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“Build back better” means build back what government action over the last year and a half has destroyed, but with more state control this time, and with civil society ever more regulated. In the blink of an eye, we finished the transition from a common-law-rights based society to a state-permission based society. The last thing we need is the people responsible for this calamity deciding what “improving how the world responds to pandemics” means, because it means making this farce permanent, just changing the excuse each time.

– Perry de Havilland ranting about the G7 absurdities.

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  • Paul Marks

    It has been repeatedly pointed out that “Build Back Better” is a slogan of the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab’s outfit) and other unelected international bodies – and, as such, it is not really appropriate for independent nations to pass this slogan off as their own.

    The British government may, therefore, move to the line “Build Back Stronger” rather than “Build Back Better” – but it remains to be seen if a different slogan indicates a different policy.

    It should be stressed that the “Build Back Better” (“Reset”) policy of Klaus Schwab and his international associates is NOT Marxism. Its vision of a vast government allied to “pet” Credit Bubble banks and Corporations (and all in the name of “science”) is much closer to the ideas of the French Collectivist Saint-Simon some two centuries ago.

    However, some Marxists (such as the Communist Party of Great Britain Professor who is a member of “SAGE” – a group that advises the British government, similar to that of “N.I.C.E” thought up by the late C.S. Lewis in his “That Hideous Strength”) are more than happy to push the agenda of “Technocracy” (the agenda of Saint-Simon and Klaus Schwab – and so on) of international bodies.

    Some people may find it odd that the G7 governments are being “advised” by a mixture of Marxists and Saint-Simonists (“Technocracy” supporters – in the latter case), but anyone who says this might be a bad thing is clearly a “supporter of Donald Trump” (soon to be renamed either “Voldemort” or “Emmanuel Goldstein”) and the international government and Corporate order is dedicated to silencing such people.

    International rule by the Corporate and Government bureaucracy (really Technocracy) is a “Breath of Fresh Air” according to the media.

  • Paul Marks

    I wonder if the people who created “SAGE” had read “That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis – and modelled “SAGE” on “NICE”? I do not know.

  • Mr Ed

    ‘SAGE’ should be recast with a wider purpose as the ‘Special Action Group for Emergencies’ or in German ‘SonderEinsatzGruppe für Notfallen’, it would sound so reassuring to the concerned citizenry.

  • john in cheshire

    Those who are pushing the lockdown measures seem to me to be the behavioural ‘scientists’ in the self described independent SPI-B gang.

  • John Lewis

    Where’s Merlin when you need him?

  • mickc

    Yes, spot on! The Blairite agenda marches on. I doubt that it can be reversed.

  • Exasperated

    Sorry this is off topic, but I have a hypothetical question. Will the Powers that Be prevail if it becomes widely known that the Covid response was bungled and it is eventually exposed as the cluster f*** of all time? I don’t know if you aware of the kind of claims, we are seeing in the US, on the origins of covid, the response to covid, the suppression of alternative therapies, and the issues surrounding the mRNA vaccines. Not surprisingly, these claims are decried as conspiracy theories and that may be true, until it isn’t. If the mRNA vaccine is connected to serious short and long term side effects, and the vaccine pans out as a failed, high risk experiment, will they be able to hide it? What if the efficacy of Ivermectin et al. is established and becomes public knowedge.
    My question is what happens when the shit hits the fan and people realize that they have been deceived and that their future health and that of any of their vaccinated children has been potentially compromised.?
    And, what will happen if the public realizes there would not have been a catastrophe but for the bat coronavirus research in Wuhan, with the deep state’s cooperation and complicity . Personally, I am skeptical that the funding was significant or crucial, but there was certainly collegial cooperation and sharing of information, followed by an effort to run cover for the Chinese at all costs.
    With regards to the suppression of alternative therapies who will be held accountable for the excess deaths and suffering?
    If there is a scandal will it torpedo the power of the unaccountable bureaucrat? Will it bring the whole stinking, revolving door Gov-Media/Academia-Tech complex down? Will the malfeasance be allowed to stand?

  • John Lewis

    If the solids do hit the fan the go-to analysis will be that the vaccine was developed on Trumps watch and any negative consequences are entirely his fault for recklessly pushing it through at warp speed.

  • Paul Marks

    As a child I thought up the “Confederated Agency for Governmental Emergencies” CAGE – with I.D. cards with a crude drawing of a tortured prisoner in the last stage before death, laying down but still gipping the bars of a cage. Perhaps this organisation already exists – in America it does, they call it the “FBI” – it tracked down people for “trespassing” (even though they were waved in) and waving flags. Many of the victims of the FBI have been beaten and abused in prison – over a period of months (the mainstream media does not care – and neither do most of the judges). The election was blatently rigged – everyone knows it was rigged (for example that the mass mail-in ballots were UNLAWFUL in several key States), and no one can do anything about it.

    In the United Kingdom it is not necessary to do such things – because all major political parties follow the policy agenda (there are differences – but certain basic points are followed). No need for rigged elections – and no need for people protesting against the election rigging to be taken away and beaten and abused over months.

  • Paul Marks


    Many medical doctors and medical academics have been been pointing out that there is Early Treatment for over a year. What makes you think that most people will ever know that? It is not as if any of the G7 leaders are going to tell the public is it?

    “But President Trump will…” – he will not do anything because Donald John Trump is not President any more. And if any other political leader stepped out of line he would not be a political leader for very long either. The G7 types may not be great minds – but they are not stupid, they know this. If they want to keep the perks of office – they must follow certain lines of policy (that is just the way things are). After all they can “tweak” policy to make it less harmful for some people – so they can live with themselves by saying that to themselves (and it is actually TRUE – one can make a moral argument for going along with all of it, on the grounds of “I can make it a bit less bad”).

    Every day I come upon people (who work for the government or the corporations – there is no real difference) chanting TINET – the doctrine of Tinet, there-is-no-early-treatment.

    I no longer argue with such people (it is pointless) – I “block” them on Twitter or Facebook and move on. One can not reason with them – try reasoning with a brick wall, you will have the same chance of success.

    Today I made the mistake of turning on Sky News (I was tired – and all my strimmers had failed, so the garden was not going to get done), there were young children coming out with far left propaganda.

    They were not being interviewed – they were presenting the television programme (I swear this is true) – and they were coming out with all the standard tropes of Frankfurt School agitprop.

    People who booed “taking a knee” were racists the young children stated, they also repeated the other standard tropes of Frankfurt School propaganda.

    The young children were very professional – there is no need to bring back the adult presenters. They have have been taught well in school.

    “But Paul what can we do…..”

    I do not know. I just do not know.

  • Paul Marks

    Just in case anyone thinks I do not know what has happened.

    Yes I know that vast numbers of people have died and that the great majority of them could have saved by Early Treatment. I also know that the “lockdowns” did not “save lives” and have caused terrible harm that will led to utter disaster.

    “But then how can the G7 leaders lark about – have fun and all the rest of it”.

    Please let me try and explain. As I have said before, an academic (now retired) once told me “history has no reverse gear” and one should “enjoy life”.

    That is what the men and women who went to the G7 conferences believe – that history “has no reverse gear” (that certain policies will be followed – certain things will happen, with or without them) and that they should “enjoy life” – hence their activities in Cornwall.

    They have certain beliefs and they are acting on these beliefs – is that not what one is supposed to do?

    Bismarck summed up the attitude – the idea that a statesman is like a man on a raft on a fast flowing river. He can steer the raft a bit – but the river is only going one way, and so is the raft and the man on the raft. He can not go against the stream – “history has no reverse gear” as I was told.

    And the vast number of people who died? And the vast suffering there will be when the Credit Bubble international economy collapses?

    Well that is very sad. I am sure that all the people at the meeting would sincerely agree that it is very sad – but they also sincerely believe that there is nothing they can do about these things. And that if they “went against the narrative” (tried to go against the flow of the fast flowing river) they would not stay leaders very long.

    Of course the river is going to go over a cliff – a savage “falls”. But there we go.

  • pete

    Most of us realise that we all just blunder along, with any improvements being merely scientific and technological.

    Human nature is constant.

  • itellyounothing

    Some people have died. Pretty modest numbers really.

    The general public believe Mr Telly.

    Big Covid protests continue and have been deliberately ignored.

    If you care, join one or just give up.

  • bobby b

    Progressives like the “river” analogy. It implies a type of progression.

    But, really, it’s a series of tsunamis. We’re currently in a woke tsunami. Best to just grab hold of something and wait until it runs back out.

  • […] Samizdata quote of the day by    Samizdata Illuminatus (Arkham, Massachusetts) “Build back better” means build back what government action over the last year and a half has destroyed, but with more state control this time, and with civil society ever more regulated. In the blink of an eye, we finished the transition from a common-law-rights based society to a state-permission based society. The last thing we need is the people responsible for this calamity deciding what “improving how the world responds to pandemics” means, because it means making this farce permanent, just changing the excuse each time. – Perry de Havilland ranting about the G7 absurdities. […]

  • lucklucky

    Climate Lockdowns coming…

  • Eric

    Most of us realise that we all just blunder along, with any improvements being merely scientific and technological.

    Human nature is constant.

    Amen to that. Anything that could be learned is forgotten in a generation or two. Look at the embrace of socialism by young people in the west.

  • Samizdata Illuminatus (Arkham, Massachusetts), I don’t see why you describe Perry as ‘ranting’ about ‘build back better’ – would not ‘talking about’, ‘describing’ or ‘assessing’ be an adequate term? 🙂

    BTW, where does build back better” come from? Buildings are not harmed by the virus, routine maintenance was (mostly, AFAIK) done during the lockdown – and as for private dwellings, most of us had all the enforced spare time we could have wanted (and then some!) in which to make home and garden repairs and improvements.

    So what could possibly need to be built back at all, let alone better? Surely all that is needed is for the people to go back into the unchanged buildings and onto the unchanged streets – to go back to normal life as before.

    Oh, wait, …. 🙁

  • Paul Marks

    Niall – television in the Republic of Ireland is very open about all this. As David Cullen and others have pointed out.

    “Of course we will not be able to drive our own cars in the future”, and “of course individuals will not actually own houses in the future” and “of course there will need to be a basic income – what with all the unemployment and so on”.

    Well “of course” – anyone who thinks we have a CHOICE about the future is clearly a silly person.

    As for the United States – the Federal Reserve and the pet banks are handing out money (which they create from NOTHING) to various financial interests (hello Black Rock – and so many others) to buy land and houses. The price is inflated so ordinary people can not buy homes – it is inflated by all that “money” that the Central Banking system is creating from nothing.

    And the Federal Government is moving in with its regulations – against private farms and ranches.

    In the future “you will own nothing – and you will be happy” (World Economic Forum and United Nations – Agenda 2030, “Sustainable Development”) – if you are not “happy” you are clearly a RACIST and will be taken to prison to be beaten and abused.

    If you say anything against the agenda – then you are a racist, sexist, climate denier, homophobe, Islamophobe, transphobe. And you deserve endless suffering – which the establishment will be only too happy to administer to you.

  • Paul Marks

    If anyone thinks that the words “beaten and abused” in prison were an exaggeration (perhaps APL thinks they make me sound like a “conspiracy theorist”) – this was not a prediction. This has ALREADY HAPPENED in the United States to various people who were taken to prison (after been arrested, in various parts of the United States by the FBI – which, constitutionally, should not have police powers outside the ten square mile D.C. area) in response to the January 6th protest.

    Admittedly (before someone points it out) Mr Sullivan (of “Insurrection USA” an Antifa offshoot) has also been arrested – and the 70 thousand Dollars he was paid to mislead Trump supporters (some people on January 6th even shouted “Antifa, Antifa” and tried to warn other people NOT to follow them – but other people were mislead and allowed themselves to led into the building and be incited by people who were NOT their friends) has been confiscated.

    Antifa (including “Insurrection USA”) have served their purpose – the establishment do not need them anymore.

  • Paul Marks

    Note to legal purists – I am aware that Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution of the United States gives the Congress authority over not just the Federal District (which may not be more than “ten miles square”), but also over “Forts, Magazines, dock-Yards and other needful Buildings” built on land bought by the Federal Government – with the consent of the State the land is in.

    The attack on Fort Sumter being the legal justification for the Civil War – the point at issue being whether a State could legally WITHDRAW consent for an existing military base, consent which that State had given some years before.

  • Frank Fisher

    It’s actually 6uild 6ack 6etter.