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Because serious is overrated…

After listening to Boris bloviating, I am totally with cats on this. Sweet meteor of death, Cornwall… Cornwall…

16 comments to Because serious is overrated…

  • Bogdan the Aussie

    Hi friends, please, go to the website of the best strategic analyst Jeff Nyquist and read his latest take on the REAL danger facing America and the rest of the so called “free world”. This is MUST BE READ stuff. This will freeze your blood and raise your hair. I read Nyquist for many years and he is almost always right with his predictions. He is, unfortunately, one of the most appreciated.

    Greetings from EUNUCHALIA.


  • Most cats are disinterested in spreading anything. They just scatter it wherever they go. How often have you stepped on an unexpected cat toy, or worse? “Spreading” implies a more even distribution.

  • Ferox

    Regardless of how you think your cat feels about you, if you were his size and he was yours … you would quickly be a snack.

  • Most cats are disinterested in spreading anything. They just scatter it wherever they go. How often have you stepped on an unexpected cat toy, or worse? “Spreading” implies a more even distribution.

    Nothing worse than wandering around the kitchen and you feel something cold and clammy squish under your toes. You look down to find yourself standing in the entrails of last night’s house guest and erstwhile playmate of the cat.

    You’re lucky if its just the remnants of a mouse or sparrow. One spring it was a baby rabbit with its ears chewed to shreds shivering in paralyzed fear in the corner of the kitchen one morning. How the cat got it in through the cat flap, I’ve no idea.

  • Paul Marks

    Leave Cornwall alone – I hope to be going there in September. And after the fortune I just had to spend on a garden fence (yes just a garden fence – inflation is already out of control), I need some time to relax.

    As for the Prime Minister – I have no idea if he fully means these words, or has some sort of different interpretation of the terms the “international community” use. I hope the Prime Minister does NOT mean what “the experts” (such as Klaus Schwab) mean when they use these words – but I just do not know.

    I have tried my best to avoid television reports of the “G7” – but I did encounter, to my distress, the news that the Prime Minister of Australia had visited them.

    I had hoped that Australia was keeping some independence from the agenda of the “G7” and so on.

  • That’s all very well Paul, but what’s your view on the essential nature of cats.


  • John Lewis

    If cats could text you back they still wouldn’t.

  • Jacob

    If cats could text you back they still wouldn’t.
    Fake news. If they could – they could sue for for libel.

  • bob sykes

    Nyquist is, and always has been, delusional. He is the very definition of “lunatic fringe.” His assessment of American policy (appeasement) towards both Russian and China is exactly backwards. America is aggressively, obsessively hostile to Russia and has an ongoing policy of destroying Russia’s economy. Lately that policy has been extended to China.

  • If cats could text, it would mean they have evolved opposable thumbs. In which case it would be game over for us.

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt.

    Giant cats – or G7 leaders reduced in size.

    Yes an excellent idea. And do not forget the E.U. representatives – they would also make excellent cat toys.

  • Hayden Goseek

    My kitten dreams of murder all the time.

  • bobby b

    “In response, Fauci orders all cats masked.”

  • Bobby b

    Gotta work hippos into this somehow . . .

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    While we’re on a feline theme, something about cats puzzles me.

    On a cold day, a cat will curl up into a ball, minimising its surface area relative to its volume, to conserve heat. On a hot day it will stretch out, sausage-like, maximising its surface area, to radiate away excess heat.

    My question is this: where do the cats go to learn about thermodynamics?

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Paul, we in Australia are hoping that the G7 will help us when a local bully (I did not actually say C.H.I.N.A.) starts doing what bullies gotta do.
    Q. How many cats would it take to change a light bulb?
    A. None- they have human staff to do that for them!