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“Some estimates suggest that we may be down to as few as 20 mating pairs on the backbenches.”

We interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you an appeal from Robert Hutton speaking on behalf of the Born Left Foundation.

We all like to visit a Labour Party conference, marvelling at the magnificent lefties as they stalk the platform, calling for card votes and denouncing the government or each other. But have you ever thought that their roars of anger may really be cries of pain?

7 comments to “Some estimates suggest that we may be down to as few as 20 mating pairs on the backbenches.”

  • bobby b

    That’s a really fun article if you can read it in a David Attenborough voice.

  • Then, in 2015, cruel poachers snatched Jeremy and made him leader of the Labour Party. They tidied his beard, combed his hair, and dressed him in a smart suit, just for the entertainment of television cameras. They made him talk to journalists who weren’t from the Morning Star. In Parliament, Jeremy was forced from his reservation on the far backbenches and put onto the frontbench, where he was told to take a view about Russian assassins. And then it was explained to him that he was going to have to start taking a new view about Russian assassins.

    Niall loves-sight-of-his-own-writing-almost-as-much-as-sound-of-his-own-voice Kilmartin will shamelessly seize any opportunity to link to an old post. Had I the wit to write the article, that paragraph would have closed with the sentence,

    But we at ‘Born Left’ could see that Jeremy was still yearning for his old life in the wild.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Should we start a Captive Breeding programme to protect this endangered species?

    Knowing the, err, lack of practical skills of some of the intelligentsia, they may need guidance, assistance, artificial insemination, or even (in extreme cases) sperm donors.

    Will anyone volunteer for this dangerous mission?

  • APL

    Rudolph Hucker “Will anyone volunteer for this dangerous mission?”

    I identify as a gazelle rather than a heffalump, myself. So regretfully, leave the field open for those with, .. a more robust constitution.

  • Mike Solent

    This reminds me of the Bloom County ” Vanishing Liberal” strip.


    You’ll need to scroll down a bit.

  • XC

    Monty Python’s Upperclass Twit of the Year did it better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVYA3oTG8fg

    As to the mating, skip to https://youtu.be/VVYA3oTG8fg?t=177 for the infamous bra scene.

    I remember, very well, at ten years old in small town Florida by some quirk of a NY UHF station hitting my antenna in Florida. Quite a thing to come across randomly at 9pm!


  • Paul Marks

    When the international economy collapses the left will have their chance. They have no real constructive ideas – they never did have any constructive ideas (Karl Marx, 1818-1883, essentially dodged questions about how socialism would work) – but they denounce “capitalism” constantly, and if “capitalism” means this Credit Bubble mess, then it is doomed.

    The people who denounce “capitalism” will look vindicated when the Credit Bubble economy collapses – even though they do not understand the most basic economics.