance.’

    By thinking and behaving like it’s the 14th Century? Bring back The Inquisition!

    People like this have a mesmerising lack of self-awareness.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “I see – so not agreeing with the left is “lying” and should be punished as “treason”.”

    Ironic then, it was that foul creep and former Prime Minister, Blair that arranged to abolish Treason ( or the traditional penalty for treason ), can’t exactly remember which. A cynic might think it so he could get away with his malevolent deeds, scott free.

  • Rich Rostrom

    “…moving as far away as possible from the 14th century…”

    by bringing back the Inquisition?

    The danger is that “Fox” has a point: peddlers of dangerous nonsense can cause a lot of damage, and the constant effort to refute them is draining. (I write as one who has devoted hundreds of hours to countering the rubbish circulated by apologists for the Confederacy.)

    For that matter, the Inqusition had a point: one of its functions was breaking up genuinely destructive religious cults (the medieval equivalents of Jonestown or Scientology). And they sincerely believed that by suppressing heresy they protected the people from eternal damnation.

    But the parallel is eerily close.