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Anti-lockdown protest in London

My prediction: BBC will highlight the vastly smaller anti-Israel protest elsewhere in London rather than this anti-lockdown protest (assuming they even report it at all).

28 comments to Anti-lockdown protest in London

  • So did your prediction come to pass?

  • Bell Curve

    I didn’t see a mention at all from BBC

  • George Atkisson

    I can see that being a tough call for the MSM/Social Media. On the one hand, it’s a chance to scream “Look at these insane, science-denying, conspiracy freaks and nutters! Cancel, unfriend, and doxx them!” On the other hand they may ignore and/or suppress this and similar rallies because they don’t want people saying, “Other people see and think like me! I’m not alone!” If they do cover it at all, it will be deliberately framed as a few dozen people, at most.

  • Roué le Jour

    All of these maskless people are going to die horribly, gasping for breath, just like the BLM protestors. Oh, wait a minute…

  • Tammly

    Does my heart good to see pictures of so many sensible people

  • Stonyground

    Am I to assume that the numbers were too big for the police to go in cracking skulls?

  • James Strong

    How many protesters were there? Roughly.

  • Mr Ed

    James Strong

    The Sun, the UK’s leading tabloid newspaper said ‘hundreds joined‘ the march so presumably they tagged along as the march of thousands went on. Great to see the Polish flag in there.

    The BBC somehow missed this event, but perhaps it was looking in the wrong place, it did find space to give coverage to someone leaving their car on a slipway on a delightful Cornish beach at St. Agnes and it falling into the sea.

  • REME Scrote

    Stonyground, James Strong: way too many to crack heads. Hundreds of thousands, the crowd filled Oxford Street from Selfridges to Centrepoint and well down Shaftesbury Avenue.

  • 1) I like “You are the carbon they want to reduce”. (I fear many today may not get the Kitchener reference – but that may well matter little.)

    It is now decades ago that the Greens began saying they wanted to “reduce the UK’s population by half”, while being very coy about how they would achieve this if they attained power.

    I appreciate that We are the carbon they want to reduce” would merely be misrepresented as noting the willingness of the Greens to murder and compost the demonstrators, as the founder of earth day did to his girl-friend.

    2) The very recent whiplash-reverse on the lab-leak theory, like the year-ago useless-to-mandated whiplash-reverse over the effectiveness of masks, would seem to offer opportunities for slogans. Were there none, I wonder, or just none Perry thought effectively phrased enough to be worth noting?

  • Novus

    Still no sign of any report on the BBC. Strangely, however, they have managed to find the space to report on a protest in Brazil about the slowness of the vacccine rollout.

  • Bulldog Drummond

    The audio in the first video called it 100% right “this is for when the news tells you it was a few hundred people. It wasn’t; it was thousands and thousands.”

    The media are so fucking predictable.

  • Paul Marks

    As with the other anti lockdown and anti restrictions protests, there has been very little (if any) media coverage of this protest.

    One of the things the last year has shown us is what sort of society we now have – what, for example, the media are really like.

    “Opposition” that the government “has not done enough” (that it should have had an even earlier and more extreme lockdown – as that puppet D. Cummings chants) is fine. But REAL opposition is not fine at all.

  • Glyn Palmer

    Not a sausage on BBC; a quick scan of national Press this morning comes up with nowt. It was evidently a non-event. (Oceania has always been at war with East Asia). I had to look at rt.com – a known Russian propaganda site – to find a mention of Saturday’s demo. Ah, our glorious free media – speaking Truth to Power!

  • Stonyground

    Isn’t it part of the BBC’s charter that they have to report the news in an unbiased and non partisan way? We all know that they have been showing obvious bias for years but ignoring a major event like this must be a new low.

  • John Lewis

    Unbiased and impartial?

    There is a carefully worded report about today’s mass shooting in Florida where witnesses have accurately described the colour, make and model of car but apparently not the colour of the shooters who got into it and drove away.

    As the event was a rap concert, or concert as the bbc puts it, this might be another case where some black lives didn’t matter as much as others.

  • Zerren Yeoville

    Headlines on the topic, as curated by Google News:

    COVID-19: Major shopping centre forced to close as anti-lockdown protest causes ‘significant disruption’Sky News

    Anti-lockdown protesters storm Westfield shopping centre in LondonITV News

    Anti-vaccine passport protesters storm Westfield mall in LondonThe Guardian (only the third-ranked listing for the sainted Guardian? Google’s slipping!)

    Anti-lockdown protesters force Westfield shopping centre to close and clash with policeiNews

    Anti-vaccination protesters storm Westfield and clash with police Evening Standard

    Got the party-line message yet about these ghastly, uncouth dissenters who ‘storm’ shopping centres and make trouble for ‘our boys in blue’?

  • pete

    Are you sure those photos are from London?

    We are told London is a multiracial, diverse city.

    I’ve seen more black and brown faces in a Lancaster chip shop queue at chucking out time on Friday night.

  • REME Scrote

    Central London, mate, I was one of them (but somehow my handsome mug didn’t rate a picture above) 😁

  • Dr Evil

    Aha! So I’m not alone then.

  • pete (May 30, 2021 at 8:57 pm), coloured faces can be seen – look below Lord Kitchener, for example.

    If it is true – as has been reported – that UK BAME rates of refusing the vaccine exceed white then it would seem to be a cause unopposed by that community, whatever their participation percentage in explicit protests.

  • Paul Marks

    John Lewis – facts are racist.

    One must not say who commits most murders in the United States – one must imply that it is the police and other “white supremacists”. Conservative black people are also “white supremacists”, and Marxist white people are “really black” – it all makes sense if you are “educated”.

    And one must most certainly not ask who was the only person killed at the January 6th protest at the Capitol – as she clearly deserved to be shot dead, after all she owned a small business in San Diego so clearly a capitalist-running-dog. And one must not ask why Mr Sullivan of “Insurrection USA” (an off shoot of Antifa) was paid over 70 thousand Dollars for the work of him and his comrades at the Capitol on January 6th.

    Indeed Covid 19 is clearly the work of “Trump” and his “Nazi” supporters, especially his “Nazi” daughter and his “Nazi” son in law.

    Do not laugh – this is most likely what the schools and universities are already teaching.

  • There were loads of non-white folk there. Indeed, a bunch of Sikhs were up front leading the vast procession.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Pete, so what? It’s the sentiment son view that should seize attention, not some race/identity Bingo.

  • Dave R

    I loved the Kitchner poster with the slogan: “YOU are the carbon they wish to reduce”, and made a meme of it. Too bad I can’t post it here.

    Put it on Gab, though:

    (editor’s note: as if by magic…)

  • APL

    Mr Ed: “The BBC somehow missed this event, but perhaps it was looking in the wrong place, “

    Perhaps, the next demonstration/march should go from Regents Park, to Green Park, along a route that runs right past Bush House. It’s been so long since I’ve been in London, I admit I don’t know if the BBC still occupy Bush house its probably been sold to Costa Coffee. But if they are, then they could hardly miss a demo on their doorstep.

  • APL

    Johnathan Pearce: “Pete, so what? It’s the sentiment son view that should seize attention, not some race/identity Bingo.”

    I think that is what, in his amateurish manner, ‘Pete’ was trying to play. Because, he claims it was only a white attended rally, obviously, it was a racist rally. The sort of degenerate reasoning that passes muster in self professed ‘activist’ circles these days.